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  • Priti

    I just wanted to highlight that Google just gave the the Institute $1.2 million as one of their Impact Awards to "support the development of new software to analyze gender portrayals on screen, allowing previously time-intensive research to scale globally and accelerating the positive representation of female characters in children’s media." :-)

  • Sidney Pearson

    Interesting timing! If anyone reading this post about the under representation of women in the media lives in the Atlanta area, I'm hosting a special screening of the documentary film 'Miss Representation' (featuring an interview with Geena Davis and others about this topic) this Sunday, December 2nd at Kashi Atlanta Ashram in Candler Park. The screening is a fundraiser to raise money for Mahila Partnership, a non-profit that focuses on the health and hygiene needs of women and girls following disasters. For information on purchasing tickets and to donate, visit

    Read more:

  • Arthur Grau

    I've admired Davis' work in this field for quite some time. So grateful to see it continuing! And thanks to her for judging our apps to empower women next year!

  • Vast Shadow

    LOL... Good luck with that.

    You see that movie called Brave? A princess that just wanted more than just being the typical princess. There is also a female I've heard about that can out run any guy in football -- She is a running back, has a better average of yard completion than most college men.

    But, good luck with that... You see media-franchises uses female more than a gaping guy does. Disney and even Cartoon Network try to create conceptions of over-achieving females.... But when all the TV commercials, Music videos, Oscar winning movies -- Have a female being a sex-object... It makes all that motivation into creating a iconic female wasted.
    Its all because females spend a LOT of money... They want females buying makeup... Birth control... accessories and other stupid shit they don't really need. None of the females realize that 60 years ago... None of that shit was even in existence, BUT THEY CAn'T live without it.

    I'm not a sexist dude... Sure I can be rude to everyone, mutually... I believe in treating everyone the same! So yea, that female in the picture is hot -- I'd bone. But with me saying, Good luck with that... Is only showing that there is more people keeping females in that steriotype than opposing it.

    From health and wellness schemes... that say, "Look purty, starve yourself! Don't eat Gluten! Take Birth Control, it helps too! Take this new diet pill it make you look purty!" Then so you get females starving, nutrient unstable(malnutrition). Taking birth control that has all bunch of mood imbalance side-effects(mental problems). Then THEY TRYING TO LOSE WEIGHT and by the way, those weight loss pills decrease bust size(physical problems).
    Being female you got a big cross hair on you... That puts you in this subliminal destructive cycle. Because, malnutrition makes you not think clearly... Emotion problems dilute rationality. Then you get physical problems that makes your self-image just not feel good.

    If you really wanted to make a break in stereotypes... You should try to make a public / boarding school program.

    But yea.. Good luck with that.

    • Arthur Grau

      Even that we're having a conversation about it is movement in the right direction.

      • Vast Shadow

        I watch a lot of cartoons... This is the first time I've heard about it.

        Like I said though, she would have more impact by making a public / boarding school program with it.

        Maybe you are confused and don't know what a school program means. A public school program -- Is like D.A.R.E. ... An the ever so new, anti Cyber Bully campaigns programs schools endorse.
        An if that lady makes it a free school program for schools to participate in.... It may get placed in front OF MILLIONS OF KIDS.

        Do you get that, buddy?

        Also, to better inebriate the message of females being more than Objects... The narrator should portray as Jane... Not be subjective with Jane by demonstrating her.
        For Instance: instead of saying, "This is Jane." saying, "I am Jane." bases a conceptual rationalization of self-portraying individualism... Giving the feeling and message, "I been left out." . Makes people feel sorry for Jane and listen attentively.

        I never said, Individualism is a bad thing, pal... I think individualism is what sparks creativity... Changes the way everything is made and seen. We live in a country that is full of different heritages... Why should everyone be in some uniform of trends and fads?

        I know lot of sincere things I say, may sound lose footed and unpractical... I'm better at being critical on things... I basically said in my first message, `That she has more barriers that like keeping females limited and accessorized upon. Hell, the other day GOOD blog was BLOGGING about birth control should be a right.

        I hope that wasn't too difficult for you to understand.
        I never said for her to give up on it... I just said she better put it in front of everyone and not just some website.

        • Arthur Grau

          Agreed with your suggestion. Great ideas. Hopefully her initiative will grow into something like that.

  • Fera Schoen

    It'd also help if over 90% of our media wasn't controlled/produced by white, sexist (yeah, you can be sexist without physically beating women, dumbasses) men. When I was a little girl, I wanted to be president. Then I realized only men can be president, so then I wanted to be a director. All my academic advisers told me to go for an English degree instead and become a teacher. And I listened to them like a stupid little bitch.
    If you want your daughter to have self-confidence you either have to lie to her or destroy practically every bit of media in your household and move to some isolated commune somewhere, which she'll probably hate because she'll be stupid and want to hang out with her superficial friends instead.

    I can't even give a shit about gender equality anymore--it doesn't exist. Let's just hope we all die in this next year or two, then we won't have to deal with it ever again because we'll all be dead. That's the best-case scenario for humanity from where I stand, and I pray daily for it.

    • Sue.Grinius.Hill

      Fyrehed, let your anger motivate you - get up, get strong and take the world by storm. You didn't know any better when you were younger and you took advice from others that was well intended. No one was trying to hurt you - they didn't know what to tell you either. Now, change your life - believe in yourself, your abilities, and go take positive action. Be the change you want to see... you can do it.