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  • Brad Wilson

    There is another set of issues that I call the hidden farm bill, which is different from farm bill spending. It involves market management (Price Floors and Ceilings, Supply management), the original major purpose of the farm bill. It's impact is bigger than all farm bill spending, including the nutrition title. It was reduced by Congress, more and more, 1953-1995, then ended in 1996. Along the way (ie. 1977 for rice) subsidies were added to compensate farmers for abut 1/8 of the the Congressional market price/income reductions. There has never been any need for farm subsidies, except to compensate for the reductions, for bad farm bills where the US lost money on farm exports (ie. 1981-2006, every single year except 1996, for a sum of 8 commodity crops). Fixing that makes $95 billion or more available for the other uses. The lack of market management also has a devastating impact on conservation/sustainability, and makes cheap ingredients available for junk food & CAFOs, and it dumps on farmers all around the world. So it's another set of stories about farm bill expiration. This was well known, the top priority in the Farm Justice Movement that led on these issues for 40-50 years prior to the rise of the food movement. Today see "The Hidden Farm Bill Pie," and "The Hidden Farm Bill: Secret Trillions for Agribusiness."

  • Vast Shadow

    Great speculation of *AGRICULTURE* bill, that is what farm resides under. The FDA, CDC, and few other Congressional seats... Help regulate food. Food regulation is very important; food regulation isn't about keeping small farmers in check, but helps keep our food safe to eat. Terrorist or hate mongers... Don't like our way of life and want to kill us all.
    Genetically altering plants has been banned as well, because humanity doesn't understand genetics well enough to even try to mettle with such things. However, plant altering is used for fabrications of cotton, hemp, corn and other plants used for fabrics or other humanitarian(synthetic oils) needs. Consuming those altered plants, is not wise... Because it could harm you in unforeseen ways.
    I really hate biology, genetics, but none of those regulation bills are EVER meant to bound the farmer from working. Only to keep the public safe. Government wants to keep people safe. As technology progresses, that is of medicines and also chemistry, there needs to be measures to make sure we don't kill ourselves off the planet.

    I like naturally grown... Corn? I really am not a vegetable person, I like meat. Fresh food make me yak.... I like vegetables in *a can*, I like the metallic taste. I drink juices and force myself to eat vegetables -- I was always told I would grow out of that too. But yep, have to force myself to eat stuff like that and I really get sick to my stomache when I eat the freshest of vegetables... I don't know why, the smell, the taste ... Is very unpleasant. If I eat too many I will heave. Only person in my family like that. I love potatoes though, but that is not a fruit or vegetable... Its a root.

    SNAP is going to take a heavy hit if Obamacare doesn't get appealed. SNAP, like medicare, is under the social security budget that is also tied to the health care system. Will possibly decline many people or many people will see a heavy deduction. So it will all make more people starving in a few more years. IF Obamacare stays in motion.

    Prices of milk and most fresh food did take a massive spike during the recession... Because Obama cut the oil bill... Farms arn't ran by a robot powered by electricity. GAS and OIL run farms. Gas to run the tractors... GAS to run trucks to the store... Oil to put in all those engines. Became very expensive because Obama cut budget off of oil and gas... Which made farmers hike their prices up.

    You see it in the news all the time Congress wont let Obama give people the farm bill or give college students more money. Obama has made some bad decisions. Congress now has to analyze everything he does and evaluate it... Before putting it in motion. The President... Has NOT been good with money.

    But if Obamacare continues... Snap will take massive blows... You will see a tax spike... Your fresh vegies will probably stay in their price ranges. But if you are a veteran, disabled military, you probably wont be able to afford them. If you are poor, you probably wont be able to afford them. Just hope all goes well, i guess?

    • Shauna Nep

      Thanks for your comment. As of today, genetically altering plants is allowed (whether it's through genetic engineering, or traditional breeding methods). I agree with you, there should be measures to make sure new technologies aren't too risky for us or our planet. The Precautionary Principle is used in the EU to avoid risks or harmful effects, but is not always very effective in giving guidance and mitigating risks since there are often risk-related situations in every decision we make. But still, it forces us to pause and think hard about the consequences of our decisions.

    • Vast Shadow

      I also don't like biology.. Because regardless of terminology, all biological crap is unstable. Humanity doesn't even understand what causes a heart attack, first it was from cholesterol, now its from plaque.
      Organisms are life forms, simple life forms. They can evolve or grow to what ever is around them -- That is unstable. I like computers and for you have something on a computer that a organism does not--a off switch.