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The Scam of the "SMART" Grid

Vast Shadow

Many things are looked over from this. SMART is a lucrative word and GE(General Electric) has made a ploy with it. The SMART grid.
1. SMART Grid gets rid of numerous employees. Automations doing jobs. But still the same price for electricity?

2. Power company can turn off random appliances at a click of a button. So they come into your home and turn off things? What else are these SMART devices(Refrigerator, AC) doing?

3. What information does theses transmitters send to the power company?

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Think this is good?

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  • Keenan May

    this article & linked video about SMART grid tech is so brief that making any claim of it being a scam is a bit absurd. This is not GOOD.

    • Vast Shadow

      I know... I'm not a partner, administrator, moderator... or any buddy special.

      So yea, if you aint one or any of the above "Special people" ... All you get is a cute 500 character detail on this Good squat of a site.

      An it is only GOOD that you learn from it and understand, not to listen to ever cute lil story someone throws at you. You can also scroll past nmahatchu post below... And see a more analogy of the Scam being of what the Smart grid is.

  • Vast Shadow

    Oh look the marketing strategy pays off....

  • nmatouka

    It's unfortunate that you see the smart grid as a scam and that you also somehow got this bizarre information from this particular film.

    1. Smart grid does NOT get rid of numerous employees. Where are you coming up with this? Have you ever seen a large, technologically complicated system that needed less employees?

    2. The power companies cannot turn off random appliances with the click of a button. They will only be able to turn off so-called "Smart Appliances," which have an extra sensor in them, and which you have also signed an extra agreement to allow them to turn it off. Generally this will not happen (except maybe once a year during peak load) and you will enjoy lower rates for the rest of the year as a result.

    3. It transmits usage data so that they can better understand how much power you, your neighbors, and the country need at any one moment, establish trends, better forecasting models, and therefore not waste money or resources producing extra backup energy.

    Please contact me if you have any more questions before spreading rumors which only hurt the country's efforts to modernize our energy distribution infrastructure. You're hurting, not helping.

    • Vast Shadow

      Does not get rid of Numerous of employees ?

      So I guess those guys who use to work for the electric company, who would walk house to house reading the electricity gauge... Is still needed ? Oh wait... SMART grid already sends that info to the electric companies.

      Yea... Its at push of a button. They do not pick up a phone and call you. They just push a button that disables some appliances for a hour or two... An you don't even notice.
      You only sign things when you buy things to, confirm who you are when using a credit card or check. Unless its a phone contract, but thats different as so is SMART phones.

      That is how electric companies started using SMART in a lucrative fashion. A cell phone became a smart phone from when it started to be a computer instead of a one-function-at-a-time device. A SMART phone has the ability to do numerous tasks all at once. A old cell phone could play a game or record something, but its functionality wasn't compiling data, it was a constricted routine. You never noticed but on a old cell phone, you'd get a text message only after you exited a small minigame. But then... No one ever really used pictures and messaging in the late 90s.

      So what is actually SMART for the SMART grid. They can now put less money into ventures of repairing obsolete transformers and overly dated electric grids, by just rerouting. That is just saving the electric company money. They can make your GE microwave... Work really crappy for about an hour... You wouldn't notice. The Microwave would still COUNT down at least and just not cook throughly.
      Did you know that some electronic devices can distrupt by disrupted gauging? Central Air Conditioners need to have a charge to start the compressor. If that charge is not maintained the Actuator can not start the compressor. Also, if a compressor ITSELF doesn't have an ample electric current it can short out and degenerates quicker.
      Your monitor needs a good amount of electricity too, Most people don't realize laptop computers go out quicker because of the consistent dimming of the LED.
      Light bulbs burn out too, by constantly turning them on and off.

      I could go on and on explaining how cutting voltage can disrupt and evenly break devices of critical to simple importances.

      Besides... You pay for your electricity.... Why should you be paying for it when, they can just cut ya off.... An not tell ya.

      I think you had a cute lil proposal there... Its hard to pronounce your name forward or backwards.

      But you should read up more into Smart Grid... AN how they should call it the SCAM grid. As there isn't anything Smart about it -- Unless you find it ok to cut things off that you own and when you paying for it to begin with.
      The only real reason SMART was put into the title... Was to fool the consumer to not thinking about it. Just because everyone knows what a SMART phone is, the consumer(You) would think its only too help.

      AND just look... You got no doubts in your mind about that SMART grid. Its like your SMART PHONE, Yea? ?

      An how exactly am I not helping?? You know in the poverty country areas IN THE USA... They will sometimes have BROWN OUTS(complete disconnections) for entire weekends. All you get when you call up the electric company " We are working on it" .
      I find it hilarious... You think they should find more ways to save and make more money, before fixing major problems. I think you should reassess what you assume is helping.
      I see that a lot on this website... People invest into stupid ass things and do not even think about it. You want to give money to a useless cause... Hook me up.