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  • Mikkel Juel Iversen

    BUILD sounds excellent! In my opinion teaching entrepreneurship should be an element in education for all students. Why…because entrepreneurship is an enabler that empowers people to turn their dreams into reality. Too many people compromise too early in life when they opt for the safe route rather than the life path that lives in their hearts. Often this compromise comes out of fear. My life mission is to invest myself in making people believe in their inner force and inspiring them to follow a life path driven by passion rather than fear. If you need a story about the power of a dream and persistence then have a look at Barnes who worked for Edison; . I wish you all the best on the excellent journey you have embarked on.

  • Liz

    I feel like we are the same person. Thank you, thank you for your story and your mission. We need more good people like you in the world. I have a dream of opening a non profit centered on empowering girls through the use of power tools and would love to know what you think. Thank you again, this is so inspiring.

  • tunko sanneh

    that will create enabling environment for people in their daily activities and change of habit in life

  • tunko sanneh

    be always be somebody who wil accept others peoples idea.because no man is perfect in this life.

  • trombone

    I do like the point mentioned "Face your fears'. Because I always escape from facing the true that really makes me sad, even though the event has been past for a long time. So, after reading your article, I decide to face my fear in my deep heart, trying to adapt to it and accept it. Thanks again.

  • paula lombardo

    Love it! I would just add that dreaming can also be referred to in terms of visioning. In the sustainability field, it means that you vision the way you wish to see the world...with a completely open mind about what is POSSIBLE! Then it can be made a reality! :-)

  • tylerai

    This truly is inspiring, at all ages, for all people. Dreaming big is one of the most empowering skills a person can have - it acknowledge "the possible". I think especially for youth, whose world is expanding and contracting at unthinkable speeds of change and adjustment, taking the time to recognize what is possible is a first step in building your life and your world. It is a "task" I have had the privilege of engaging in time after time. I still am learning that details matter for structure, but the content and motivation of a dream are just as important as the infrastructure to achieve it. I would love to know more about your project and how to get involved with GOOD Fellowships. Go do it! Thank you for your words.

    • Manasa Yeturu

      Thank you Tylerai - like I said writing for a public forum is new (and scary) for me so it's wonderful to see such an encouraging response! You are absolutely right in that the content and motivation of a dream are vital because the structure and details are going to change at every turn. I would absolutely love to tell you more about the GOOD Fellowship and my year - please feel free to reach out with any questions at

      • tunko sanneh

        MANASA so do u think if structure and detail change,what are we to expect in life,

  • Chelsea Spann

    This was beautiful! Go Manasa! I'm going to take some time with that last question. Sometimes it's hard to know what our true big dreams are.

    • Manasa Yeturu

      Thank you Chelsea :) Would love to know what your big dreams are - with your talents and smarts I'm sure you can literally do anything!

  • Maria Redin

    I love how you explicitly called out facing your fears. When we outline our dreams, we often use positive and aspirational goals, however, acknowledging that what may be standing between us and what we are trying to accomplish is some sort of fear is incredibly powerful in neutralizing it.

    • Manasa Yeturu

      +1 to that Maria. Acknowledging a fear and then creating an action plan to tackle and face it feels incredibly empowering. Hoping to tackle quite a few this year - let me know if you have any advice or people that you yourself look up to as far facing and conquering your fears!

  • Alessandra Rizzotti

    I personally did a venn diagram of my dreams a few years back. It was like a roadmap. My dream big moment was deciding to contact every person I admired, and asking for mentorships and/or advice. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't, but the research involved in seeing how they achieved their dreams helped me figure out a path for myself.

    • Manasa Yeturu

      Alesssandra you are simply the best and what a great idea to map out who are inspired by and cold call them. Its amazing in just a month of my Fellowship starting how many amazing people are willing to have a cup of coffee and chat! How did you frame some of these emails? Any advice on how to best reach out?

      • Alessandra Rizzotti

        I think the best way to reach out is to research the person first, see why their work applies to what you're doing, and see how you can relate on a personal level. So, in an email, explain who you are, how you relate to them and what they're doing, and then ask them if you could meet. Asking them how you can help them in their work is key. You may work for free, but get a lot of value out of interacting with that person.

  • Stef McDonald

    Okay, so why aren't we all filling out dream balloons every week, month or year? With colors and doodles (and crayons!).

    • Manasa Yeturu

      The colors, doodles, and crayons are the best part Stef - thanks for encouraging the idea (maybe all of GOOD can fill out dream balloons?) :)

    • The Camp Whisperer

      Yeah, why not? Definitely plan to do this more often now.

      • Manasa Yeturu

        Awesome!!! Let me know how it goes :)