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  • BlueCollarCritic

    I guess I shouldn't be surprised that an article titled "What You Won't Hear In The Presidential Debates" doesn't actually discuss the taboo things that will be avoided in the presidential debate like the lies both candidates have perpetuated or how they 2 have far more in common then they would like to admit to?

    A "What You Won't Hear In The Presidential Debate" article SHOULD list things like:

    Why Have You [President Obama] failed to keep your promise to bring the troops home, to end the unnecessary wars America is engaged in and to shut down the torture chamber called Guantanamo?

    Or this one..

    Why Governor Romney do you say one thing and do the total opposite until its election time when you go right back to saying you will do what you said you would do before but never actually did?

    After all we can’t expect our elected representatives to held accountable for their doing the complete opposite of what they said they would do when they were campaigning, now can we?

    Its just beyond ridiculous to think that we should judge a person by their deeds and not by their words right? Because if we elected politicians based on how many of their promises they kept instead of how good a liar they are then we would find ourselves voting for people like Ron Paul and the media has taught us that Ron Paul is unelectable. Right? After all the media are far more intelligent and far more qualified then we the public to tell us who we should vote for and who we should ignore, right?

    It matters not if a Ron Paul or some other non-establishment chosen and endorsed candidate actually represents what we would really like to see in a president, we have to put aside our wants and desires and instead put the needs of the corporate leaders and other special interest parties first. After all they provide the majority of funding for both political party candidates and so don’t they deserve more representation and more say so in how our government is run?

    If there’s one thing you can always be guaranteed will never be heard at a presidential debate that consists of only the 2 established party’s approved candidates it is the TRUTH. To an establishment politician that is bought and paid for the TRUTH is a vile creature that must be avoided at all costs.

  • graceadams830

    If you go back far enough, ALL life on earth is related; all humans must have been descended from some one archae-bacterium--way way back.

    Actually, as far as humans go, class and poverty are even more worth working on than racism--and even more dangerous to say anything about.

  • Noel Jesudas

    Race is a myth. The fact is that if you go back far enough we all come from the same place; "Mixing" is what has resulted in all of us. So it's time for us to grow up and look for other things to argue about - there are plenty of them to go around - and solving some of those other issues might actually better the world.

  • Suzanne Healy

    WTF! What in the hell does being black, white, or any other color have to do with anything in regards to who you are as a person? Barack Obama is a person, an intelligent leader and president. I am so sick of the fact that someone is of a certain color, religion, race, or belongs to this group or that, will be the deciding factor to how they act or what they believe. LISTEN TO WHAT THEY SAY, WHAT IS IN THEIR WORDS should be your fulcrum... what does it matter what color they are? really? This was a well written article, but a waste of your good literary skills - write about what really matters, please....

    • mikevarin

      Do you think life experiences for blacks and whites are identical? They're obviously not. And your life experiences, in part, shape your beliefs and character. Therefore, race is a relevant topic. We might not want it to be......but it is. And it'll continue to be even if we try to ignore it.

      • Lockien

        Exactly. The idea of a color blind society is, ironically, exceedingly racist as it requires all those from a different background and life experience to deny that in favor of some generic, colorless culture.

        And when something is "colorless", what is it? White.

    • yoteech

      Agreed! and people forget that Obama is as much white as he is black. He seems to be a man of integrity with a good heart - that is what matters to me.

  • Dan Aldridge

    As Morgan Freeman says, "Barack Obama is not our first black President. He's our first mixed race President". Your points about racism are valid. People tend to duck it because it's an uncomfortable topic for many, just like talking politics when you know your friends sitting right across the table have radically different views.

  • Tom Harris

    Watching the black/ white discussion about President Obama from up here in Canada, I could never understand why statements like "the president is black" are often made while the statement "the president is white" is never made. Both seem to be wrong (or both are right) however since he is both black and white, coming from parents of both black and white ethnicity.

    • Rocco Marotta

      I can't understand it, either. In some cultures, ethnicity is inherited from one's mother. In any case, with an absentee father, President Obama was immersed in the white culture of his mother and her family in his formative years.

  • bluefoca

    I'm afraid to even mention my ethnic background, for it may alter the opinions of any readers. I do want to say this: no matter what color, gender, age, or other stereotypical label pressed on whomever runs for president, the ONLY things that the American people's vote should be based on are the issues regarding the nation as a whole, the plans of governing, and how they will address the problems at hand and in the long run.
    I don't CARE if the person is black, if they are male, if they have a family, if they look good in a suit...I just want a GOOD PRESIDENT! And quite frankly I don't think our current president is going to make life any better for Americans. (and if you think for a second that Mitt Romney has any reason to be in the white house, we're all doomed!).

    I truly believe Americans need to look upon themselves, and help themselves, each other, to rise above the crisis and enslavement that is looming over us as we speak. WE can do it, nobody else will do it for us...

    • Suzanne Healy

      thank you, you said this so much better than I attempted. Exactly right! What is wrong with people? Why on earth do we think the government should "save" us. As you say, be responsible, people!

    • abyssjazz

      bluefoca, I agree with your comment. My thoughts are so similar I could have written your statements. We all are in part responsible for where we are in this country. Taking responsibility for what you do or don't do is a must. Asking the question of ones-self; what have I done or what am I doing to help myself and others to rise upon this mess. If we each cleaned up our own messes and change how we view ourselves as part of the whole, things can get better quickly and efficiently. One man did not create this and one man will not fix this. Put some skin in the game. Claim your authority over your life. If you change what you do and that change is positive, you will get positive results. You are the only one that knows what your needs are; address them. No one can fix what they did not create. Some of what we all experience, we created it ... now fix it!

      • Frances FrainAguirre

        And what is it that we need to fix?---our consumerism? our willingness to buy, use til it breaks, throw it away and buy another?
        our unwillingness to stop using plastic bags? our unwillingness to think and act for the common good? our unwillingness to do more than vote if we even do that? our unwillingness to care about our earth--land, water and air? our unwillingness to care about other creatures on this earth besides the human creatures? our unwillingness to determine the difference between our wants and our needs? our unwillingness to address racism and sexism and capitalism and any ism you can name?
        I seems to me that any ism carried to extreme has reached a point of being modified and balanced!