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  • Caleb Rowe

    I recently and unexpectedly lost my wife. Now all of the plans we had together seem pointless at best to try and complete alone, as the accomplishment would ring hollow. I had been planning a bike tour as a memorial to her, and our lives together. My wife was from Toronto, and her favorite place in the world is Buenos Aires, so it made sense to make that my journey via bicycle.

    I am searching for routes, maps or even just tips to help me achieve my goal. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I can provide an email if you have the chance to genuinely assist, more than what is doable on a message board.

  • Michelle Lin

    thank you for sharing this!
    Looking forward to reading about it

  • king_of_life

    I'm 20 now and just like you i want to find out what I really desire through travelling. On the road we know that life is much more beautiful than we have imagined.

  • Clay Mosley

    This is fantastic. I hope to hear about your journey. It's good to see another fellow traveler for inspiration.

  • Leesa Dillman

    GO! GOOD for you! Do something awesome for you and for the world. I'll follow you, please follow me. And don't forget to WRITE about it. That's been my mistake, but you and some others inspire me to pick up the pen (or the computer) again. Tell us how it's going... what are you learning? where have you been? who have you met? what are you eating? HOW IS IT?

  • Monica Reyes

    Greeting from Colombia!! My husband and I travelled through South America by car last year. You are most welcome to visit us here! or if there is anything you would like to ask us, don´t hesitate in contacting us at: or
    Best luck.

  • Selina Barker

    Wow. You rock. My journey at 31 was a little more comfortable - I packed my life into a camper van, took off out of London and travelled the UK while running my business from my laptop. It was a rollercoaster. It was the best thing I ever did. After that I knew I was never in any danger of just settling into a rut. Oh and I have a friend that cycled down the length of Argentina a few years back - was amazing. Let me know if you want to be put in touch. I'm over here:

  • Marty22

    We have met several people with your same inspiration. One of favorite is The Fuego, They rode from Anchorage to TDF.. When you pass through Nicaragua, we would be happy to host you for a few days, Luck and have FUN!!!

  • Brandon James

    Jeez that's a poignant piece. I did something similar a few years ago ( and I have to say I resonate with everything said here, but could never have put it in such clear and rooted words. Congrats brother, and get ready for the ride of your life :)

  • idej

    I read the story of parents years ago, when going through my parents old NG's. I am looking forward to reading your posts. Tell the most true story you are able to tell, give us not just the glory but embarrassing as well. bueno suerte

  • Gisela Hausmann Author

    This is the most awesomeST story I have read in along time. I can't believe that that's how you parents met. Just buying their book! + I am so with you. Following you on Twitter. Would love to send you a Kindle copy of my adventure book (though it is mostly Asia. Maybe it would inspire you to do some trekking in Tibet :)) LOL DM me & I'll send you a copy, which you can read on your phone.

  • Michael Del Ponte

    Incredibly inspiring, rooting for you the entire way!

  • nikkib

    This post could not have come in a more appropriate time in my life. I am almost 30, a lawyer, and the last 3 months, everyday, I think about leaving it all and traveling. You are truly an inspiration and I hope that some day (soon) I have enough courage to do what you have set out to do. Good Luck!

  • Alissa Pure

    You are so inspiring! I am so so glad I got to meet you at 4E, good luck with all your adventures and I hope to see you again one day!

  • Marc O'Brien

    If you pass through San Francisco, hit me up! I produced and spearheaded The Alabamboo Make & Ride ( I'll buy you a round and we can swap stories! Good luck, man. Ride safe!

  • Fiona Bledsoe

    If you pass through any neighboring city of Kansas City, MO..dinner is on me, Jed! You and the team have helped shape MY life and I'm so inspired! Thank you.

  • Sergio Rivatillan

    Your story is very inspiring, if you pass by Durango, Mex. please contact me to offer you some shelter and a shot of mezcal

    Good vibes!

  • Angela Holtzen

    WOW you feel exactly like I do. I feel too many people leave their dreams behind for security. I have also left everything of comfort and many judge me because I am a single mom with two 6 year olds. I would rather struggle and show them a mom they can look up to, who seeked out her dreams, than who became an unhappy, bitter woman, of nothing to admire, just for security. I think society ingrains in us all at a very young age to follow this "normal" path, but it is not a natural path of human nature. We are meant to go through lives following our hearts. Good Luck!

  • Emy Gelb

    Dear Jedidiah, Thank you so much for writing this post, it was heart warming and inspiring. There are so many other bright, humble, gracious and passionate adventurers out there, but its good to be reminded of them every now and then. Good luck with your journey and may it be filled with magic, beauty and many, many wonderful people!

  • Davide Strusani

    Hi J
    Great and inspiring plan! having just returned (at lead physically, my mind still there) from a six month trip to South America, i'm looking forward to following your journey. you'll be flooded with recommendations and places to see, so I won't add to your long list, but if you want to see some recent pictures of the amazing south check my blog ( And don't miss out on ayahuasca in the amazon forest in Peru', although you may have to park your bike for a bit! The patagonian wind awaits you! best, d

  • Sally Melanie de Lourenco

    It's better than good. Bravo! Can't wait to see and read about the adventure. You are waking us up, one at a time.

  • RedJulie

    Right on!! My husband and I sailed around the world and it changed the way we look at life. We are more respectful of different cultures, seek out new adventures and insist on continuing to travel in a way that gets us close to the people and "under the skin" of a country. Through the back door you might say. You will have plenty of "back door" experiences in your trek. Enjoy every minute and keep time at bay!

  • Luis Laugga

    Very inspiring Jedidiah. I believe you'll find what you need. Good luck and take care.

  • Craig Mesman

    Hi Jedidiah,

    My name is Craig and I am reading your Mom and Dad's book about their walk together after they were married. I bought it to read after rereading your Dad's first book after I first read it over 30 years ago. I got an inspiration from God, as I say, about 3 years ago to go on a long walk. Not as long as your parents, but still 550 miles. Immediately after that inspiration, I recalled reading your Dad's book- I had forgotten that I had read it so many years before, but I recalled the seed that it planted. Well, I did that walk- I walked from Ferndale (by Eureka, California) south to San Luis Obispo. It changed my life. I loved it- especially the people along the way. I met many touring cyclists, like you will be. We camped at the hiker/biker sites and I had new compadres every evening! All the people, everywhere, were great. That walk restored my faith in people. I found what I was meant to find there in SLO, and I returned home and downsized my life. I sold or gave away most of my things, and then pursued a new direction in my life and moved down to SLO. I understand what you wrote in your essay, "It makes you focus on protecting what you have rather than fighting for what could be." I credit God with giving me my inspirations and directions, and I am pleased that I followed Him. It's been good! I have no regrets for my downsizing and change of direction. I am much more free now without all my "stuff", and I am continually thankful- both for not having to haul it, and for the freedom it gives me for opportunities I have now that I would not have otherwise. I could go on and on, but I won't. I sent your Dad a Facebook message many weeks ago, but did not hear back from him. I now live in Fortuna, CA (for now) and if I'm not here, I will be in SLO, CA. Both are on your route south. Look me up on Facebook under "Craig Mesman" (I'm the only one). You can also check out the blog I kept as I walked: . Safe and fun travels to you Jedidiah. Amen!! I love reading your parent's books because I can visualize what they experienced based on my own experience- and now you will too. I wish I could talk to them someday (and to you too). Godspeed Jedidiah! Craig

  • Teréz Szőke

    Dear Jedidiah
    Your words are inspirational for many a reason.
    There's so much to explore and there's nothing more wonderful than the gift of excitement and wonderment.
    I'm also preparing for a bike trip to promote sustainability with a group called Otesha. I'll be pedaling with a nomadic theater group along the west coast of Canada for 2 months. It's quite the conversation piece and a topic that attracts minds of all curiosities.
    Please do email me if you venture across border and cross into Canada before you leave on your way!
    I am looking forward to hearing about your incredible journey and wish you the best of luck. There's no doubt your book will be amazing and I can't wait to read it.

  • Lucia SF

    jedidah, if you need a place to stay when you pass through Guatemala City let me know! I wrote you a facebook message (i hope it was you). have great journey!

  • Jedidiah Jenkins

    For anyone who wants to follow along, I'll be posting regularly about the trip on my instagram: @jedidiahjenkins I leave August 25th... (which is coming up fast) Thanks for all the kind words and well wishes. I hope I get to meet some of y'all, maybe as you pull me from the rain into your garage and give me soup.

    • Eleonora Festari

      Hello Jedidiah!
      I think your adventure will be so inspiring because even this article, which is just a little anticipation of what's coming next, makes me think a lot.
      I'm following you now on Twitter and Instagram and I'm looking forward to follow you on your incredible journey :)
      Good luck & take care!

  • sunlight

    WOW! Jed, amazing stuff. I love it! I love traveling too, however, I have a family, I have no money to travel. I will talk to my good friend on Thursday about traveling with me in August 2013 with very little clothes, money, but with a lot of love and kindness. I also have a desire to travel to India and Thailand. God Bless and be safe! Alway show and act in love, kindness and gratefulness.~ Sunlight

    • Sally Melanie de Lourenco

      Sunlight, take your children with you! If you only knew how many kids there are (I was one) who hear their parents say, "Well, I was thinking about traveling to or moving to, but I had you, so I couldn't" or something derivative, you'd be surprised. GO! They will thank you for it, the exposure and a life lived fully! The idea that we must stay put, dig in "roots", buy houses, big cars and shop at malls or Walmart is just that...a program. An illusion. There are many men and women who live in less "developed" worlds that do this all the time out of necessity, and those children turn out just fine - if not more than fine.

  • maryellamarie

    I love this! Absolutely love this! I am moving to Argentina for a year next month! I've inspired a friend of mine to study in Spain while she can. We have the responsibility to inspire everyone willing to listen. I am a writer as well, and a walker of this earth! I'll keep an eye out for you in Buenos Aires for a few Quilmes with los portenos! Cheers!

  • Cathy

    Jed, if you happen to pass through Colorado, Colorado Springs, you have free housing and food! Your story and spirit are inspiring. I have shared your story with some coworkers and friends and we would love to meet you! This is the perfect time to venture, of course, any day is the perfect time

  • Kathleen Natividad

    Thank you for sharing. I am excited for your ride. As a lover of travel and someone currently studying for the CA bar exam, I am truly inspired. I don't know your schedule but I will be moving to Ecuador in September for ~3mos, then heading to Nicaragua until mid-January 2014. I'm assuming you'll still be in Central America around then but I really have no idea. Maybe we can meet up.

  • Leslie Strain


    This is simply inspiring. I am astounded by your strength and fortitude. Good luck and Godspeed. Cannot wait for the stories you will share throughout your journey.

  • Seo Martinez

    Look forward to following your journey. Best wishes.

  • andyj

    Best of luck, friend. Your article and story are inspiring!

  • Leanne Young

    If you are ever close in Montana or North Dakota you should cross the border into Canada and come to good ol' Moose Jaw to visit us at Joe's Place. I'd love for you to share and tell your story and inspire our youth! Jed, I know wherever you go you will be used to inspire others to living purpose filled lives!

  • Anne Allen

    Safe journey and happy discoveries! Can't wait for the book. Take care of Phillip...

  • Coley Catalano

    Amazing! Wow, I want to support you in this incredible adventure. Seriously, how can I help you?

  • saltaf01

    This is great Jedidah, if you are planning on stopping by NY my friends and I would love to grab a beer with you and hear your story..keep on inspiring :)

  • Trevyn Coffelt

    This struck a chord with me. It may strike a chord with a lot of men our age. I see a lot of people I know follow the familiar patterns of aging. It makes me very aware of how much I do not desire to follow that pattern.

  • dana schleuning

    wonderful, inspiring words.
    if you find yourself in long beach, ca and in need of a place to stay, a warm meal or a pal to get a beer with...let me know.
    you are not alone on this journey. we are all with you.

  • Charman


    You may find this hard to believe but here goes. I'm from Austin Texas and have become friends with Collin Sansom who showed me this post. 3 or 4 years ago I came and visited Invisible Children in San Diego I think it was. Anyways, I met you there and on a whim decided to write a college essay about this guy named Jedidiah with cool glasses and his contagious desire for life to the full. (Somewhat creepy I know) But anyways, stumbling upon this post and connecting it to what I wrote about years ago has been one pretty unbelievable connection and inspiration. If you are able to sidestep the strangeness of a stranger saying he wrote a paper about you, take it as a huge compliment. Your desire to live and your whimsy are indeed, very infectious.

    Happy Trails,

    p.s. You helped me get in to college so thanks for that too.

  • bonnie.holman

    Excellent - all of it!! I feel a very similar urge as you, and recently that urge is becoming less and less controllable. I will spend a week in the backcountry of the Sierra Nevada range later this month, and while I am looking forward to it, I anticipate that it will fuel a larger desire for more time up, out, and away.

    Are you looking for riding partners during legs of your journey? Or places to crash?Perhaps I can join for a bit out of SF Bay, maybe to SLO. Also, you are welcome to my couch located in Oakland near Lake Merritt.

    Good on you!

  • Gregg Burch

    Small World. My wife and I met your father on his walk across America. We had spent three months camping across the American West in the Spring of 1973. In the Fall we took off again, heading up the Blue Ridge Parkway and the Appalachian Trail from Atlanta to Maine. We spent the winter in Vermont. A couple of weeks in, we were camping on the Skyline Drive in Shenandoah National Park in Virginia. A bear came into our camp at night, got into our cooler and tore our tent up. Thought we were going to die. We left our disheveled campsite and drove to a small town for breakfast. At that little cafe in small town Virginia, we met your father on the early stage of his walk. He had left NY a few weeks before and had made it to Virginia. We enjoyed a few stories together, and then watched him and his big dog walk off down the road. They refused a ride. We enjoyed reading about his continued journey.

    We saw two Nat Geo articles about him. One was the trip from NY to New Orleans. The next was from NO to the West Coast. We never forgot him. It's no wonder you have the wanderlust.

    BTW, John Muir was a major inspiration to us to go west into the mountains. Muir was nearly blinded in an industrial accident, and that was the impetus for him to go west into the mountains. He realized how precious his sight was, and wanted to see the world. We followed suit, and have been on the road less traveled for the last 40 years.

    I blog about our journey and have written a book called God's Faint Path: wilderness lessons on leadership and life. It's at I look forward to reading of your journey.

    • Jedidiah Jenkins

      Gregg. Wow. Wow. I got chills reading this. I can't wait to show my dad. What a lightning feeling when you read the words of a kindred spirit. Hope I get to meet you some day and will definitely check out your book!

      • Gregg Burch

        Small world indeed. I coach a young pastor named Bryan Buck at City Church Eastside in Atlanta, where I am on staff. He forwarded your piece. Says you and his sister Cassidy were friends in High School. Happy to send along a copy of my book from one author to another if you dm me an address @GreggBurch. Each chapter has the questions I was wrestling with in that chapter of the journey and space for you to journal your response.

  • k.rew

    Looking forward to following your courageous journey! Shall it be inspirational, eye opening, fulfilling, recharging and soulful. And if the LA area hasn't brought too many interests yet, here's another option for a cold beer along the way!

  • Jeff Bochsler

    Well said, amigo. We very much see eye to eye. You have a place to stay in Santa Barbara, California should you need it or a coffee / tea if you just need a break early in your journey. And if you are looking for like minded writers, feel free to check out my website I'm always looking for inspiring stories to share with my community and others to collaborate with in getting this message ingrained into our culture. Travel safe and well, Jeff

  • Annika Kirk

    The beginning of your story is so inspiring and refreshing to hear. I wish you so much good along the way, and if you ever decide to travel north to Toronto, I would love to cook you a meal in exchange for stories.
    Happy adventuring!

  • Leticia Chua

    As Tennessee Williams puts it, "Make voyages. Attempt them. There's nothing else."


  • Danielle Feerst

    Wonderfully written, and so similar to my own thoughts. I'm 19 and going to school at Tufts--already working a desk job over the summer. I'm proud of my future and education, but don't want to let life slip by without going on my own journey. Good luck to you.

  • Dan Roberts

    Inspiring. I'm 10 years older than you and wish I had your vision. With a young family it is harder for me to break free as much as you will but I can do something. And will. Good luck!

  • linstantnoodles

    Can I join you? I'm dead serious, or at least join you for part of the way (my parents would kill me). I always think of the precious time I'm wasting at school in a two of my classes (the classes in which I learn nothing in) and the precious time my mom is wasting working at the job that she doesn't enjoy. My english teacher tells me I act like a transcendentalist. I think that's a bit overboard for me now but I don't know, maybe after a few years, I can embark on a great journey like yours.

  • Anastasia Osling

    …And the air conditioned cubicles
    And the carbon ribbon rides
    Are spelling it out so clear
    Either he’s going to have to stand and fight
    Or take off out of here
    I tried to run away myself
    To run away and wrestle with my ego
    And with this flame
    You put here in this Eskimo
    In this hitcher
    In this prisoner
    Of the fine white lines
    Of the white lines on the free, free way
    - Joni Mitchell (Hejira)

  • Vicki Gale

    Your words are encouraging beyond measure. I am hoping to take a journey of similar sorts in a year or two and would LOVE to know the logistics of your preparation. Will you be keeping a blog along the way, by chance?

  • sara_GOOD_9867

    Gone are the days when articles like this were published along the way of the journey,or after the journey, filled with observations and reflections. This just reads as a public announcement begging for praise. The courage is yet to be seen and felt. Your grand plans are better felt and experienced and shared, not announced like some type of Press Release with beautifully written words about the experience and change you are predicting to have. GOOD please reserve your pedestals for experiences and advice and reflections, not announcements.

    • Jedidiah Jenkins

      thanks for saying my words are beautiful. #silverlining

  • Jorge Ortega Alatorre

    I'm Jorge, an enthusiastic motorcycle rider from Monterrey, Mexico. Most likely you will cross the border passing through here; contact me:, we have a club and will gladly assit you in Mexico...ride on dude, your dream, your action is contagious...

    • Jedidiah Jenkins

      That would be so cool to meet you! Thanks so much.


    My best advice is, yes, your only plan might be “to improvise” (Daft Punk reference there). But I say with most sincerity— don’t just plan, strategize!

    That means, have a ‘Plan B’ at every turn! I would be concerned for your health, and your safety #1! Also, not that I’ve personally done anything like this, but..

    I would suggest keep some sort of power with you. A local company here in Pittsburgh has what are called “Sole Power”, which you might be able to benefit from.

    Also— check out Goal Zero’s products. Very GOOD stuff. :)

    Best of wishes! LOSE YOURself to find */Him/*, and what He wants for you!
    Then spread the “GOOD news”!!

  • Arte Belmonte

    Wow! what great journey you're about to begin. You're probably going to pass by Mexico City and I would love to meet you and hear about your travels,. Email me at:
    Good luck!! Arte

  • Elsie EMC

    It's a great idea. Congrats! I'm planning to do something similar next year. I'm from Panama if you pass by, we can meet.
    Bon voyage!

  • Ally Celones

    An encouraging and inspirational story! I'm studying abroad in Chile until December and will be doing a fair bit of travelling and have been South (loved it). Would love to grab lunch or a drink with you! Safe travels

  • Kyle Warkentin

    Great article! I did a small trip last year of about 2500 miles by bike across America and would love keeping up with your thoughts while you travel.

  • Felix Desroches

    Dude, that's awesome! Love the rationale behind it, the need to look squarely at your life, shake off all the chaff, and begin anew. Very cool.

    I just wrapped up 10 months on the road in my surf van doing the same kinda thing - not nearly as radical as a 7000 bike trip, but it was a start :)

    Bon voyage!

  • don don

    I'll cruise with you through Northern California if you'd like company for a day or two.

  • kimclaw

    I am in Santiago, Chile teaching English if you would like to stop by for tea! Your story is very inspirational because it allows people to internalize the information and challenge themselves to also do something good. I am working on it as we speak... ;)

  • Jedidiah Jenkins

    I am so moved by all these comments. I hope I get to meet a lot of you! feel free to email me and if it works out or I get the chance, maybe we can share stories over a beer. And yes, Phillip. Yes.

  • Kathryn Trembley

    Your father's book was given to me when I was 21 and going through a rough divorce. Since then "Walk Across America" has been one of my favorite books to pass along to fellow travelers and seekers. Now, at 30, before stepping into a Peace Corps term of service, I'm using a well timed lay-off to travel to some of the places that have always tugged at my heart as offering something real, the thing that sits just below the busy, distracted and comfortable. It's a pilgrimage, in a way: journeying to a point and taking in everything along the way in hopes of connecting down to what really matters and seeing things as they really are. Thank you for so eloquently sharing your intentions and inspirations with the GOOD community. I wish you well on your journeys and look forward to the Jenkins Sequel, Biking through the Americas. From one pilgrim to another: Ultreya!

  • peter.skipper.1

    Would love to buy you a beer as you come through LA. Sounds like amazing stories are about to happen!

  • uberfahr

    If you're coming through Los Angeles or Silver City, NM -- please ping me/us. We'll set you up if it helps. Best and thanks for the inspiration!

  • Katie McCarthy

    Thank you for this article. I recently chose to leave my job of 4 years to become an entrepreneur without much of a "plan" by conventional sense. I know that it is not the same as leaving your life to bike accross 2 continents, but in many ways it feels like what you have described, because I have given up focusing on protecting what I and started fighting for what could be, in the pursuit of wonder, appreciation, and adventure.

    Your dad's book was required reading for me in 8th grade and I still remember and talk about it to this day. The power, love, adaptability and resilience of the human spirit is so moving. I can't wait to hear all about and follow your journey.

    If you want to grab dinner on your way through San Diego, please let me know,

  • Riley Greyson

    I find stories like these inspirational. I have always wanted to travel. I am restless and I need a change to happen in my life. I feel like that may be the very thing that is needed.

  • joeyPark


    For years, I've shared your sentiments on modernity, nature and what it means to be a man.

    I recently attempted to hitchhike cross country from LA to NY. I documented my travels with an old Hasselblad and a sketchbook. My buddy and I made it as far east as Chicago and then decided to take a detour to NOLA. Due to my work schedule, I had to cut my trip short and fly home to NYC.

    Eventually, I plan to move to a farm in rural France and write and illustrate children's books. In the meantime, I'm simply planning my departure.

    Do you intend this to be a solo trip or are you open to the idea of a having a riding parter/ documentarian? You can check out my art at Photos of my journey are being developed as we speak so they are currently not up.

    Joey Park

  • Kathleen Moser

    I think it's very predictable to realize and embrace the legacy of the Jenkins. Best wishes as we watch you travel.

  • Jenna Hudson

    dear courageous friend, how I love you. your passion, devotion, dedication, and gumption seem to inspire regardless of your chosen path. from the moment i first saw you skipping down my street, i knew you were a man that would change things. look at you go! i go, vicariously, with you. i can't wait to hear all you learn, to teach others. happy adventures! come home.

  • Jan Jones

    If, for some reason, you venture inland while in California, you can flop at my house in Roseville.

  • Jana Stojanova

    hit us up if you pass Valparaiso. best wishes!

  • Angela Cross

    Stop through El Bolson- it's such a great spot on the northern edge of Patagonia, south of Bariloche, hidden gem and wonderful people- I'll be in LA if you need a place to stay too - I've been backpacking for 8 months, not as intense a journey as you are partaking on - but I'd love to support the pursuit of wonder - it's my full time job :)

  • Ben Goldhirsh

    hey Jedidiah, this hit me in the brain and heart at the same time. thank you. my wife and I have settled down - kids + mortgage + work. As the madlib of our life has filled in, you start missing the wonder that comes with the unknown. We've got too much known right now. We've been talking about how to get back into the mix. You've inspired me to be more proactive on this front. Thank you.

  • noah mabon

    Dude, nice! I'm in AK, but I'll be in the lower 48 in September.

  • Patrik Nordqvist

    I will be working all around South America from September 2013 - September 2014, do you have any idea around when you might reach Colombia?

  • chrissieb

    We live in Mendoza, Argentina, if you need a place to stay or simply want to meet us for a lunch at our place let us know! We would love to meet you and hear about your travels :)

  • olivia.combe

    I'll be in Oakland, CA as of early September, working for Afar magazine. Let me know if you need anything on your way through — a place to crash, a bike shop recommendation, or someone to drink a beer with!

  • Lindsey Smith

    Good luck! I'm looking forward to seeing updates from your trip!

  • Purakai Clothing

    Good luck!! As you say travel is a cure when we are no longer astonished by the way the world works.

    As Mark Twain said "Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one's lifetime.”