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Every 26 seconds, a student drops out of high school in America

David Merritt

Our big idea to help drop the high school drop out rate and bring awareness to this issue is Merit. Merit ( creates fashionable products that help disadvantaged youth get to college by donating 20% of everything - not just our profits, but our entire revenue line - to fund college scholarships. Help us make Merit a reality by contributing to our crowdfunding campaign at

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  • Vast Shadow

    Cute lil video.
    All dramatic and musicy... I've never heard a formal video in a long time. Theres always some cheesy music and usually I mute the video, if there is no one talking. Like that Google video of 2012... Its not actually a Zeitgeist video -- They use Zeitgeist as a pro-noun of 2012. Zeitgeist means the moment of an era. Poltergeist means a manifest of negativity.

    Now to direct my thoughts of `high school drop outs. Anyone that says highschool is benefiting youth is usually lying. You do not remember anything of highschool. You only will remember highlights and few people. If I asked you what was your first year like. You would have a more social remembrance of being shy and nervous. You wouldn't remember any or most course work. Its just like other grade school. You don't recollect anything other than a few highlights and social advents. School is for learning, but you simply do not learn. Once you learn to write and read... Its pretty much just a dark echo of small meaningless events, no education is ever retained.

    Of course I don't tell kids that. I be like, `yea go to school you need it... I feel guilty even though its a blatant lie. As I do know people who are making more money than those few who did graduate. Some who did graduate are doing even more lamer jobs than the drop outs.
    You think I got smart from going to school? Nope. I was actually a popular person... Not by choice, I hated large groups and hive-mentalities. So I had friends in various groups everywhere. But school was such a waste of time. I quit before I was going to get kicked out. The school wasn't going to `house me, the vice principle said. I told the teachers this is all a waste of time and all we do is learn to memorize. English teachers and a few other teachers passed me. I could have passed highschool had I just went to class... Because teachers liked me for the whole diverse arguments I put -- Hippies like that rebelion things, but my rebeling was actually gratified with reason... Not just out of not caring or something else stupid. Pissed off a lot of my friends after I left. Made a massive chain reaction too. After I dropped out people started dropping out. My friends all mad cause I wasn't there. I think that is the only thing I felt bad about leaving for... There was a few people I always took up for and my good friends didn't have no one to talk to.

    Point is... I left, our government isn't lacking in technology. I'm not struggling.... I'm not grown ignorant... I've not regressed into some hate of any sort. Sure I'm brash and baring, but I've always been like that. Since I could walk, been like that.
    I teach people all the time. I help people in many ways.

    I've just proved your video as inaccurate. Is the point you may be missing. I didn't leave school out of unsociable, out of just being cool... I left school because it was shit and you never learn a fucking thing from school. If you want to try to encourage people to go to school, you got to have a base you can not argue with. The only fact about school is... Is that you do not learn and that needs to be fixed.