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  • bsbonus

    The real value of something like the FIRST LEGO LEAGUE, which sounds incredible, is that it seems to want to inspire kids by building something cool. Young kids lose interest in science, tech and math when they don't see why they need to learn it. If it's just an abstraction or a requirement, no one is going to want to pursue it. Teaching through projects has limitations, to be sure, but it's still an excellent way to engage students.

    • Liz Dwyer

      Agreed. My sixth-grade son is doing a robotics elective right now and they're building robot models--he's never been so excited about math and science. One advantage that First Lego League has over his elective, however, is the mentorship from folks actually working in STEM fields. Demystifying those jobs for students is incredibly valuable.

    • Liz Dwyer

      Yes, we have all asked that "when am I going to use this?" question. Kids love creating something tangible--something that's not just living in the abstract and their ability to inspire kids to create and solve real-world problems is quite appealing.

  • Vast Shadow

    If companies open doors to schools it would evenly inspire kids to have a more fixed goal. In the Asias there is some countries that have kids analyzed to have them set for a fixed job when they get older.

    But sure robots are cool but lot of other things are just as cool and everyone finds some things more or less interesting. Some people find school to be just a cool place altogether of enrichment and learning... Later go on to be teachers. Some one else would like to see how water is treated and find that place enriching and great.

    Schools could easily be a short 2 hour a day of the kids life and other programs could be initiated to help babysit or cultivate young minds to become responsible in the community. The only reason the education department doesn't look into it as the education department is under course for a volley of years. Turning it all off and changing it, disrupts the whole system of schools and program assessments... That is why they would rather private sectors start schools and be analyzed in the entire mesh of school environments.

    I like to get technology into hands of everyone as quick as possible... Because that is only how everything evolves and progresses into something better. If people sit on their inventions or if the government sits on their inventions out of being in the assumption that it could be used poorly... Or perhaps they just assume it is their Golden Goose -- That invention or idea never reaches its full potential, because no one gets to interact with it. Corporations always wonder why do patents have a limitation in a number of years. Because that invention could change tommarrow if that right person got ahold of it. The patent isn't really anything but a global time stamp for the montage of the idea. Sure you could keep that patent on it longer, but then everything around it just passes it by.

    Companies like Microsoft are greedy with patents. They think it will entitle that buisness to fame and riches. Well, the world done passed them by and they have sat there ignoring the community and are now struggling to stay with the mesh of things. But other CPU scientist just be like... Just stay in your own path. An yet Microsoft looks for programmers to be better than the rest, but truth is... If a person can see the ethic of another company... You think that mind of the individual would give them a time of day? No.

    But upon greedy companies and the future. There is a lot of time that is wasted on things LIKE SCHOOL. An while sure we all been wasted there... I think the future should be more open door and not just one sided wasted away in old practices. I wish more companies would procreate into schools... Even paper companies could find some enlightened person ... Who just wants to make paper... So rather its robots or paper... Or just liking the whole learning ways of school. I think more industries should procreate into school programs...
    School programs do not help the minds, but makes things better... Maybe someone will make paper 10x better or someone will make the world's smartest robot... That is why I like freedom of learning and open engagement OF ANYTHING. Without learning everything just stays the same, while everything could only get better if everyone was able to use it and find better ways to make it. Too bad, so many companies like to build walls and limit people... They really have no idea what their doing... But then you can look at Microsoft and if you know how many times they been told to be more open. You would really know, how stupid of a company they are.

  • Adele Peters

    Very cool. I'm curious to learn more about the solutions they came up with for senior citizens...