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  • graceadams830

    Actually we should use excise taxes in general to internalize external costs. It is not fair for businesses and their customers to get away with imposing costs on innocent bystanders. Usually the imposed costs are so diffuse that it is difficult to say exactly who among the innocent bystanders gets imposed which costs from all the various business transactions going on around them. A lot of the imposed costs are health care costs and a lot of the innocent bystanders are the poor getting sick from air and water pollution. Excise taxes on all sorts of health hazards and dedicated to covering at least part of the expense of Medicare and Medicaid and/or the cost of cleaning up the environment would be rough justice.

  • graceadams830

    I feel we should tax greenhouse gas emissions from all sources having the fossil fuel firms collect the tax from their customers and the revenue from the use of fossil fuel should be used to buy for the federal government fossil fuel reserves to be held underground forever. Buying fossil fuel reserves to be held underground forever before someone else buys them to burn into greenhouse gases is one of three parts of a much needed effort to control global warming. The other two parts are to replace fossil fuel with sustainable energy (which will have to be owned and very much profited from by the fuel firms to be politically feasible) and to capture and store carbon. There are two ways to capture carbon: 1) With a chemical engineering imitation of a plant like Global Thermostat and 2) With plants -- preferably algae because the grow and multiply so fast. There are three ways to store carbon: 1) as CO2 in Enhanced Geothermal Systems, which produce base load electric power, 2) as inventory of bio-fuels like bio-diesel from algae and "green coal" dried algae burned like coal, 3) as bio-char soil amendment (charcoal made from algae) which can be used to hold water and plant nutrients in the root zone of farm fields for centuries.

  • Vast Shadow

    Your post is reflections of false, vague outlooks by Obama administrations. Next you will post about racism being the cause of many's shame of Obama. I could explain how the confederacy was against the Union and that it was all about State Taxes and the Confederacy abject the Union's enforcement to give people's land ownership to the USA(WHICH did happen, as all land is own by USA, no land owner owns their land now.) and how the Union also wanted to unarm all Americans. I wont make my post a history lesson for you.

    First off, Congress already reaccessed the recession. CONGRESS already put Bush's bills back in place -- GUESS WHY! Because, Bush was keeping the country afloat. Sure, it was about gas...
    But with GAS and OIL... Your life continues.
    -Plastic -- is made from oil.
    -Rubber -- IS MADE FROM OIL.

    Now, explain to me anything that doesn't use plastic and rubber.
    Every device... electronic to house devices hold place a piece of PLASTIC in it... An that PLASTIC would not be there if oil wasn't obtained. The gas and oil budget also helps synthetic oils be made.

    ETHANOL, Refined corn... All which are placed inside of the oil budget . OBAMA cut the oil budget .

    Without oil life took a massive strife.

    IT WAS NOT FROM BUSH. IT WAS FROM OBAMA. As all your Conspiracy videos probably told you to think.

    Its good to think out of the box, but you have to have substance... That substance has to be TRUE and have substantial base. If not... You are just running to someone's tune.

    Obama admitted tonight, he did not even try to attack Romeny... Because Obama has done a POOR job. Sure, he messed up -- Everyone does. He evenly admitted at his closing that he has been a non-perfect president. He also didn't say any of his stories, like he usually does. Blaming all the recession on everyone else... I liked that he admitted that he has done a poor job. Humility shows humanity. He shown that he made some poor decisions... He mention he did try to do good. Most importantly, he didn't blame anyone else tonight!

    Romney has a good foot in the ground to. He was able to explain how -- Obamacare will suck the money out of Medicaid making it useless. Millions of people depend on medicaid... ITS A crap insurance but diabetics, Army retirees, Veterans, cancer patients, mentally inabled people... ALL depend on medicaid to be there and can not afford Obamacare.

    Speaking back to 1986... Regan... Was a good president, loved his fans, had great lil speeches... Made some poor decisions. Trained Osama, Cut medicaid down -- Which made the reason for Medicare to be made, because Regan jacked up medicaid.
    Guess what happen when Regan screwed medicaid up. Hospitals ALL OVER the state were closing down. Patients were becoming homeless. Army Veterans were becoming homeless... All because Regan OOpsy on the Health care system.

    Being rich and wealthy -- You do not really see -- That healthcare is a problem if its not working. An both Reagan and Obama... Did not see what they are going to impact OR maybe they do and just don't care. Its really easy to say healthcare is useless when you are rich -- You don't use it. BUT MANY, MANY others do.

    For your little article... You should re-evaluate your assumption and check your resources, because your facts... Are baseless and do not see the magnitude of the reality, Citizen of Tax Justice.

  • awhess

    WE the people will need to demand tax reform Are we ready? organized?