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  • Evan Walden

    Great post Sarah. I really appreciate how thorough you were with your references. I will definitely be using this data in the future to prove the business case for social enterprise!

    Evan Walden
    President, ReWork

  • Vibes Out

    P.S. the majority of educated americans were in favor of vietnam not against it

  • Vibes Out

    Thanks for your posts, Sarah. They are very informative. As someone who is looking at going into sust. MBA programs and who has dabbled in soc. enterprises/non-profits I think this is a rapidly expanding part of the economy and is high in a lot of millenials' (my) aspirations/priorities. But something just irks me about all this: 1. everyone and their dog thinks they can start a social enterprise 2. these people are well-to-do, generally middle/upper-middle-class, urban/coastal city dwelling highly educated white people who think they can go out and change the world. 3. they all want to make money doing it.
    Now none of these things is inherently morally wrong or bad or's just a big spoon to swallow. I think we really need to think critically at WHY we are starting up these social enterprises and what our ultimate motivations are. Is a tech start-up making mobile apps or a testosterone-fueled 'networking/accelerator/buzzword' conference the best way to invest in SAVING THE WORLD? Are we all just tooting our own horn (the readers of GOOD i.e. #2 above)?
    This is just a rant, but I welcome any feedback and inspiring words that make me not want to quit this business all together/hole up on an island and turn off my twitter feed…

  • Tinia Pina

    Guy Kawasaki did an amazing interview with David Borstein, author of "How to Change the World: Social Entrepreneurs and the Power of New Ideas". Definitely a great read that should supplement this article in understanding the causes behind the drive of these social ventures:

    • Sarah McKinney

      Thanks for sharing this! Really interesting, and such a worthwhile effort - glad to be made aware.

  • Vast Shadow

    While your article uses referring well, it is mainly untrue.

    Thanks to media news and other sources of press news--Not referring to the like-wallstreet journals you used to fortify your ideas--thanks to ABC, CNN, and other local news sources social media is putrid.

    I don't really think its the media's fault... Mainly facebook dev fault as just like myspace's dev... for allowing people to be stalked on their little networks. No one really likes social media.

    You will see opinions from mediocre computer hobbyist sites(Mashable, PCworld, cnet) saying that facebook is just marketing data. Sure, they are...

    None of that comes into focus as clear as people being stalked on the sites, though.

    I know facebook is myspace and vice versa... But the people that run it get so caught up in just NOT DOING their job and harvesting money. Both Myspace and facebook have lost their initial commitment... Making a community.

    Maybe facebook is just a CIA network... LOL, not really but they actually have a few contracts from the FBI to allow moderators to snoop on people's computers to make sure people are safe... Does the facebook moderators use that privilege for that. Nope. Again, that is why CNN, ABC, FOX, and other new sources have made it clear it is not safe to be on the social network.

    Facebook is slowly phasing out and even they are slapping themselves for putting stock in the market trade -- That has actually been slowly draining their cash.

    • Sarah McKinney

      Thanks for your comment - I'm actually not speaking about social networking businesses, but instead about using business to solve social and environmental problems. So I think there's a bit of confusion, though appreciate you engaging in the discussion!