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  • Vast Shadow

    The category/industry the government classifies humanitarian acts as: Social work under social security bills/budget.

    Social work is often chopped up as how Obama is doing, to ensure his Obamacare gets function.

    You can apply for a grant at the government social security office... Government social security applies grants for type of industries, that want to help welfare people.
    Grants may be limited though, as for Obama -- Chops them all down, because it is unseen by MANY people. Obama considers them as, not needed.

  • Vast Shadow

    Would also be cheaper on the city... Having facilities that do homeless shelter and homeless feeding, costs a lot of tax payer money. Facility maintenance, cleanliness is hard to sustain for a building that is used to feed the poor.

    Something else to consider...
    Also, unemployment is a big problem... I think homeless shelters should be a place that can also give people jobs... Most homeless shelters only really act as a place for homeless to sleep... All homeless facilities are never full-outfit places -- Having a soup kitchen, shelter, and work-force in one place is never really accustomed.
    The state expects the homeless to go from pointa to pointb to encourage job seeking. So as the homeless walk 5 miles to the state-unemployment agency and 5 miles to the soup kitchen... They get to smelling like ass from sweating and really have not the energy to look for a job.
    Group homes do have feed and shelter, but group homes are for people who are on welfare, parole, or VERY low income. Group homes still cost money, no matter how crappy the living condition is. Some group homes, just steal disability money and force poor people to live in CRAP, and find a job. Group homes offer no help in finding jobs.
    Many states have a workforce agency... A place that helps unemployed get jobs. It is really is a joke -- The only people that pull people for jobs there are usually farmers or independent construction contractors that will pay people 5 dollar an hour(Not even state controlled income) to anyone willing to work. Those jobs last about 1 to 2 days, giving the homeless person about 20 dollars a day... The state pays this "Work Force" facility to find jobs for homeless people and never really finds anyone a fulltime position.

    I think the state could get rid of the Workfoce, homeless shelters, and food kitchens for homeless... Instead make just ONE facility that has all that -- For those few homeless that can't work for medical conditions, the place could actually get them set up on other medical sections(section 8: housing , and get them on SSI) to get them in their own home. All of that in just one facility.
    The state could even start its own construction contracting and use able-body people(homeless), pay them and get them set up in their own jobs.
    Having a homeless facility that acts as a contracting or other industry could evenly, pay for the FACILITY on its OWN. That means, it would have additional income, it wouldn't just be running on tax payer money... The homeless facility would be making ITS OWN MONEY.
    Another reason it is difficult for homeless to find work, is that they have NO WORK EXPERIENCE. The homeless shelter that actually works as a contracting outfit, would give the people additional experience.

    I do not think anyone should be homeless or even going hungry... They need to have *better* methods to get the homeless food, shelter, and jobs -- If they can't work for medical conditions, the homeless need to have help getting SSI(Social Security Income).

  • Hillary Newman

    This is a great idea because of how mobile to truck is!