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  • Vast Shadow

    Your article reminds me of something I too have once looked at.

    Not gun control though... How will taking people's guns away help? If someone wants to kill anyone -- There is tons of other ways to do it. From making bombs to just doing a lot more technical things. Guns are by far the least technical about killing. Taking them away wont stop ending any type of killing spree.

    The problem is society. It has fueled every killing. Sure to you and I -- Whats wrong with society? We can't even imagine why someone would open up fire onto a bunch of innocent children. So it is very easy to miss a key-point. All the killers were, low-popularity; not rich but not too poor. A very middle class but just felt limited. Our society limits people... If you don't have money or the right connections... You are turned down. Rather its just a money issue, a class issue. Our world says we are all equal -- It is untrue. Since I'm not rich or a high collar... None of the females on this site would ever talk to me(Just an example) for they are raised that way. Many people are turned down for colleges. Many people are turned down from corporations. Many people are very capable of doing things, but society wont let them.

    Asia's have a superb form of schools. Asia has a `place for everyone. You think gun control there is the reason they keep from going insane. Well as soon as the kid starts school the kid is studied. They examine the ability of that kid and know what job that kid will do in the long run. Even give that kid types of courses that will help apptitude the child for later on i life.
    Not only that but Asia's teach all their kids martial arts. They do not need weapons everyone can actually defend themselves. Martial arts also teaches discipline, self-control, focus, and concentration... Martial arts alone helps keep the mind-state steady and clear.
    Asia's do have protest, but it isn't over bullshit that idiotic Occupy morons are thought fed into going against. Every protest Asia had... Was over very formal diplomacy and not over some lucrative bull shit that a trading system controled the government.

    Gun Control is not the problem... Media is not the problem. People are not the problem... Our society is the problem. It needs a reform so that everyone is actually equal... Our government likes to say we are equal, when its obvious we are not. Poor people struggle and rich people try to deduce crap they don't know anything about. You hear about people are given the chance to succeed -- In the high collar society its all about who you know, how much money you show... It is even like that in politics. If you are poor -- You are given walls... People wont talk to you because it might affect how they are viewed; Corporations wont hire you because they only hire from inside company and family of company; Schools wont accept you because its all about money, family orientations, and business connections.
    Society creates barriers... Even actors and athletes avoid each other. But to you and me -- Its nothing, water under the bridge. I don't care if a female doesn't talk to me... You don't care what I think, I'm a nobody. But our small problems of society, could actually be fueling others rage of simply, being limited.

    Gun control will not fix anything.