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  • Vast Shadow

    Don't believe everything you read online.

    All my friends are all of different `clicks... But they all have one thing in common they hate Obama usually more or less. But they have reason too... Many have lost jobs from him, many are so far behind bills because of him... Etc.

    But I agree, you gotta have a reason for voting... Most females are going for Obama so they don't have to pay for Birth Control. Not a good reason, female's should be more protective of what they put in their body... But thanks too Hollywood ploys... Many females presume the pill has benefits. Enlarging breast, and hips... Actually none of that is even proven fact. Its just word of mouth and its really bupkiss.
    Dangerous too, birth control... Made in the 60s... An just now evenly finding out what the aftermath of these pills are doing. Females should realize that these pills are a test, `beta pill and no one knows what all they do... They have not been around that long.

    Bill Cosby had a great appointing fact of Obama, but some of it is not absolutely accurate. You can look it up on Youtube... Bill Cosby asserts that Obama isn't given a chance fairly that some of his advisers and program affiliates declined to work with Obama. Actually it was the other way around -- After Obama made the recession... Obama stopped working with his council and advisers of the Whitehouse. For his own self-appointed reasons.
    Obama hasn't been open to what he has in plan for.

    Obama wants to make Obamacare, which would harm social security tax FOR ALL americans... Poverty and low income people will be hit hardest.

    Obama wants too apply higher tax to the wealthy/rich. It sounds cool to most people... The fact is though, rich people are who create businesses. Entrepreneurs come into the USA and make jobs by building factories... BUT if the taxes are ridiculously high for the rich.... Guess what--no rich person will be creating jobs, because it would be to hard to get the business running, by taxes being to high.

    Obama's foreign policy with China, was selling the Gulf of Mexico oil too Chineese... But congress put that on hold... Because if China owns our natural gas... We will be paying China FOR OUR OWN oil.

    Other then that no one knows what Obama is wanting to do. He says bunch of things, but never follows through... An that is called making broken promises.

    I'm not voting... I don't care who wins, but if Obama wins... Congress better have a tight leash on him... We do not need any more deficit in the budget to rise. USA needs someone that is good with money and could bring REVENUE up in the USA... Also creating jobs.
    More and more people keep getting placed on food stamps... Because minimum wage income, does not bring people enough money to pay bills and buy food.

    If Romney gets into office, he is good with money and know how the corporate world works. Romney knows how to make USA look profitable, too entrepreneurs, and which would bring jobs and revenue back to the USA. Romney has tact for the budget and government spending... So he wouldn't make careless cuts of the budget to have a plunge in the economy(Like Obama did). USA needs someone that can bring the dollar back as being worth something. We need prices to go down, for us and people need to be payed more.
    That is why I try to stress that you all campaigning for Obama, is just blowing hot air... That you are not even sure of.

    Bottom line for me is... I don't care who wins. I know how politics work -- We do not have any true control over it, but if Obama gets reelected again: USA will only have higher taxes, less benefits, hard to find *good* jobs(Least you can work at mcdonalds). Our currency will even be more useless. That is what they mean by, "Road to Greece".(Its a Greek reference of the Roman empire falling)

  • marvinlzinn

    First of all, by our constitution the United States is a Republic, NOT a democracy! That I am very happy about. However, the "Republican" party has nothing to do with it. Either party has politicians who use the name to deceive us. It makes no sense to vote by a party when you actually believe what they try to convince you about in all the disputes they have a few days before the election. The more they talk, the less likely I will ever vote for them.

    I just write in a name of a person I know the history (real history, not accusations never proven) who has been very successful at what they did. That is why I wrote in the name of Herman Cain this year, but 20 years prior I voted for Ron Paul, hoping to make the government mind their own business and become small and efficient.

    • Keith Evans

      best comment on this page!

  • waterman

    Friend~ A DRINKING PARTY, really? I don't know about you, but taking a drink after every suggested prompt at your party wouldn't lead me to retaining information, intelligently engaging in conversation, or ultimately DOING GOOD things with my vote. And I doubt very many other adults would either. Bottom-line, a responsible voter is a Knowlegeable Voter. Please don't encourage alcoholic-induced lapses of memory... especially with first time ballot markers.