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  • shababik

    Did you listen to Romney's speech? He spoke extensively on concrete steps to encourage investment and economic interdependence between the US and the Middle East. Regardless of your feelings on Romney or Israel/Palestine, to not mention that in this article is quite a lie of omission in that, unlike his opponent, he has outlined clear steps toward stabilization, economic growth, and hopefully peace in the future.

    Additionally, as unfortunate and unjust the situation in Israel and Palestine is, it simply is not the most pressing issue in the Middle East right now. There is a violent revolution in Syria with a staggering and rising death toll, with violence spilling over into Lebanon, Turkey, and Iraq. Iraq has a number of internal issues in its political and security structures. Iran is moving toward nuclear capability. Al-Qaeda has a growing presence and power in North Africa. The USA has increased drone warfare in Yemen and Pakistan. On neither the strategic nor humanitarian fronts is the Israel/Palestine situation a top priority for the US at the moment.

  • Alan Greenspan

    why hate on Israel? Haven't you learned anything from the past 3,000 years of history? Or are you a Holocaust denier too? Israel gives Palestine pipes for sewage and Palestine turns those into rockets. Israel builds a hydro electric plant NEXT TO GAZA to supply them ALL THEIR ENERGY, and Palestine shoots rockets at it. There is no peace while there's a 2 state solution. That's why the presidents don't talk about it. Jerusalem, in Hebrew, means foundation of Peace. But for some reason the past 3,000 years everyone has wanted to take it from it's founders?

  • graceadams830

    It is high time the United States just stopped being the world's biggest bully. My guess is that about half of our military budget is justified as national defense, about a fourth is about being the world's biggest bully, and about a fourth is merely pork barrel. The need for pork barrel can just as well be accommodated with something more constructive like sustainable energy equipment to barter for fossil fuel reserves in an effort to control global warming. Bullying on any level is something we should not tolerate in any entity including our own government.

  • Ploughshares Fund

    Watch the debate tonight and next Monday the 22nd, foreign policy is extremely important especially regarding Middle Eastern nuclear weapon deterrence.

  • SamFistel

    Nathan, Romney spelled out his thoughts on the Israeli-Palestinian issue quite plainly during his infamous "47%" fundraiser talk to what was likely a crowd of wealthy Republican Jews in Boca Raton back in May (bear in mind that the vast majority of Jews don't lean that way and that even Obama is still polling at about 70% among Jews). But as much as I don't care for Romney, his thoughts on the matter were spot-on. The conflict is not resolvable because the Palestinian leadership, which panders to the extremists the same way that Republican candidates are coerced into signing Norquist's anti-tax pledge, don't want peace. The only acceptable solution to them is the eventual destruction of the Jewish state.

    What needs to happen sooner rather than later to get Palestinians on the Peace Track is to once and for all disabuse them of this notion that the destruction of Israel is still a possibility. The first step to take is to once and for all move our embassy from Tel Aviv to Israel's capital of Jerusalem, which has been Israel's capital, always in biblical times, and in roman times, and again in modern times, since 1948, 19 years before there was any mis-named "Occupied Territories" in 1967. Israel is the only country in the world that does not get to decide which city will be its own capital? If that isn't out and out Jew-hatred and cow-towing to a muslim agenda, then what is?

    Can anyone here imagine if Saudi Arabia told the US that it's capital is Philadelphia, would we then send our President or Secretary of State to Philly to meet with a Saudi ruler?

    So that is step one. Try it and then call me a few months later after the killings and worldwide embassy burnings subside.

    But here's another great example of Jew-hatred or Israel-bashing or whatever you want to call it: 0 people a day are dying in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict these days. 100-200 people are dying every day in Syria's muslim on muslim conflict and have been for several months now.

    And you spent your time writing an editorial and calling attention to ...?

  • Andy G

    I think this article was good in the sense that its trying to be aware that this isn't being talked about, but I feel it was just an article about pointing fingers and not offering solutions or even a general idea of how a solution could be brought to fruition. I'm not saying I have the answers because honestly I haven't thought about this much either. But I was just curious as to whether or not Nathan does have any suggestions because to me that would really be the interesting article.

  • dletsch

    So we are clear, it takes 270 electoral votes to win, not 271. It would only take 269 for Romney to win, as the tie-breaker in the house would go roughly 33-14 for Romney.

    I am all for peace, in the middle east as well as elsewhere, but it won't come up in the debates.

  • rickerk

    Hey Nate, I am all about promoting PEACE and believe that it should be a dialog that happens in every debate... but being a graphics guy I couldn't help but notice that your graphic is a Mercedes Benz logo and NOT a PEACE logo. Keep fighting the good fight!