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Obama To Ban "Buy American" | Ed Butowsky


President Obama believes that the US economic recovery hinges on various things such as American manufacturing - buy American. Ed Butowsky, wealth manager, financial advisor, and managing partner of Chapwood Investment Management, joins Fox News to examine the Presidents move to ban "buy American" from government contracts.

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  • Vast Shadow

    That is very controversial... As you all may assume as they said free market -- That means it would allow other companies, foreign companies to push manufactured goods. There is more to it than just that.

    Now that banning of Buy American isn't a good thing... Simply, it would screw with our employment rates, A LOT. That is why congress said, no.

    See when something is built it is used parts of variety... Well if its made in the USA, the buisness who is using those USA goods have to continue UNDER contract, be subsidized by the USA, AND only receive craftsmanship(USA made products) from the USA. It initially brings revenue and employment for the USA. If Obama appeals Buy American... It would make all those companies that employ Americans(Lower & middle income people) to be laid off and a foreign country could take over in supplying goods.

    Its VERY controversial. Questionable too.

    This is the second time Obama has done some weird momentum... First it was making Obamacare... Which will screw with the Health system budget later on. The "Buy American Ban" will jack with the unemployment rates for LOW INCOME & MIDDLE INCOME FAMILIES(People that work in warehouses creating goods).

    Obama's re-elect campaign has even sighted, that health care system may break down later on( which is, because of Obamacare) . Obama evenly said that middle class families are going to be at risk later on for unemployment problems(Attempting to ban Buy American bill).
    Obama evenly blames those two outcomes of medicaid becoming useless and unemployment as rising as Romeny's fault.

    Very questionable to the reasons Obama is doing that, but Obama evenly blames the recession on GOP and Bush. But it was Obama's budget cuts that lead to the recession.

    Who knows? Perhaps, Obama is losing in the re-electing so he is setting up Romney to fail...
    -By making Obamacare... A healthcare that cost us billions of dollars for a duplicated medicaid, which will possibly force the health system to freeze for a while until everything is readjusted.
    -By wanting to eliminate "Buy American" ... Which will force many companies to lay off workers IN THE USA if congress doesn't succeed in opposing it.

    Why would Obama, even want to set up America to fail... Is one big question and that question is hard to ignore.

    • Jed Oelbaum

      "it was Obama's budget cuts that lead to the recession."

      the one that started in 2007?

      "Obama evenly blames those two outcomes of medicaid becoming useless and unemployment as rising as Romeny's fault."

      "Who knows? Perhaps, Obama is losing in the re-electing so he is setting up Romney to fail... "

      Keep up the good work!

      • Vast Shadow

        At point 1:27 duration of that video. Obama says, "We will eliminate `things that do not work...(From the federal budget)"
        2008 Obama gets into office, cuts oil and gas out of the budget(Things that do not work). Causes massive layoffs and I evenly know people that worked in the oil field industry... That lost their jobs.

        At point 2:39 duration of that video "We will make investments in technology, innovation -- That will lead to prosperity and that will lead to new jobs..."
        More people are unemployed, today.

        3:01 duration of video "Will not come without a cost"

        An with those appointed statements, watch the entire video of that `2008 speech.

        But Jed... Lil buddy.

        Bush, had money in the oil and gas industry -- It gradually gave people jobs and brought USA products(FOR YOUR CAR and LIFE). Oil and gas, makes PLASTIC, makes RUBBER, makes so many things... EVEN synthetic oil -- Ethanol. RUNS UNDER THE OIL BUDGET. Sorry you think oil is just a substance that isn't used, but oil makes plastic to other things that are used EVERY day in our lives work.

        The recession started -- As soon as Obama got into office, as soon as he made those cuts.

        Just watch that video I appointed... An its more comedic than your lil comment of it starting in 2007.