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  • arvard

    That was hilarious, but what is even funnier is that they seemed to think they were really cool.

  • Matias Casano

    And those were the days when everybody was thin and happy! Food was not contaminated with high fructose corn syrup!

  • Maere

    If you want to dance like this and are in the Bay Area you can come to the Open Floor events or classes! See also five rhythms and ecstatic dance for different vibes and geographies.

  • Troy Carrington

    finding it intersting tha the dancers appear to be in their 20's so that would make them about the age of collecting

  • s Rasul

    So much fun! I can watch this for hours.

  • Jackie Ramirez

    Wow, I'm barely discovering this post and it's hilarious! I could definitely learn a few dance moves from soul train :) Thanks Yasha!

  • seabreezn

    Groove on" Sly & The Family Stone " I wanna take you higher "= watch every age group start moving ..........

  • JEmlay

    All of this has happened before and will happen again...

  • Colin Church

    @2:01-2:08 Love the guy with a embroidered arrow-through-heart around his crotch lol

  • Colin Church

    Thank you for this! Made my week :)

  • Suzanne Yada

    Now I want to hear the original music they're dancing to!!!

  • Ravi Patel


  • Frederica Yosifov

    Thank you Daft Punk (and Yasha) for making my soul train dreams one step closer to reality.

  • Anne Bergeron

    This is so neat...most of these people are grandparents now!!!

  • Michael Lopez

    i think Andre 3000 is dancing at :51

  • CiiMoore

    Some of those moves aren't too bad! I love dancing though, and always willing to try/learn. :D
    ...and I love Daft Punk. lol

    (My poor knees might not be be able to do the more wilder stuff. lol)

  • Gabrielle Zuckerman

    Yasha you are a star. You just managed to pull me out of my Syria funk.

    • Yasha Wallin

      Gabrielle, so glad to hear that!

  • Erykah St.Louis

    This had me dancing in my chair! Thx for sharing Yasha.

    • Yasha Wallin

      I've watched it about 20 times now!

  • Alec Meikle

    this is straight mesmerizing

  • Linda Hays

    LOED the 70's. Saw Nile Rodgers/CHIC back in NYC in Dec 2012. Great music.

  • Daniel Martinez

    Great tune and the Soul Train video matches perfectly with it. BTW: I like the beat and the rhythm, I can dance to it, I'll give a 95% Dick! (American Bandstand).

  • mickeymichelemaus

    Bring back Soul Train. Seriously. The world would be so much better.

    • Yasha Wallin

      Agreed. How can we make this happen?

  • emeesee

    i used to own the grey suit at minute 2:33. this makes me so happy! thank you!

    • Yasha Wallin

      You did? Amazing! What ever happened to it?

      • emeesee

        that was a lifetime ago! hahahahahahaha.

  • Joshua W

    Those pants are everything

  • Erin Morioka

    You can't dance like that without those clothes!

  • Lisa Martine

    All that satin, platforms , boots, DUDE

  • Emma Jane Richards

    except that the music is probably better on soul train... it's a nice song, but what - like no-one ever heard disco before?

  • Yen Tran

    Lol! Perfect

  • Gregory Lund

    Chuck - Really at my age I would break a hip! I would be put in the HOME and you would have to deal with David!

  • timshell

    Despite Soul Train Credit conflict, I am a white girl who grew up LOVING Soul Train, and I Love this Mix, and despite the Fact I AM White, I can DAnce this good, serious

  • Marissa Reeves

    You should have reconsidered your wording since Soul Train never needed anything other than ITSELF to be relevant as the show itself was iconic and inspired many a show format and dance styles.

    • Lori Payne

      I agree. These writers just pull words out of their arses nowadays. Cheers!

  • susanroweharrison

    Where can I enroll in a Soul Train dance class?

    • Yasha Wallin

      I wish! How amazing would that be? There's got to be one out there somewhere.

      • Kevin Li

        You can find one easily in Japan, Soul dance is big there. In the US your best bet would be finding a locking or waacking dancer and learn soul train steps from them. I am a 24 year old asian guy and I love soul train. Meeting Damita Jo Freeman was incredible.

        If there is more demand for Soul Train dance class there would be more people teaching it! People like me are out there somewhere.

  • BurritoSavant

    Or how derivative Daft Punk is...? Either way, good on them for bringing it back. And super-schweeet Soul Train dub.

    • Yasha Wallin

      I know, such amazing outfits!

      • Emmett Period

        Those weren't "Outfits" we just wore what we had..some of us had tailors made items, but most of the clothes were just regular club clothes.

        • Yasha Wallin

          Either way, they look incredible!