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  • Vast Shadow

    AHhaha Open source Machines? Every Machine is open source... You can open it up... See how it ticks.

    Open source doesn't mean there is no security... Thats just a Microsoft complexion they placed onto it. Its more Secure than any windows computer...
    Open source only means there isn't any penalty retaining that--you can get in trouble for--for you to be able to open the program up and see its code.

    I prefer Open source tech... I just use a Windows box to see what trends are out. You can't really find many trends on a Linux / Open source tech, because they are very secure.

    I have an edited XP, that I reprogrammed myself. I like Vista better because there is bugs or a flaw-by-design there that can make your system a lot more secure. Microsoft hated Vista because... Of that bug, you could easily disable Microsoft backdoors on your system. I remove backdoors out of my XP.
    I also participated in Vista's making... I am also why they stop listening to contributors. Either way, you still see my idea in Windows 7 and Windows 8... The system files are isolated(My idea). There is a flaw though, that Microsoft itself can not figure out... AN you have these 14gigabyte OS because of it from Microsoft.
    See I would have helped more, but they didn't make a free copy of Windows... A only gave basic usage of a windows platform, free for lower income people to use -- No major features etc... But they didn't make one and I said well don't expect to fix that problem when you run into it... I didn't mention the flaw of the idea I gave them... But they still use it -- Windows 7 and Windows 8 is clunky though and not very stable... As they still can't figure out how to fix it. Half a year later a massive update rolls out for Vista 3gigs about. An that was when Microsoft realized that was the last time they use contributors ideas.
    Such a simple thing too. Easy fix...
    But now, after I got an Xbox360... I am not going to help any type of Microsoft motion into the software industry... I seen what they see people as. They steal private information; They steal ideas; They sale your private information; they share your bandwidth; they make you pay to use your own internet connectivity -- An you pay extra for that. I could go on and on ... From how Windows 98 started their exploiting of users privacy.
    You pay to be sold when using a Microsoft product. So I wouldn't piss on them if they were on fire.

    Not my problem.
    Open Source... I been trying to use the word Non-proprietary software. It sounds a bit more technical, but its the same thing.... Apple and Windows is proprietary softwar. All of the Open Sources are Non-Proprietary software.
    Actually , Apple now allows you to jailbreak your system... So you can turn your Apple into a non-proprietary box ... They will just not update your system or critical components of it.
    All it means is... You do not lose any security, Open Source... Allow you to edit/hack/reprogram/duplicate any software that is considered open source.

    I know lil mark zuckerberg said he makes his crap exploitable to teach people and yada yada... But he just ripped off another quote from the Open Source community.

    Open Source -- Is intended to teach people how software works, for free.