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What is the future of Philanthropy?


Very Nice Design Studio has a good proposition emerging businesses should consider. It is easy to make money and create a business, but it is difficult to think past the dollar signs.

Take a minute to look into Matthew Manos indiegogo campaign where he discusses "How to Give Half of Your Work Away for Free".

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  • Régis ELO

    i was stopped by the sentence 'it's easy to make money and create a business...'
    Actually i'm dealing with that kind of problems which became accurately so easy for people who work on the subject.(social, health or education of the most penniless people...) For years i worked as a volunteer in local associations about half of the week, it means i was convinced this was good to sacrifice half of a salary... I'm an educator and PASSIONATE football coach , so that means as a social worker i thought coherent and fair to understand the people i had in charge by sharing humility without losing dignity...but I'm PAST fifty now .... AND I'm still haven't my own house , no regular job because of lack of governmental contract or private too. So , i wonder if it's really worth to spend a life like this when i can't help financially without putting me in danger ... I CAN't GIVE WHAT I HAVE NOT so i have to work untill 70 years old to retire with a miserable pension....WHEN UPPER RICH OTHERS COULD DONATE A SLICE OF THEIR INCOMES when THEY CAN AFFORD TO much more. I DON4T SAY IT4S BAD TO GIVE BACK A LITTLE 'surplus' which doesn't change nothing for them ... THEY ARE STILL upper class and just buy a cheaply consciousness .... SORRY FOR SAYING THAT so straight but i'm really wondering where is the better choice.... I'm fed up with misery growing up around this planet always in rumours of war or in war somewhere ...and ineed to overcome to this ... WHERE IS THE MONEY I NEED NOW THAT I GROWN UP AS A MATURE MAN ???


      Régis thanks for your comment!

      I agree, it is definitely hard for people to sacrifice their time towards initiatives that are social, health or education oriented when the return might not seem 'worth it'. This is something I have to consider in all the work I get involved in.

      I think what I am trying to get at, isn't so much that if socially oriented work is worth the effort, but can we make it worth it? So that generous people like yourself can make a living working on projects that help people.

      My reasoning behind the post had to do with the old 'MeMeMe' business model that many people are taught in school or life. If I have an idea, how can I protect that idea, get it to market, and begin generating a revenue off of it etc.. This is why I pose the question "What is the future of Philanthropy?" because is the best business model one that is only for personal gain?

      • Régis ELO

        Hi Dennis !
        thank you you for your unjudgemental and kind answer ... I realised my comment seemed a bit like i'm upset or angry...IT COULD BE A PART of it but i'm not resentful about my activities ... ONLY the business model is still too unfair to me... I work for almost 20 years in this field and in spite of constant efforts to keep a positive attitude , the actual situation becomes really tough here... THE CHALLENGING question takes in two points .I can't change the system ALONE and i have to adapt to keep on givin an efficient support to people who needs more and more from me .... i 'm understanding now how things are going in term of balanced investment; for example i have learn to put boundaries to overdemanding This is the price i have to pay and it fits to me to adapt and to go FORWARD on this 'natural ' way of acting... WITH time i realised givers are" special " and need to be encourage not to be species in danger of extinction.i BELIEVE in the power of positive example that should be defended and spread ...actual means of communication are wonderful tool to this .

        FOR SURE actual individualistic society discourage SOLIDARITY n compassionate attitude , While the planet is under the advanced threat of a global warming , you can see a global cooling among those who should be the most apropriate to give an help..This is why i can feel a bit questionning AND CONFUSED BY TIMES but love is always stronger at the end ...
        I go on to share to teach this, convincing transmission is the key and most crucial, not to forget THIS FUNDAMENTAL HUMAN VALUE .
        Of course it's a personal reward to give freely to people who can"t afford to pay back financially, this is the message , to give without waiting anything in return .god provides;
        i keep my mind free to appreciate some self satisfaction by doing right with those who take or receive according to their own level of gratitude.acting good is like plant a seed , you will be surprised to see a real tree a few time later giving fruits when his time will come ; this is my true belief i already experiment with a pure priceless happiness...

        • Aydan Wessels

          ***For others here on this forum***
          This was for Régis. I did not come here to start a religious debate. Below are statements rife with Christian ideologies. If you hate Christianity, please do not read. I would rather you not be offended.

          Régis, try to understand God's mind towards finances. We humans are naturally self-willed creatures. The altar of sacrifice is about surrendering the will. Be mindful of the fact that "a man's heart is never satisfied, his eyes are always searching." I have known some very wealthy men, who desperately want just a little bit more. One more toy, one more digit in their bank account. But satisfaction will not come from such things.
          As it is, we can’t /have/ anything. We can only be /with/ things that are already the Lord’s.

          In Hebrew law, debts (no matter how large) were forgiven after a seven year time period, and debtors could not be refused close to that special day. Their economy flourished, strangely enough. O_o
          It doesn't make sense to me, and yet it does. God wants us not only to expect nothing in return (feeling good, gratitude, etc), but he wants us to give without remembering it. Any other motivation than righteousness sharply cheapens the deed.

          Now here comes discernment. Recognize that you don't cast your pearls before swine. You only get stewardship over so much in your lifetime. Reach down half way to those will help themselves up the other half. Otherwise "a fool and his money are soon parted" follows.
          Recognize the faithful and the true from those who have selective misfortunes. As an example of these, when I was younger I associated with a group of homeless people. We would wander around parking lots with a gas can, looking for money to "gas up our cars." We used this money for drugs until we hit rock bottom. Then we would get ourselves arrested so we could get a hot shower, a nice bed, and a clean meal. Rinse and repeat.

          That's crooked man. Read people carefully, because everyone has some reason they are convinced they need something. They will expend you to no end to get it.

          Brethren are a good start. Start an Acts 20 church movement.

          Above all of this, know one thing: "[a] man may make many plans, but the LORD's purpose will prevail."
          No matter how you think things have gone, we can't see the full picture. As the Lord said: "Who is blind like my servants [?]" God is still sovereign, and if you love Him, you can't go wrong. The vapor of this life will pass, and you will hardly remember your discerning (and moderate) sacrifices. But the Lord will.
          We have no idea what’s happening behind the veil. Our first love is the Lord, and when we lose sight of that, everything crumbles.
          Keep your eye fixed on the cross. Let it be your goal to “know nothing but Christ and His resurrection”, lest you sink like Peter when he took his eye off Christ to look at the storm around him.

          Love you brother. Run this endurance race! It’s not over yet!

          • Régis ELO

            Dear brother Aydan!!

            thank you so much for your really enlightening and kindly edifying answer .
            i'm pleased that you confirmed my way and, by the grace of our Lord , the direction i was following for years;
            Under the pressure of an unflappable faith ... as a whole ,Jesus is in my life since my parents met i believe!!... slightly joking; probably before...I can't expand on my personal life , as you said, some other places could be more appropriate.

            I'm involved in the local social life for a long time, besides destitute people and for sure , i certainly wouldn't overcome as long so much troubles, without the help of God ... A protecting , guiding and loving holy spirit inspired me through all these years with many tribulations , as well as amazing delightful period of grace . I could testify in such an experienced life i could even write some story telling synopsis or make an edifying movie...but you know the bible is the first book to read and apply to understand how to be a decent man. Lord ,I TRUST first, perfectly knows what he planned for me to be pursued in right times... I Felt upset by me before others ,when i badly thought (probably like a selfish fool) i could handle to situations too big to me (for an example assume to be an educator and spent 3 years in jail... for discovering unbearable unworthy conditions ).. or refused to admit i was limited sometimes in a way like i was over concerned while i forgot God 's tremendous power always gave the perfectly adapted solution ... i 'm coming to a supposed mid-time of life now i'm 52 ( stay optimistic i'm still fit and feel fresh !) i'm much more determined to achieve the previous plan of God for me to care the people i have to meet.
            I KNOW i'm on a bumpy road but i don't want to repare it anymore ,when i understood it's not my part ...
            Now, I 've accepted i have to drive along out of remaining potholes ! Yep...
            Thank you so much again for your understanding . God bless U all believers or not & education could lead to EXTEND philanthropy. To me, Spirituality obviously is the most facilitating issue.