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  • Qinnie Wang

    Fantastic! I totally agree with you that our education system is so limited. My personal experience is that I'm learning a lot more more than my high school and university combined, since I started my not-for-profit. I think teaching our kids to think like entrepreneurs can be great for their creativity, problem solving, communication etc. and I secretly believe that women can make better entrepreneurs. Good on you for following your heart!

  • Amanda Y. Fung

    Love this. It takes courage to go on an adventure like this, but I'm glad that it sounds like your excitement exceeds your fear. Keep it that way. That's a good place to be in! Have you ever considered working with the Akilah Institute for Women in Rwanda or Burundi? I feel like their work may be right up your alley. If you're interested, I know the founders. Check out their website and feel free to reach out if you want to know more.

  • Diana Wilson

    Manasa: Congratulations on finding a way to pursue something so important, and thank you for your GOOD work! I recently stepped away from a very nice career in alternative energy (wind & solar) because I have been working for many years on a people-powered transmedia project to develop alternative human energy. I can't imagine not doing something that could help so many so easily. I know it's hard to walk away from a good thing, but didn't you feel instantaneous joy and relief (within the fear) to know that you could pursue something so purposeful? Best wishes to you on your journey! I will watch for updates about your experiences.

  • Alex Teitel

    We are so happy to have you on board, Manasa! What amazing work you are doing!!!

  • Alex Teitel

    We are so happy that you're on board here at BUILD, Manasa! I am truly inspired by the project you are undertaking and the way that you are documenting your experiences, and I can't wait to see what develops. We love having you at BUILD in East Oakland; please come and spend time with us whenever you are able!!!

  • Kurston Melton

    What an amazing and inspirational piece. Thank you for sharing. I recently had a similar "a-ha" moment and am working with an afterschool educational program focusing on preparing middle school students for high school, college and their careers. If this program is successful the non-profit I work with will create an entrepreneurship program as well. I currently reside in New Orleans where more than ever the youth needs role models and mentors who give a damn about them and want to see them succeed! I look forward to reading more about your year long apprenticeship and hope one day we could exchange ideas on how to spread this goodness across the world. Kudos to you girl for making a difference.

    • Manasa Yeturu

      Thank you for the kudos Kurston and I have to send props your way as well for making a difference in the lives of middle schoolers! Would love to hear more about the program you're working with in New Orleans! I will be starting to mentor sophomores in BUILD's East Oakland site next week - excited to be on the ground and working with students again! I look forward to keeping you posted on my year :)

  • Jane Dinh

    I had a pleasure reading through your post, Manasa! Quite inspirational, your year-long apprenticeship :) It's not very often that someone has the guts and passion to take a year off to travel to make an impact!

    Regarding your third apprenticeship location, have you considered doing an apprenticeship at the mother of all social businesses, Grameen Bank? I was fortunate enough to get to intern with them last summer at their headquarters in Dhaka, Bangladesh, and learned a great deal about social business, microfinance, and the tremendous impact of microcredit on women's empowerment in rural Bangladesh through that internship. You could potentially learn a lot from an experience at Grameen Bank as well.

    During that internship, I was also introduced to Grameen Bank's sister companies/social businesses, such Grameen Danone, Grameen Telecom, Grameen Healthcare, and Grameen Shakti, just to name a few. Each of these social businesses strive to solve a different social problem, and there are plenty of other Grameen sister companies that you can look into as well.

    Grameen Creative Lab is also looking for a volunteer social business consultant starting January 2014. You would be reporting directly to Nobel laureate and founder of Grameen Bank, Muhammud Yunus.

    And lastly, there is Yunus Centre, the think tank for social businesses that occupies the same building as Grameen Bank headquarters. I have a friend who is currently working there, so if you'd like to learn more about what it's like working at Yunus Centre, let me know and I can get you in touch with him!

    Hope this helps a bit with your apprenticeship search! If you have any questions, I'd be happy to help!

    Cheers and good luck!

    Jane Dinh

    • Manasa Yeturu

      I had not considered reaching out/working with Grameen but am definitely considering it now - Grameen Creative Lab looks like such an exciting initiative! I would love to be connected to your friend at Yunus centre, and also hear about your experience in Dhaka - I'll reach out to you at the email address you provided. Thank you again for the thoughtful and informative response - much appreciated!

      • Jane Dinh

        Sounds great, looking forward to chatting with you!

  • Elizabeth Stanton

    Hi Manasa,
    I love your proposal and what you are planning on doing. Check out my multimedia project, Through Her Eyes, focused on telling the stories of girls and women in the developing world and how including sports in their lives empower women and girls to take on challenges in and outside of the home by furthering their education and by becoming more involved in their communities both socially and politically. I'd love to speak with you about the work and how it aligns with the work that you plan on doing during your year of social good. Kind regards,
    Liz Stanton
    Through Her Eyes Project Blog:
    Through Her Eyes Project Intro Video:
    Sample Profile Videos:
    Video of Ecuador Exhibits:
    Twitter: @throughhereyes1 @ElizAnnStan

    • Manasa Yeturu

      Hi Elizabeth - thank you so much for sharing! Am in awe of the images and stories on Through Her Eyes Blog. I would absolutely love to connect - could you email me at or let me know the best way to reach you!

  • Manasa Yeturu

    Thank you does not even begin to cover it - since this post has gone up I have received an outpouring of support, encouragement and amazing emails from all over the world. Uganda, Brazil, Romania, Australia name just a few. I am humbled, overwhelmed and most of incredibly grateful. I am working through the emails now so I apologize in advance if I have not gotten back to you already - I promise I will. Thank you again and please keep sending me suggestions of organizations and people I should be talking to and potentially working with. This community is amazing - thank you thank you thank you!

    • Liz Dwyer

      So thrilled that there's been such an amazing response. Go, Manasa, and go, GOOD community!

      • Manasa Yeturu

        Thanks Will - would love to talk shop and hear about the programs above/ I will reach out soon and glad you like the post + plan!

  • Alice Young Shin

    Execution definitely takes a lot of courage and support, so here's my share of support to you! GOOD LUCK!

    Also for your third project, you might want to look into China. China with its "One Child Policy" is encouraging families to forsake their baby girls at birth and this has become a serious problem in the 3rd tier cities and provinces. Here's an article mainly about abortion but touches upon this phenomena in China. ( ). There's still a preference for boys as China espouses Confucianism, which teaches that only boys can carry on the family name and take care of the family spirits.

    I know of a non-profit called the "Starfish Project" that specifically helps girls and women involved in the sex-trade gain financial empowerment by teaching them jewelry crafting skills. It'd be a great opportunity to learn about not only the organization but also about the Chinese culture, which will be of tremendous help if you're thinking about taking your programs to China. As a plus, the Starfish Project mainly operates out of Beijing which also is home to the Silicon Valley of China..since you're into startups ;) Again, g'luck!

    • Manasa Yeturu

      Thanks Alice - the support and encouragement are very much appreciated! The StarFish project sounds like an extraordinary organization and I look forward to learning more - thanks so much for the suggestion/context.

  • RLKGoodChicago

    Hi! I worked with MarketPlace: Handwork of India, working with women in Mumbai and based in Evanston, IL in the USA. I also worked with New Ventures India. They might be worth checking out. Good luck!!!!! I am no longer interested in working in social enterprise myself, but will keep a look out for your updates!

    • Manasa Yeturu

      Thanks RLKGoodChicago - would love to connect and hear more about your experiences at New Ventures India.

  • rstanenas

    Nice. Imagine a world developing with a vast infrastructure sharing entrepreneurial ideas like I am trying to develop Culinary Kids =Processed foods are less expensive than healthy foods? and ART & Entrepreneurism Yes you are on the right track. Now working on Social Innovation Contests like Marquette University, Wisconsin, has held recently.

    • Manasa Yeturu

      Thank you for sharing the links and I love the idea of open source sharing of entrepreneurial ideas - we're definitely headed in that direction :)

  • thrivinglee

    Wild idea of spending the last part of your adventure where you are invited.
    Just ask and see who would like to share a project with you. I think you will be overwhelmed by the amount of people who truly want to participate. Either way, we can't wait to hear what you choose so do keep us posted!

    • Manasa Yeturu

      What a great idea - I'm all about trying new things this year so will put it out there! I've already had some amazing folks reach out - this community is awesome. Thanks for the support and definitely plan on keep you posted :)

  • jfairchild3

    This is very inspiring. Thank you!

    • Manasa Yeturu

      Thanks for the kind words - this was just an idea a few months ago and now it's actually a reality. Appreciate the support and look forward to keeping the GOOD community in the loop :)

  • Kamukama

    In case Uganda (East Africa) pops up anywhere in your plans, you can always contact Maendeleo Foundation;we will host you and support you in your program.

    Good luck

    • Manasa Yeturu

      Thanks for your comment - I would love to connect and hear more about Maendeleo! If you could send me an email at - I'll followup from there.

  • JessalynStory

    Wonderful, Manasa! Good luck and thank you! Maybe sit down for coffee with Molly Barker, another Ashoka fellow and founder of Girls On The Run International. Her focus has certainly been on girls here in the States, but there may well be good stuff there that would work well in other areas of the globe too. Either way, I bet y'all would enjoy spending some time together.

    Good for you! Fortune favors the bold!

    • Manasa Yeturu

      Thanks JessalynStory! I've heard Molly Barker's name pop up a few times - have you worked with Girls On The Run personally? Seems like an awesome org and I would love to connect with them! And from the amazing support that I've received from the GOOD community it definitely does seem like fortune's on my side :)

      • JessalynStory

        I've done a little work with GOTR. I work in community engagement at Wofford College in Spartanburg, SC. Molly has spoken to various audiences in our area, and to our students a couple of times, about social entrepreneurship. She is an amazing, inspiring speaker, full of stories of helping girls step out of what she calls "the Girl Box." You can easily find her on Facebook; and she will likely write you back quickly.

  • nina herndon

    i have chills reading this, manasa! this sounds incredible! i am glad someone is doing something to further this initiative, it sounds like you are off to a great start! is following you here the best way to keep up with what it is you're going to be doing over the next year? as an aspiring social entrepreneur, with a huge heart for empowering the girls of the next generation (i totally went to college with the very naive, yet all too common thought, "this will make my life easier! get a degree, get a job, start a family! easy! yay college!" and i don't think i was the only one), i think this is SO awesome and i can't wait to see where it goes/how i could learn from/be a part of the reach it makes! you rock! :)

    • Manasa Yeturu

      Hi Nina! This is my first published online piece so thank you for appreciating it so much - means a lot. I am definitely off to a wonderful start with BUILD - learning so much just in my first week. And I wouldn't be so harsh on yourself that naive "can do" spirit in college is something we should keep as we go through life right? So #rockon and I would love to stay in touch as I go through the year - I'll be updating the GOOD community here and starting a personal blog soon as well so will keep you posted!

    • Manasa Yeturu

      Thanks Elisa! You're the best :) I did see that latest P.A.C.E post - happy to see that the partnership is still going - the program is so phenomenal!

  • Brandie June

    Agree 100% that we need to teach critical thinking skills, not just memorized facts. Have a wonderful trip!

  • Jordan Monroe

    Way too many people wine about wealth inequality in the nation and not enough want to cure it this way. They just want to steal from the wealth creators.

  • Jordan Monroe

    Awesome! Entrepreneurship is what will save this country!

    • Manasa Yeturu

      Entrepreneurship or even the "entrepreneurial mindset" - where you proactively problem-solve in any organization you work for.

  • rae roth

    you are awesome. i look forward to hearing about your adventures, all you learn and what you do with that knowledge.

    • Manasa Yeturu

      Thanks Rae - the encouragement at the start of this journey goes a long way! I look forward to keeping you all in the loop :)

  • laalexander

    I have been surprised by the lack of women in start-ups. Please be sure to check out these models, though. 1871 in Chicago--really amazing in terms of how they support entrepreneurs. You may also like Bad Girl Ventures. Good luck!

    • Manasa Yeturu

      Thanks for the suggestions - will definitely check out the orgs you recommended!

  • thesearles

    Check out the Aflatoun org . . . they have a great entrepreneur-building curriculum for tots to teens.

    • Manasa Yeturu

      A fireball ball character from outer space that teaches kids about their rights and financial literacy? Sounds right up my alley - thanks for the recommendation thesearies!

  • Erna

    This is amazing! It's really cool to know that programs like PACE are seeing results. Can't wait to hear about your year ahead!

    • Manasa Yeturu

      Thank you Erna - I look forward to keeping the GOOD community in the loop on my adventures ahead!