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  • Jeff Jones

    Awe is like the treat within the nut shell. You must take the initiative to look deeper in order to find the experience. It won't come looking for you.

  • Joyce Tang

    I agree with needing to be in awe and reminded of awe. Wonder can be found EVERY day & EVERY where. But all of that comes from God, so I choose to believe that I can be more in awe of my life when I am in awe of God. Without that perspective, I am only partially there.

  • blackthumb

    My brother received a whole liver transplant this year. When I thought about all that went into making this possible, I was awestruck. It was an intensely personal benefit with a great many contributing threads reaching across geography, history, and society. Add on to that the very concept of someone's body part (or parts!) living on after that person is gone, allowing another (or others) to continue to live. This is an afterlife I can believe in. Again, awestruck.

    • bethie

      I love "many contributing threads...". Happy for your brother, you and happy to have read about it. Thankyou.

  • bethie

    The amount of faith in God diminishes as material possession increases. The amount of faith in material possession increases as faith in God shifts to a lesser priority. Does disparity motivate the need to collectively believe and practice faith? Does material stimulation confuse us into believing the soul is nourished by these material items? As we live, the soul inside of us grows as we hopefully seek to become better people. When we die, it is our hope that our soul has grown into a light so bright it can be seen by other glowing souls we have known in this lifetime. Our material possessions rot into the ground. Our money rots as our soul glows through eternity. After experiencing natural disaster and finding shining diamonds in the darkness my priorities and my reasons fro living have changed...for ever. The diamonds I now see are the relationships, the love and the collective unity are the brightest diamonds.

  • Diana Wilson

    Jason: This topic + your writing style and word choice = Good and Awesome!

  • Alessandra Rizzotti

    When I watched the Mars Rover land- that gave me a SUPER amount of awe. For me, if I could go into space, that would be the ultimate. I am wondering what is the best way to make sure you're always exposing yourself to those types of moments? I know I need to get off the computer- and just live life- but regular life moments aren't always awe-inspiring- unless you see humans and animals do wonderful things for one another- or challenge themselves to be better, or complete feats. This may be silly to say, but I feel awe for food/chefs sometimes. Like yesterday, I saw cheese thinly carved into the shape of a carnation - the whole plate was covered in the same light yellow- including a pear with its skin shaved off - and that image somehow made me respect it. At the same time, those details were so superfluous and unnecessary- so the trivial nature of it somehow made me disregard my wonder.

  • Jeff Nelder

    The less feeling you experience, the closer you get to despair. Hope is what generates positive change and innovation. Awe is like lighting up all your feeling at once. It's a light that drives away despair and makes hope possible.

  • Ben Goldhirsh

    just went to the James Turrell exhibit and have never before had art so near to grand nature in stimulating awe and wonder. still blown away.

    • Casey Caplowe

      Yeah, that show was maybe the most impressive art show i've ever experienced. Did you make it into the perceptual cell?