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  • Jessie Voigts

    It's awful that he was so fed up that he lashed out like this. Is the system broken? Yes. Does that give him an excuse to be completely uncivilized and disrespectful? No. Are there better ways to change things? Of course. I hope he can utilize his passion and energy and intelligence and drive to really, truly effect change.

  • Bruce Smith

    "And it gets shut down when teachers realize that the purpose of education is no longer to help children develop their passions and talents, but is instead all about churning out a workforce that will help the U.S. economy beat China's." This is a false dilemma: the key to churning out the workforce we need is to help children develop their passions and talents.

  • Elizabeth Watkin

    This young man is an educator and is changing more people's lives than many teachers. We need stand back and appraise what an educator is and a learner and then realize that there are no boundaries to either. The sooner we appreciate that as Dewey said "Education is preparation for life, preparation is life itself," the sooner we will see real change.

    • Elizabeth Watkin

      Oops! "Education is NOT preparation for life, education is life itself" sorry for horrendous typos :) Oh the irony....

  • Center for Teaching Quality

    As in so many situations, this one has many shades or gray. The unknowns here are many: How scripted is the curriculum this teacher is required to teach in order to still receive that pay check? Were these packets delivered to her as the school-sponsored test-prep curriculum or was she given choice? Was this teacher trained in an accredited institution that adequately prepared her for this professional job or was she fast-tracked through inadequate preparation and then without further development required to teach a full load of classes? It is obvious that Bliss is articulate and passionate--is he trying to take the classes that are offered to challenge his abilities to their highest potential? We have him (and his video genie) to thank for challenging us all to have a conversation about the processes that shape our educational institutions. This conversation should go far beyond the good-teacher-bad-teacher, brave-student-disrespectful-student debate. Rather what forces are in play to push an intelligent student to this level of frustration? What forces require or allow a teacher to respond with this level of disengagement? But overall, the conversation needs to have nuance and depth beyond the few minutes contained in a YouTube video if Bliss is to become a true catalyst of change in our education system.

  • Mary DeMaria

    I feel for this Young Man. He is apparently insulted by the person calling herself. "teacher". Our Young feel dismissed and they yearn to be fed knowledge, and challenged in critical thinking. Some people who land Teaching positions are self serving and need to GET OUT ....leave the classroom and the school , NOT the Students. Bravo for this Student. :-)

  • Charla Agnoletti

    Certainly exciting to watch student voice be expressed. However, what upsets me is that our "schooling" has become so oppressive, that there is no outlet for the wisdom and genius that our students, and obviously Jeff Bliss, have. I especially appreciate the quote from Sir Ken Robinson. As a teacher I too have felt the oppression of the system, and our revolution must come one day, one class, one lesson at a time as we CHOOSE to create opportunities for ourselves and our students to expand, express and create a new way of schooling.

  • ellistea

    Good for you, Jeff Bliss! What a kid. Love him. What I particularly liked was that he used his words, he didn't physically lash out (I've recently seen several videos of kids literally hitting their teachers) and he didn't use profanity. He was actually quite respectful, all in all, considering his anger. Unlike the writer of this article, however, I do not necessarily give the teacher a pass. First, listen closely - she is dismissive of her student. She had a wide range of possible reactions and the one she gives him is the most apathetic one - basically, "go away, kid, you bother me." She doesn't thank him, which she should, and if she did make the paycheck comment, well . . . you know what? Jeff Bliss is right - it is her paycheck, but the point is - you have to EARN it. And how a teacher EARNS it is by teaching, coaching, motivating, inspiring - you know the words that go with this. As to the necessity of standardized testing or not - I'm in general agreement that just "teaching to the test" is a bad idea and may be the reason for the standardized packets of information, but you know what - a GOOD teacher takes the standard and GOES further with it - sparks discussion, asks questions, turns and looks at her students, has them talk to each other, etc. etc. This woman - no, she's not a good teacher and I don't think the blame should be on the testing policies. Perhaps it ought to be on the unions, eh? Oh, no, we wouldn't want to talk about how bad teachers can never be fired?

    If I were Jeff's parents, I'd be considering home schooling. He does deserve better, as do all the kids. But I know he'll be fine - he's smart and resourceful. Probably a lot smarter and more resourceful than his sorry excuse for a teacher. Chin up, Jeff - it isn't hte first or the last time you'll have a lousy teacher.

  • Michael Caplan

    Bravo, kid. Just don't be surprised when you get smacked down. Get out of that school now and be a student of the world. Make your voice heard and educate yourself!

  • mamapear

    What a wonderful opportunity for students, teachers, administrators, parents to speak up, sharing their experiences and visions, and having the courage to "be the change" they wish to step at a time. Find the inspiration-go for it! Jeff Bliss, wherever you are, be an ongoing part of the change, as one who had the courage to speak your truth!!

  • April Yvonne

    Let's talk about my college Humanities teacher that did NOTHING but press play on National Geographic documentaries for an entire semester. Better than getting packets to read every day, but still #damnlazyteaching.

  • Sharon Kelly

    Jeff, I have two words to describe what you so elequently described as the sad state of the educational system in the US...WELL SAID.