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  • Vasia Markides

    Hi Terri, we will definitely need a project coordinator at some point, but it's a bit early for that as we are still trying to fundraise. But please keep an eye on us! Thanks for your interest.

  • Terri Hammer

    This is very interesting! My husband is an agronomist, worked in rural development for 20 years, including working as a consultant for the United Nations, in Central America. Since living in the United States, the only work available, with all of his education, skills, and experience, is working for Mansonto, Pioneer, or Sergenta, they are all the same game. As if that's an option!
    I'm going to start following you and your progress.
    Do you think, at some point, you could use a Project Coordinator, with over 20 years experience in sustainability development, established work ethic, and a mind blowing amount of physical/mental endurance?

  • Janette Nash

    From Wikipedia: "The reason why Varosha is abandoned is due to the UN Security Council Resolution 550 (taken in 11 May 1984), which in short states that: “attempts to settle any part of Varosha by people other than its inhabitants is inadmissible”. Since TRNC is not allowed to resettle the area and the area is under TRNC control, this situation led to the abandonment of the Varosha district."
    How do you propose getting around this?

    • Armando Garma

      Simple. Turkey is the country holding Varosha, not the TRNC (Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus). The TRNC is not recognized as a country by any other nation aside from Turkey, therefore it is in reality Turkish occupied Cyprus. We would gain access to Varosha thanks to Turkey's desire to enter the European Union as a full member state. Cyprus is already a full member state of the EU. Before any country can be accepted into the EU, all disputes with other member states must be resolved. In short, Varosha must be opened and returned to its rightful inhabitants before Turkey can become an EU member. That is how gain access.
      Until then, Varosha is a city surrounded by the Turkish military and as such inaccessible. However, this is not going to stop us from planning for its sustainable future.

  • Bruce Weaver

    Ecostery -
    "A small community of men and woman living and working together to learn about and restore important, sacred and fructive porttions of the earth to their fullest complexity and productivity, living within and keeping holy and learning from those systems."
    -Kirkpatrick sale
    Great project idea. Would love to help film/develop this project.

    Model I have been working with from open source concepts. Hypervillage

    Another great model being created currently is in Italy

    • Alessandra Rizzotti

      Would love to know if you end up collaborating with Vasia and Armando on filming!

    • Vasia Markides

      Thanks for the links Bruce - looks very interesting. I want to go live at UnMonastery -- this would be a great place to film! Feel free to keep sending more along. Thanks!

  • Mlevin

    I have spent much time contemplating the eco-city and have come to the idea that the best way to manage such huge in-organic undertakings is through gaming. What is needed is for all the experts and laymen you seek to engage with a reconstructed virtual city in a fun dynamic way where results can be tested and retested without the commitment of funds on the ground. With the final conclusions of the game in hand, it will be much easier to role out funding requests, technology decisions and general urban-planning strategies.

    • Armando Garma

      Interesting idea. Perhaps you could answer some questions for me. How long would it take to program a game with a complicated set of variables such as this, and would you be able to add new variables as you need and plug them in to the already existing gaming model without having to restart the simulation from zero?

  • Chester Davis

    I'd love to be involved with a project like this, from way over here in Washington, DC. But, I need a job.

  • Alessandra Rizzotti

    Curious to learn more about how you will test the livability of this city once it's built. What's the primary focus of the documentary?

    • Armando Garma

      The primary focus of the documentary is to get Cypriots informed about the core concepts of sustainability and permaculture while capturing the efforts of our team in Cyprus. We want to show Cypriots how they can use these tools in a way to not only boost their economy but also heal the rift that has divided the island for the last 40 years. This is a project that is intended to benefit all Cypriots, not just a select few.

      Testing the livability of whatever is rebuilt will take a long time. First of all, there is no guarantee that the city will be returned any time soon. Sure there are a lot of signs that point to city being returned soon as a sign of good faith and as a step in Turkey's membership process into the EU. However, politics are always tricky and all it takes is for a few hardliners to rattle some sabers and set negotiations back years. Even if the fence were taken down today and the city were returned, it would take years as well for the city to get rebuilt and redeveloped to the point where you could have a baseline for testing. Either way, we have a lot of time to test our ideas and come up with a plan of action as to how to test the livability. Of course, we are always open to suggestions as to how to do so.