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  • End Trafficking

    Thank you so much for highlighting this issue. The conflict in Mali has only made the stresses on the people suffering so much worse. UNICEF is working around the clock to reach the most vulnerable children to make sure they have the things they need: food, water, sanitation and immunizations, among other things. UNICEF has long been a leader in disaster-relief, responding to 292 emergencies—from civil conflicts to earthquakes—in 80 countries in 2011 alone.

    But it's not enough. As stated here, we need to put preventative solutions in place so that less clean up needs to be done and we can work on development rather than surival. We need to talk about sustainability so that less children, women and men are vulnerable.

    For more information on the work that UNICEF is doing in the Sahel, or to support our efforts, please see:

  • Vast Shadow

    Who cares about Africa. That is Africa's problem.

    China is angry with USA... Is placing momentum inside their Government sanctioning to strengthen fellowship of their people.

    Russia has made some wacky law that impacts treason into anyone who talks to a foreigner while at war.

    Twinkie may get shut down -- You will hear idiotic comedians(wanna be politics) talking about not haven twinkies, probably some cartoons Steven will draw. But the major problem -- People losing jobs.
    From only the Obamacare law that waited from 2010 to initialize... So everyone has to pay for Obamacare.

    Oh wait, Misconception #532636373402 .
    Any job that doesn't apply medical will have to pay for Obamacare OR any person working for that job will have to have money subsided from payrate to pay for Obamacare. Gosh its Only a dollar a month....

    OK -- so if Papajohn Pizza has one million employees and does not want to cut their payrate -- HMMMM, One million employees minus a dollar per employee... Gosh, how much is Papa John going to lose by not cutting pay-rates? ???

    SO if Minimum wage is 6.50... A person will have to deduct an entire dollar. Making 5.50 an hour.

    Gosh and rich people are oblivious to that? I WISH I WAS AS SMURT as dem in muh wallet!

    But enough with that... Twinkie bit... Many other countries are doing odd things that don't seem to be making sense.
    I been thinkin about doing what Africa people do. Follow people with a camera and say I'm poor and starving. Y'all be catering tonight right ? Oh wait my teeth are not white nor straight enough to be qualified to mingle with the camera folk.

    • Vast Shadow

      I made a joke about Jon Stewart -- Just-in-case you were oblivious to that, as well.
      Lets just do a small recap of his whole lil knocking on those greedy people.

      " Everyone needs healthcare -- `wooo. "

      People already have applicable healthcare -- Its called medicare & medicaid.

      "Its their right to have affordable healthcare by being in this great USA"
      We already have that... Even immigrants can apply for medicare & medicaid.

      "These greedy companies just don't get it"
      The greedy `rich companies usually have available plans -- Its just they do not enforce it they allow the employee to take it (by request), but most employees rather GET PAID MORE instead of having the medical deduction. Now, they have no option and are force to pay for Obamacare.

      "It was going to happen anyway"

      Only if Obamacare got sanction into motion.

      You see the problem here??? Do you see how rich class american, hasn't the clue to what the poverty & middle class go through? Nor do they read the right blog to see that they haven't a clue to what goes on in the real world.
      No, Rich hollywood reads Forbes -- A magazine *blog*... That assumes having money enlightens them into being smart and knowledgeable.

      When any good magazine blogger sees a dollar spike up... That is nothing to them -- Hell, read the lil blog the writer already implied... "Help Africa" .
      There is starving people out there in the USA... Some people live on $200 every two weeks. As most jobs pay bi-weekly because of the recession. Can anyone in here live on $400 a month...
      No, I bet you saying wow, "my power bill is $200-$500" a month. So is many poor people's electric bill IN USA. Thus, those americans you look over usually live without electricity. Sometimes they get evicted and live on the streets.
      Because `those greedy companies... Are not paying enough for them to afford a living.

      Bill O'Rielly isn't even any better. He believes in a affordable healthcare... But all those idiots, Jon Stewart, Bill O'Rielly, Steve Colbert. Are Fk& oblivious to what people even struggle for. But they love their lil messages and acclaim it is correct, but really its just an idiots opinion coming from their mouth. NO FACT, just opinion from them.

      So what do rich people do... They give money to Africa and other poor countries --- Oblivious of they are being scammed, but ya know what them rich people think they are being humanitarian . When really they are not, just being scammed by bunch of healthy well fed kids. None of these videos are showing any sort of Starving kids... Just a bunch of healthy, well fed, bright smiles... African kids they put around people with cameras -- An the rich are so delusional they do not even realize it.

      So what happens since Obamacare is law now or the company is fined.
      Walmarts, Mcdonalds, Targets, all these companies will have a price hike. Just to keep from having to pay their employees any less and to still give them health coverage.
      None of the rich will notice... Price tags are a number to rich people. To poor price tags is how much spare change you have to spare. needs to get their damn priorities straight. An if they so eager to be a damn moral-intelligent message they need to be more apparent of facts and not listen to a bunch of idiots that do not know a thing of what poor people go through. In all, it really just make you look like a bunch of Hypocrites.

  • USA for UNHCR

    Great work, Alice. We wholeheartedly agree that the international community needs to be doing more to address BOTH these crises.