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  • Tay

    Even though it's widely accepted as being entirely fictional, I can relate a lot of my personal attributes to being a Leonine- in fact, most of my family's personalities seem to be "typical" of what the zodiac says they should be. Also, people's actions make more sense when you know their zodiac sign.

    I wonder if this is because it's so ingrained in our global culture that we subconsciously start to act the way we're expected to?

  • Chareeahh

    I like astrology because the traits that fall under the signs are always fun to point out when the person "acts like his/her sign." It is interesting, but never really on point because it is so generalized that NO ONE under the same sign and day of birthday can be the same.

    For example: Beyonce, Kate Moss, and Johnny Depp, and your neighbor don't have the same kind of day as the people born on the same day. Nor do they have the same kind of life! Horoscopes are inaccurate because of this.

    We also have to take in account how we are raised. I say have fun with astrology but don't let it rule the way you live.

  • Stephanie Garcia

    Religion, politics, even science can not be discussed without someone getting ridiculously pissed off or offended. If you don't like what the article entailed then don't read it. And if you read it, it doesn't mean you have to like it. The issue isn't being right or wrong it's being able to read someone else's opinion or idea and have an open mind about it. You don't have to agree but don't get pissed just because someone has a different viewpoint than yourself.
    I'm not into astrology but I do have quite some similarities with my zodiac sign (Taurus). However, it's very interesting to know that our sign isn't actually our sign due to the change of the Earths axis. Just saying.

  • juliemela

    Excellent piece. Astrology is nonsense and this fact should be made clear to all at every opportunity. Well done.

  • successfull1

    Why wasn't religion tackled here or is this the next post about what is GOOD? We know dinosaurs did exist yet fundamentalist religions like many of your fellow Americans support proclaim the world is only 10,000 years old. Go to town on this please.

  • successfull1

    Ironically I had to join to register my disgust at this badly targeted article just so I can say I disagree and and to inform you that I'm stopping my subscription to your emails after soon as I've posted this.

    • Chareeahh

      I will agree that this article does lack a lot of research.

  • cs2atny

    Agree wholeheartedly with other commenters who say this article has NO place in GOOD. I will unsubscribe if this is what will be written about.

      • Lisa Rau Cannon

        Meant to respond to you: I believe this refers to a phenomenon called precession.

      • cs2atny

        First, to quote another commenter: This post is really lame. Especially putting it in my inbox under the label "The Daily GOOD."

        About Good, from the GOOD is _____. website:

        "GOOD is a global community of, by, and for pragmatic idealists working towards individual and collective progress. is the platform for collaboration amongst members of the GOOD community and the organizations and corporations that work with the GOOD community."

        And from the Community Guidelines section:

        "Contribute like you give a damn
        More than anything, use your common sense and good manners. If you’re familiar with the vibe, you know what’s right and wrong. Thanks for continuing to contribute and collaborate with your GOOD community."

        Using these sources:
        -Deconstructing horoscopes does not equal idealistic, and barely pragmatic to me.
        -This is a completely negative article, nothing is "GOOD" about it, in a shallow sense of the word and its connotations.
        -I, so to speak, 'give a damn,' so I really don't see how anything about this post is 'right.'

        • Wylie Overstreet

          Thanks for your response. I'd like to take your concerns one by one.

          "Deconstructing horoscopes does not equal idealistic, and barely pragmatic to me."

          Debunking Astrology and educating people as to its falsehoods is something I see as idealistic and pragmatic. Despite its fallacy, people still use Astrology to make major decisions in their lives. Getting people to abandon such superstition for reason and critical thinking would do a lot of good in my opinion. I guess we'll have to agree to disagree.

          "This is a completely negative article."

          Only if you are an adherent to or are otherwise empathetic for Astrology. Otherwise it's just an article on the science behind a phenomena.

          "I, so to speak, 'give a damn,' so I really don't see how anything about this post is 'right.'

          I give a damn too. As I said in another comment, I give a damn about exposing bad ideas. Climate change denial is a bad idea. Anti-gay marriage is a bad idea. Astrology is a bad idea. And bad ideas deserve to be revealed with reasoned thought and evidence as what they are: bad ideas. Invariably, this will piss people off, but so be it. Change is never a delicate process. It always involves discomfort.

          That's what I give a damn about, and so, per the guidelines, that's what I contribute about.

          Thanks again for your response.

          -This is a completely negative article, nothing is "GOOD" about it, in a shallow sense of the word and its connotations.
          -I, so to speak, 'give a damn,' so I really don't see how anything about this post is 'right.'

          • cs2atny

            You're combing through the comments to reply, so I'll go ahead and offer a hand to your downed ego by saying that this is a very satisfactory piece. I disagree with your audience choice, so next time shop the horoscope stories around to other blogs. Better luck next time.

          • Jyotish

            Wylie, you are not an Astrologer and you base your uninformed opinions on the daily horoscope of a newspaper and other equally frivolous examples. All you skeptics do the same thing. It is truly sad since you have no idea what you are talking about. I could look at your chart and tell you the major turning points of your life from the day you were born to right now and into the future because you were born with a plan and a purpose. You have the free will to change that plan if you wish but your destiny usually wins out in the end.

            And although I feel that Vedic Indian Astrologer is a superior system, I do know from working as an intuitive for 22 years that Western Astrologers with the right intention . . . meaning a sincere desire to help the client, can also read very very well.

            If you could understand that just like we are human beings with a soul and a consciousness. The planets are planetary beings with a consciousness and so is the Earth . . . and they absolutely can and do communicate to those who are spiritually evolved enough to hear their message.

            I always tell people, "It's hard to explain but it feels that the planets speak to me when I start to tune into a chart and the person connected to it."

            And it works with scientific precision. I have hundreds and hundreds of clients to prove it. I am always blown away and never take my skills for granted. If I thought for one minute that I was harming not helping others . . . I would stop just like that.

            Have a nice weekend .

          • cs2atny

            The drop in subscriptions will speak for themselves. I can only say that I know zero people who use astrology to make major decisions. You said it yourself - topics such as climate change are worth an exchange of ideas. Let's imagine GOOD had a "topics" filter. Maybe you'd find Economic Good, Environmental Good, Charitable Good, etc. Did I list astrology and horoscopes? Nope.

            • Wylie Overstreet

              75 people marked this article as "GOOD," which at time of writing makes it the leader on the front page; you may be waiting a while for that drop in subscriptions. Also, what you deem bad others may (and have) deemed GOOD. If you don't like it, don't read it. This is the internet, not a dictatorship.

  • kellydragoo

    Dear snooty, defensive Mr. Bubblebuster,

    say what you will and explain it how you like, but when astrology fans (whom I've met in a casual context) guess my sign based on the short conversation we've been having, they are right at least 80% of the time. I've made a bit of a game of challenging them to guess my sign when I encounter such people and am always delighted when they are correct.

    I agree with those who feel this column does not belong in GOOD. I can sympathize with the pressure to write a column on a schedule, but your editors would have done you a favor to suggest that this sort of thing is best suited to a personal blog. Disappointing.

    • Wylie Overstreet

      "Say what you will and explain it how you like": I'm relaying fact, not offering opinion or personal ideas.

      "They are right at least 80% of the time." This figure is based on your rock-solid never-selective-or-faulty personal memory. Your claim reminds me of that hapless character from Anchorman, who applies the awful-smelling "Sex Panther" cologne because apparently 50% of the time... it works every time. Here's something you might find interesting, published today.

      My guess is you don't feel this column belongs on GOOD because you simply don't agree with it, and it upsets a comfortable notion you have about the world with factual evidence that's irrefutable. That's also exactly why GOOD published it, and why it doesn't belong on a personal blog.

      • kellydragoo

        First, I don't agree or disagree with your assertions: I'm not into astrology. I provided the anecdote of people guessing my sign to contribute to the discussion that sometimes things can't be explained, but whatever makes people deduce my sign from a brief interaction with me is uncanny. (And, yeah, my memory of the recurrences of this event in my life is "rock-solid" because it's fairly remarkable--and 80% is conservative.) My point was simply that the existence of the Forer Effect and the shifting of the earth's position do not discount my experience: those who believe astrology has some relevance to our lives seem to know I'm a Libra.

        Which brings me to why I don't see how the column fits on GOOD. When I scan the homepage, I see articles on climate change, the High Line, education, the election--stuff I expect from this website, and the reasons I like it. Then there's this, "I Live In LA and Astrology Pisses Me Off So Here's My Rant." Others have expressed a similar disappointment with this. I'm not the small minded, deluded wiccan you imagine.

        Yaknow what's not GOOD? All the negativity your hair-trigger defensiveness has produced. (e.g. Assuming I was a champion of astrology, all cozy in blissful ignorance, and insulting my intelligence.) I take responsibility for having contributed to that, and sincerely apologize for calling you snooty and defensive (both "irrefutably" in abundant evidence on this page). That is unproductive.

        I found your article interesting despite being out of place. Thank you for the trivia you have shared on that whole one-sign-over thing and the charming explication of the Forer Effect. (And double props for the dig at Fox News.)

        I hope you will work with the folks at GOOD to keep future columns more in line with what we come here for. I know you will better channel your passion and your rage with the benefit of time. And I'm glad we're all in this together. [smiley]

      • Jaya Bop

        p.s. be careful! You cannot claim that you article is factually correct -it even includes simple mistakes such as associating the wrong sign with calendar dates and mixing two different styles of reading astrology. You can hardly call 'irrefutable.' I don't agree or disagree with your content, but your article and post responses are quite aggressive and this does not support 'inclusion'. GOOD has made a mistake publishing this.

        • Wylie Overstreet

          Thanks for your response Jaya. The error was a typo, and typos do not invalidate data. I never mixed astrological styles, as I always was referring to the original astrology (Babylonian), and regardless what school of thought you abide by the psychology behind it is identical. The article is remains factually correct because the science behind it remains well-documented and repeatable.

          As for a kinder tone and inclusion, you're right. Here's where you and I are going to have to differ: I believe bad ideas do not deserve inclusion. Climate change denial does not deserve inclusion. Anti-gay marriage ideas do not deserve inclusion. Gender-based oppression in religious sects: VERY bad idea. And I'm sorry, but bad ideas do not deserve inclusion, delicate tones, and empathy. They deserve to be revealed with reasoned thought and evidence as what they are: bad ideas. Invariably, that's going to piss people off, but so be it. Change is never a delicate process. It always involves discomfort.

          There are many fights to fight, and for me, it was Astrology's turn. Despite being revealed by academic study as entirely fictitious, people still use it as the way to make major decisions in their lives. It's a bad idea, so have the fortitude to say as much.

          Again, I appreciate your response.

        • guneet narula

          And now that it has been published, mistake or no mistake, it has brought us to a seemingly difficult point. This article encroaches upon notions and beliefs that many of us have become rather comfortable with over time.

          Well I am not sure what or why so many people are defending in these comment threads. From what I have read here, either the popular use of astrology has been wrong all along, or people do not want to change along with time.

          There's a larger issue at hand though.

          I see many of us being very critical and distrusting of science and the scientific method. The word science in itself is becoming heavy, culturally. It's becoming inconvenient for us. I am going to address this in a separate thread here.

          • Jaya Bop

            Hi there, quite agreed. I am not defending or attacking the topic of this article, one way or the other - instead responding to the intentions for writing it and appropriateness of this debate via GOOD (read my initial comment below for my perspective). Good idea to have a separate discussion thread!

            • guneet narula

              I did read your comments below. Your point that the author should be more sensitive towards such a topic are quite valid.

              On that note, I'd like to say, that the author has actually been successful with his intentions. Which, I believe, were to get people talking about this.

              In this age of information, to get readers, listeners, viewers discussing and debating things is very crucial and challenging. I think that is the point of art anyways. Throughout history, painters, singers, writers, designers and all the creative artists, have worked solely to bring out the real picture of society for all of us. So that we can discuss it, work on it, learn from it and progress.

              • Jaya Bop

                Yes, well said. I do think, however that it is quite easy (too easy) to stimulate debate by using 'jab tactics' - the title alone should be enough indication of the author's positioning. North American culture does not lack opinion or have a weakness in the ability to express them. The weakness rests in the capacity to share ideas and information in a non-competitive (ego-less), non-offensive way. It is westerncentric to think that there could be a unified 'real picture' of society. I would praise this type of article in a different setting (a classroom debate perhaps?). It will be up to the GOOD editors to clarify the main objectives of and define what strategies support or constrain meeting these objectives (this is not just another community paper). Take care

  • Vast Shadow

    Actually the zodiac we read today is a partial of the entire real zodiac. This isn't a matter of us being wrong, but many forget... Paganism was outcasted and many burned at the stake, swung by noose, or sat on a cross for continuing the practice of Astrology. From the Christian Crusades labeling Paganism as Satanic.
    We still have horror-scope today, because our nation was founded by a bunch of people fleeing from the crusades repression and that is why Washington D.C. has 100s of Pagan relics that align with the stars and are of Pagan gods.

    Our horror-scope is very basic... I believe we divide the month by the days of the years and then we mathematically insert the current day into some algorithm and we get the day's forecast! In some extent that is SORTA how astrology pans out... A math sequence of our days inside the lunar cycle.

    I'm sure that Pagans had massive formula's that they articulated the exact moment of time with almost every star in the sky.

    Astrology is just the stars in the sky aligning to govern the day's outcome. We can barely even see the Stars in the night sky... Because of Earth's light noise.

    So it wouldn't be surprising if we are a bit off... However Earth's signs never change within the month they reside in... At least thats what is presumed by many people who still try to keep star reading alive.

  • Anna Silverman

    "Bow-tied man crush Bill Nye" just made my day.

  • Jaya Bop

    I do not defend or attack this topic - putting the content and opinions expressed in this article aside, I believe the piece has been inappropriately printed under the banner of and would have been better suited for a daily. I ask the writer Wylie Overstreet: what was your intention for writing this piece and distributing it here?

    This is the first post that I have read, which clearly prods/ attacks/ attempts to belittle and provoke its audience (and then assert intelligence through scientific justification). Truly sad!

    The overarching ideology behind the 'daily good' is to provide inspiring and motivating examples from modern society and contribute towards community-building. Is that what you are attempting here Wylie? You have unnecessarily provoked people's sentiments and created a debate that serves no purpose of 'good' in the end. I challenge you to reflect upon your underlying motivations and scrutinize your true intentions. You have called this 'healthy skepticism'...what are you trying to help?

    • Wylie Overstreet

      The intention of writing this was to reveal the human psychology behind Astrology in order to foster critical thinking. That was my intention. Why?

      If this article allows one person to hang up the hat of Astrology and start basing their important decisions on weighing pros and cons, costs and benefits, outcomes and possibilities rather than on heavenly bodies proven to have zero influence or predictive capacity, then the world will be a better place. Simply put, critical thinking makes the best decisions. Period. And this world needs better decisions.

      Now if that rattles your cage, I apologize. But an unpleasant truth is still a truth. Throughout history there have been people who didn't want anyone to "provoke people's sentiments" and "create debate" because they didn't think it it served "a purpose of 'good'." They used phrases like that to maintain a status quo that provided them comfort but in fact did no one any good, and in some cases, did some people a lot of bad. A quick jaunt through the social movements of the 20th century will provide many examples.

      So to answer your question, the article was written to educate with truths so people can live their lives better. To paraphrase the familiar PSA, "The More You Know" [Starrrrrrr]

      • Jaya Bop

        Hi there,
        Thanks for responding. I understand the 'foster critical thinking' argument and agree that society would benefit from further using critical thinking. Sadly, GOOD is not the appropriate vehicle for your article. Nor is it the proper forum to 'convert' people. Until now I have only read GOOD articles that are suggestive or informative. I like how contributors offer perspectives of lifeworlds but do not force their hypotheses on others. You claim this to be an educational piece - it was written in a style that would obviously spark a polarised debate and I struggle to comprehend how intentionally provoking to get a rise out of people is a 'good' tactic.

        I can understand how you could feel defensive after this feedback, I'm hoping that you will find some time to reflect at a later date... can you see that you have written with a tone of authority on the topic and superiority? I work in academia/ research and analyse text and meaning each day. One founding guideline in this field (since the days of Aristotle) is that there is no one universal truth, multiple realities exist and are constantly changing. Science is forever revealing itself in new ways. If you want to influence outlooks and beliefs you need to offer humble perspectives, not assert the 'knowing truth.' I agree with you that critical thinking makes for the best decisions, but not when this process is devoid of empathy and integrity.

        Regarding your crusade to enlighten the masses and change ideology - why target astrology? I'm not a believer myself, but there are so many other wars of ideology in the world that require immediate attention. Take for instance the severe gender-based oppression linked with religious beliefs or hierarchical cast systems. You might be coming from a place of privilege in your perspective. I believe that some people could benefit from astrology (whether it is real or not) --Humans need imaginative outlets and if this offers tips on how to better deal with one another in a peaceful way, bonus!

        Please know that I am not wishing a personal attack on you. It is a funny piece, just misplaced. Despite being super busy I'm taking a moment out and hoping to raise awareness, the circumstances around your article threatens the essence of GOOD. I am disappointed. I wanted to believe that GOOD as a movement, with its writers and readers were above this kind of jabbing.

      • Jyotish

        With all respect . . . you have no idea what you're talking about.

        I have been using Vedic Astrology and successfully guiding people using both the divination qualities of the heavens, both my intuition and logic and even when it looks like I am wrong ... I am right.

        Example: January of 1996, I tell my client, "You are going to marry so and so and she says, "Never, I am never going to marry so and so."

        Client - "I want to move to Northern California this summer. Do you think I will find a place."

        Me - "You will find a place but it will need a lot of work and it won't be ready until next summer."

        Client - "What do you think my next movie is gong to be?"

        Me - "I see you playing some kind of psycho chick."

        Client calls the next day and says, "This time you are wrong about everything. I am never going to marry so and so. I got an offer on my house and I am moving this summer and I am doing a comedy."


        April of 1996, I get a phone call from client. "So and so and I are getting married in two weeks. I found a place up north but it needs a lot of work and it won't be ready until next summer and I am not doing the comedy . . . I am playing a psycho chick in a movie that so and so is directing."

        "Well, why don't you tell me something I don't know."

        The End

        • Vast Shadow

          Yea sure, Plato... Cool story brah.

          But I doubt you evenly sit outside and align the stars to anything. You pick up the news paper and read your horror scope or par-take in any other lil astrology reading you find online.

          • Jyotish

            I think my 22 years of reading for people says a lot more then your uninformed opinion based on the fact that you know very little about actually reading a chart.

  • Glenn C. Koenig

    I was very sad to see this original post from GOOD. I don't consider this within the scope of why I subscribe to GOOD. I'm sorry, but atheism and western 'sciencism' are just other religions as far as I am concerned.

    What we call 'science' is always subjective, simply because it is we human beings who have created it and practice it. Our "point of view" is always involved in whatever we presume to be studying. There is no such thing as objectivity, no such thing as objective truth because we are inherently unable to fully understand the workings of our own minds.

    Sorry, but you cannot convince me otherwise. The idea that something called the Forer Effect can be given as a reason that any astrological science is inferior to any other science is nonsense. It presumes that there are no mysteries, no questions to pursue, that all is "known" by western science methods.

    Yet, on a regular basis, western science issues press releases that amount to saying "oops, what we thought was right yesterday turns out to be wrong on account of what we now know today." What rubbish! What about tomorrow? Have you people no memory? Such human hubris! THINK! As ignorant the science of 50 years ago appears to us now, so will today's science seem just as ignorant 50 years from now.

    So, please get off your high horse and step back and give the wonder of the universe with its unanswered questions, a chance to infuse your soul, to give you a proper sense of both our smallness, our insignificance, and yet also our great importance for being a part of it. Call it a paradox, if you will, but this is the natural order of things.

    I occasionally read the daily horoscopes in the newspaper for entertainment purposes only. Anyone who either trusts them implicitly, mistakes them for quality astrological analysis and debate, or on the other hand, anyone who uses them to attempt to debunk astrology implicitly is a fool. I expect much better from GOOD. Please get back to the quality I signed up for! Thank you.

    • Vast Shadow

      Too science we are: blood, calcium, iron, potassium; inside a pressure circulation by the heart that are all neurologically orchestrated by the central nerve from the brain.

      But without the science abstract and plain logic... We are a bunch of liquid, air, and clumps of stuff that can move.... So, we are intimate objects that move and manipulate the area around us.
      (That is actual objectivity with a bit of symbolism)

      Science alone can't explain ghost or even the reason why we feel things in constitutional reasons of "good" and "bad" . There is no logic behind our governed happyness or sadness. All we know is that we feel happy or sad from a brain response.

      Even science tries to say we are all under one specific construct, but any brain doctors would disagree with that because our mind fluxates at different capacities... There isn't an actual "Human mold" people like to say some god outfits to us.
      So... What is an actual disorder? What is actually normal?

      The entire paradox of `just being is usually just constituted in a normality set... If you are not inside this normality set by, Bob the guy who wrote what Normal was... You are constituted as disfigured or disordered.

      So how can you apply its all just science when science is pliable logic from only guesses and theories... Those theories also are just hypothesis(Educated guesses) and someone elses judgment. Someone else's logic...

      It congresses into that science is also a religion... An religion of objectivity -- The thing you just despised or said you despise. Even all religions constitute under that same regiment of being... Practical logic inside articulated objectivity. Everything you like that because...

      You are just an object that can move.

      Splendid, yes?

    • noisyblocks

      "What we call 'science' is always subjective".

      Wrong, wrong, wrong.

    • Jaya Bop

      Indeed! I completely agree. I am also disappointed.

    • guneet narula

      I am not a GOOD employee nor am I their biggest fan. And neither am I a scientist by profession. I live in India, the majority of cultures here are deeply engulfed in worshiping and promoting the 'mysterious.'

      But for the sake of an interesting discussion:

      You've called science 'subjective.' I agree, but to a certain extent. Are you saying that if humans go extinct, gravity, electromagnetism, atoms, electrons & protons and the gazillion other things we've named & understood thanks to our study of nature, will cease to exist? That when we study big history, the times beyond homo sapiens, it's all just a waste? Some kind of a fiction?

      Science is "the intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment"

      And, objective is defined as independent of consciousness. While subjective is dependent. This means that something that is objective exists whether 'you think about it or not'.

      I am not convinced that astrology is a science. I do no think that this system of thought or belief, or whatever one might call it, uses the scientific methods of observation and experiment. If it did, we would not have carried on with the 2000 year old concepts of astrology. They would have certainly evolved and adapted as new information was recorded and understood. But I do not think that has happened.If I am wrong, please direct me to relevant literature on the same, and I shall take back my words. The Forer effect is not something someone came up with, it is an observation, which logically gives us some conclusions.

      Your comment, sir, comes really close to the argument between rationalists and empiricists. While both seem to have been widely accepted, one cannot use only one side of these two to rule out observations and inferences. But this is for another discussion, let me not digress.

      To respond to your comment on 'western science' and how it is diminishing the wonder and mystery of our universe:

      I think it is quite the opposite.

      Science is an extremely rich source of spirituality, like Carl Sagan puts. Science, in fact, gives us an understanding of our insignificance, of our existence and 'blesses' us with humility. Science is not afraid of new information, of information that might prove something wrong. It truly embraces change, like no other culture, I say.

      There is no such thing as western science or sciencism. One does not have to believe in it, or even trust in it. Although I put all my trust on it. By the way, astronomy was born out of astrology in the 17th century, a time, historians refer to as the age of reason.

      Religion, astrology, palmistry, and other such fields, I have respect for them. But I cannot use them anymore. They are not a source of spirituality anymore. Their understanding might be.

      Anyways, I hope I have not offended anyone in anyway. But I think this article is rather informative and well written. I take it in stride and wait for the next piece of good information.

  • Jyotish

    What skeptics would benefit from understanding is that Astrology is literally a language. Astrology means "Language of the Stars." It is a symbolic understanding of the Universe divided into 12 houses with each house representing different aspects of life. Then you have 12 signs each with unique attributes and 7 major planets with five of those planets ruling two signs. The Sun rules Leo and the Moon rules Cancer. When you understand this language, it is amazing what the universe will reveal to the open mind. The Universe speaks in symbols and they are the same all over the world throughout all the ages.

    Understanding this language requires using the right side of your brain which is almost non-existent in the minds of most skeptics. Skeptics are entirely left brained, black and white, compartmentalized, literal, logical unbending and extremely annoying individuals to someone who knows whassup wid da cosmos . . .

    • guneet narula

      "A language of the stars" That's a lovey phrase. At least from the lens of English literature.

      This does sound amazing, but I daresay, astronomy is as amazing and awesome.

      And you seem to have accepted right brain / left brain research done by neuro-scientists and psychologists a long time back. But it was updated and this notion does not exist anymore.

      • Jyotish

        I love RSA videos however, even this video does explain that we do not use all of our brain capacity. Have you ever dealt with sociopaths who have no empathy. They can be incredibly clever and seemingly sensitive and caring but they are not. Something is shut off that allows them to become predatory in a flash and destroy lives without any remorse.

        I am extremely telepathic and when I "hear" the inaudible it is always always on the right side of my brain. It is a whisper but I hear it clearly and I am always accurate.

        Have a good day.

        • Jyotish

          Guneet, that was a great video, but it did state there are differences between the left and right hemisphere of the brain and ended with the following truth and one of my favorite Einstein quotes,

          "The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift." - Albert Einstein

          • guneet narula

            I am going to sound rather harsh when I say this, but in my humble opinion the intuitive mind has been forgotten only because of the hegemony of some our cultural off shoots. Astrology, palmistry, fortune-telling to name a few.

            These systems of thought, or whatever, do not seem to have a very integral quality that is necessary for progress of humanity at large: the introspective / retrospective action that, say, the world of academics and research have. In my opinion, these have not evolved with time, with new information, or with new evidence.

            We haven't been allowed to question them, or debate over them, or even understand them without bias. This is what the intuitive mind is best at.

            • Jyotish

              Spoken like a true left brainer . . .

              The intuitive mind is the ability to open the inner eye . . . which scientists call the pineal gland and when opened it allows you to tap into higher planes of consciousness or higher dimensions within you. It is the ability to communicate with those that have crossed over. It is the ability to channel loads of information for which you later find you are correct but channeling is stream of consciousness and it just flows like a river to the sea.

              It is the ability to be highly telepathic, like I am. For example

              On Oct 17, 2012, at 2:14 PM, B wrote:

              Do you need a reading? You ok. I just got the hit to ask you. Love, B

              AND HER ANSWER

              Omg - just said your name !

              It is the ability to look into someone's heart and see what is burdens them such as the woman who told me yesterday that her healthy 16 year old son was found dead one morning two years ago. I immediately said, "It was an accident and he ingested some kind of poison. He drank something that was spiked but it was an accident."
              The Doctors were baffled. They could not understand why he died other then his pancreas failed and they did not do toxicology tests.

              AFTER I said, what I said, she told me her son came to her in a dream and told her it was an accident and that he drank something and that she would find a bottle in his room and she did. Her ability to connect with him in dream state is THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE BRAIN.

              You know nothing of what you are talking about. None of you skeptics do because you do not have the capacity to see what is not in front of your nose.

              The reason the world is in such a dire state and human health is declining is because of cold, calculating, heartless scumbags called Scientists who torture animals all fucking day long and who create more problems with every single problem they think they solve. They are arrogant, clueless and self serving idiots. They have discovered their electrons, protons and neurons but they're still morons.

              Vaccines for one cause more disease and break down the immune system setting the stage for cancer and all kinds of disease that did not even exist before vaccines.

              Antibiotics are also a huge problem now and I could go on and on. I have not been to a doctor since I was 13 years old and I am 52. I look 40 and I am never ever sick, not since I was 13 and I was chronically ill as a child when I got shots and all that crap.

              Sorry for sounding harsh but I do not have the same appreciation that you do for the plastic world science is creating.

              • guneet narula

                Right. You must be aware of my entire life too.

                Also, I am sorry, on behalf of all people working in the field of medicine, for vaccines, antibiotics and whatever else that has caused the average age of people like you and me to rise. Oh and I am very sorry for the scientists who worked towards making this web page possible for you to comment on.

                Of course I know nothing about what I am talking about. I was born left brained. I have no neurons on the right side, and in case I do, no charge flows through them. Whatever creative visual communication design I have done in my life was, well, very compartmentalized, black and white, logical or just a fluke.

                And of course you are the right authority on all the big questions. You are the one percent of the world population with the magical right brain. Please tell us, oh great one, when will this civilization perish? Is my work and life of any worth? What is the future of internet and our space exploration program? How should we prevent dengue and malaria?


                • Jyotish

                  Well, strangely enough, I answered your question before you asked it.

                  I wrote this on Facebook yesterday.

                  In January of 2010, I had a prophetic dream.

                  In my dream, I was sitting in a movie theater. A movie was playing on a split screen. Projected on the left side was image after image of man's devastation to the Earth and on the right side was image after image of Earth's devastation to man and I was seeing city after city being taken out by water. The soundtrack was playing the following song.

                  Anything you can do, I can do better

                  I can do anything better then you

                  No you can't

                  Yes I can

                  No you can't

                  Yes I can

                  The images sped up and I saw town after town being devastated by water. Water is the most Powerful Element on the Earth. It is the "Goddess Energy" because water is life giving. In fact, we are formed in water in the mother's womb . . . and as we have seen Water can destroy like nothing else.

                  As I awoke, I heard the Goddess that I serve Vera Lakshmi say,

                  "Bea, sadly . . . I have to drown my children in my own tears."

                  Three days later on January 12th, 2010 . . . the tsunami hit Haiti and over 300,000 people died.

                  And ever since city after city has been taken out by water . . . all over the planet.

                  It is time to wake up and understand that the Earth is a living sentient being and she is in pain . . . she is suffering and she is not going to allow it anymore.

                  It can no longer be business as usual on this planet.

                  My guides always tell me that it is the women and the children that are going to heal this planet and the men who support that vision and this will be done through the "media" which literally means "Mother Goddess" and the "Web" is an ancient name of the Goddess as well because the Spider weaves this intricate beautiful web from its own body and then it just sits and receives and that is the Goddess energy. Our ability to create beauty and then receive all that we need to prosper and thrive.

                  The following is a verse from a poem the Goddess recited to me in a dream in 1989 when she first started coming to me in a very dynamic way.

                  The time has come

                  The journey of Angels to Earth has begun.

                  So raise up the Dragon

                  Raise it up high

                  Into the Heavens

                  Within the third eye

                  You can no longer slay me

                  So why even try

                  If you continue

                  It is you who will die.

  • Hank WSr.

    Awesome! This means that I'm actually a LEO, which I've always felt I was, anyway.
    Heh heh.

  • ksykora23

    would it make that big of a deal? Are the people that make these things going entirely off of things said 2 thousand years ago or more recently. It wouldn't have changed since I was born anyway. so would I just read a different sign as my own with such an adustment? not that I particularly care, but i do sorta like my symbol.

  • Catharine L.

    Ummmmmmmmm... at the risk of being destroyed via harsh commentage, though the article seems hasty, it's right that astrology doesn't have a scientific basis. And yes, the astrology column in the newspaper is often merely vague so that it can apply to the lives of... well.... anyone.

  • patricking

    Frankly, what is the point of attacking an insignificant superstition like astrology. Why not go after the really virulent superstition, the existence of God? I've never heard of anyone actually killing anyone due to astrology. Even the Zodiac killers seems to have had little to do with astrology. But people kill, abuse, denigrate, and legislate because they believe in some god or another all the time. Your talent could be more usefully applied ending religion, just as absurd a superstition and even more debilitating.

    • Catharine L.

      The existence of God has nothing to do with the killing done in the name of religion, but rather to do with the interpretations of the idea of the presence of God. Religion in of itself isn't detrimental. An individual can believe in God and, because of this, embrace the idea of loving all other humans and doing good.

  • Michelle Murchison

    Jeez comments can be harsh. All I have to say is thanks for sharing. Good article indeed.

  • norma.levy

    Very stupid, pompous post demonstrating a degree of ignorance about astrology which should prevent such pontificating, certainly in public!

  • bluefoca

    i wish there was an "unlike" button or for this website a "NOT GOOD" button.

    I'm so gad we can have discussion and debate over topics like this, helping us fully understand, but this article causes more confusion than inquest. and personally i've found astrology to be quite amazing and useful once you understand the nature of our existence in this Universe.

  • Andy Lambert

    Who needs "actual" science to believe in something, love someone or have faith? Apply your "actual" science to religions of the world and write an article entitled, "The Enduring Fallacy of Christianity" or the like. I'm sure you could come up with many many more paragraphs than what you've scribbled here.

  • SHERMAN1157

    I think the article is very interesting, but I saw in the paragraph in which it was stated that "let's say you were born today. That would make you a Libra (Oct.23 - Nov.23)" I thought that if a person was born at the end of October, and the beginning of November (like I am) that would make them a Scorpio not a Libra?

    • Jyotish

      In Vedic Astrology Libra is October 15th-November 15th and the signs change on the 15th of every month.

    • Wylie Overstreet

      Good catch. We've made the correction. Thanks for the sharp eye.

  • gx.meow

    Also. YES, sun sign astrology-- which is common in western astrology-- is VERY incomplete and general. That's how things make money in America, ya know? package and sell something with substance in a way that strips it of its meaning so you can make a buck. You can't get a complete picture of someone unless you look at their natal chart. I Would suggest you let one of us who know something about astrology and how to practice it look at your chart, I think you would be surprised. Astrology in the newspapers, in magazine, they're all bought out and produced for the masses. No wonder why it's so general and you would think this about it.

    ps- astrology (tropical western) is different when you live on the southern hemisphere, yes.

  • Alissa

    I always read it but then I have the thought...I am sharing this enlightenment with 1/12 of everyone out there :)

  • Jyotish

    I am a Vedic Astrologer which puts your sign correctly 23 degrees before whatever you are in the western system. I have been successfully guiding people in understanding their destiny and their purpose in life for 22 years and I can attest to the amazing accuracy of Jyotish, Sanskrit for "The Science of Light"

    Skeptics are completely clueless when it comes to understanding Astrology and I have tried in vain on many skeptic sites to enlighten them and I have even offered to give them readings to no avail. Skeptics have proven to be the most close minded people on Earth while claiming the opposite. There is more quack Science than valid Science being promoted out there. Especially medical science which causes more death and disease then it claims to cure starting with the fallacy of vaccines which are the root cause of cancer and all kinds of immune disorders.

    Take your power back people and stop the Science of torturing animals for medical purposes and take your health into your own hands. Start by becoming a Vegetarian. Live with compassion and do your part to clean up the Earth. Peace!

    • Tonya

      I would like to try your services. How would I go about doing that? I now this might not be the proper channel, but my curiosity is piqued.

    • chloeistheone

      A great post, Jyotish. Thank you. Your last paragraph is especially correct. How beautiful this world would be were people to become truly human and give up eating flesh and the evil practice of experiments on animals which is holding back the spiritual evolution and the health of everyone on the planet.

    • Wylie Overstreet

      Do you have a link that refutes the well-documented psychological mechanics behind Astrology?

    • todreamistobe

      Amen!! Take it or leave it, believe it or not, Brezney gives us great stories weekly and advice to live by.

    • elisabethz

      I have his Pronoia book right next to the psychology world's DSM-IV (the one "listing" mental 'Illness") on my bookshelf...

  • gx.meow

    And synodic astrology-- tropical western-- astrology, is all about the ecliptic of the sun and where signs fall in it. That's in relation to being on earth looking at the stars. I dunno, I would thi I good would have better things and more researched thugs to write about than a poorly put together regurgitated article about "why astrology isn't real". Whatever you believe, it would be best to not just think your opinion is right and do research--ON BOTh SIDES-- with a nonjudgemental mind in order to make a fair assessment. And you, as a Virgo, are too intellectual and critical of things around you to turn your critic on yourself and see where you have shit yourself. But, that's just coming from someone who loves science and astronomy AS WELL as astrology. Because face it, they're incomplete without the other. And honestly, this is one of those unknowns science will never break.

  • heather.mccausland

    At least get the popular culture facts right: Libra (Oct. 23 - Nov. 23) is Scorpio, Libra is Sept-Oct!

    • Wylie Overstreet

      You're right! Thanks for the catch Heather. We've made the correction.

  • gx.meow

    I think you should probably do a little more research on the difference between sidereal and synodic astrology. One, astronomers prefer --sidereal-- because it's the zodiac in relation to the fixed stars-- therefore, the background and the signs change, because its in relation to the stars. Not the earth. Synodic is the tropical western zodiac we use. I mean, honestly, you sound like you had nothing to write about and decided debunking astrology is the best bet. The BEST thing about astrology is you DON'T HAVE TO BELIEVE IN IT TO USE IT. Honestly. Like a hammer. You don't have to believe in a hammer to pound a nail into a piece of wood.

    • Wylie Overstreet

      The point wasn't to debunk Astrology. That's been done. The point was to discuss how all forms of astrology--sidereal and synodic among them--rely on the same psychological mechanics of the human brain. So take your pick, you're still getting the same product.

      And no, Astrology is not like a hammer. That's a false analogy. No one "believes" in a hammer because *it does not require belief*. We use a hammer because we *know*--not believe--that it's a good tool for driving nails. We know because we've directly observed its ability to drive nails, and we verify that hypothesis when each nail is driven. Astrology however, requires belief--it does not produce the verifiable, undeniable evidence like that of the driven nail. Instead it produces an outcome that depends ENTIRELY on the subject's belief to give it veracity. So yes, you do have to believe in Astrology to "use" it, unlike a hammer.

    • elisabethz

      Fully agree! So many natural synchronicities occur between life events and planetary placements, it is so far beyond any one system "arguing" against another...
      In 2009, I had a near-death-in-hospital experience, knowing very little of how I got there, but remembering that Pluto was on my Moon, making sense of it all... Gave me so much more than my MSW!

    • Wylie Overstreet

      Thanks for the catch Gregory. We've made the correction.

  • shodo.spring

    This silliness has been going around for decades. Sidereal astrology charts according to the planets in the sky, unlike ordinary astrology which is about the relationship with the sun. To make it work, they have to change the meaning of the planets and signs.

    However, the big problem is the "debunking" of astrology by people who know nothing about it. I was a disbeliever too. Then one day an amateur offered to read my chart. I listened as he told me my deepest secrets. Then he said "That doesn't sound like you." Clearly, he had gotten it from the chart.
    I don't CARE about astrology. But as a scientist I have to notice that it does pretty well at predictions.

  • FoxPause

    Nice to see a little critical thinking and skepticism presented on this site.

  • JustinStadel

    Fascinating! I've never heard of this newer tropical zodiac. It sounds refreshing. But if you live in the southern hemisphere wouldn't your horoscope read in reverse like a toilet flushing?

  • cdierdorffzyahoo

    My favorite anecdote about astrology was told by a college teacher. At the start of every semester's new class, the professor would tell the class that he had charted each person's horoscope and he had typed out each individual description for them. Each student was then called out and given their reading on a folded piece of paper. They were instructed to read it to themselves, let no one else see it and they were not to discuss it with anyone.

    After everyone had finished reading their individual descriptions, they were each asked how true they thought their horoscopes were of them personally, irrespective of their belief in astrology. Every year, an overwhelming majority think that the horoscopes were surprisingly very accurate. The group is then told to hand their individual descriptions over to the person sitting immediately on their right. There is always a burst of laughter as they read each other's descriptions, because they realize that all of the descriptions are identical.

  • Marco Rossi

    The author never studied anything about Astrology. Astrological signs are divisions of the ecliptic, not to be confused with the zodiacal constellations. The fact that the signs have the same name of the constellations relies on the coincidence between sign and constellations when the Astrological nomenclature was developed. I'm not apologetic with Astrology, but I don't see the point of this article...

    • Wylie Overstreet

      You're correct if you're referring only to the tropical zodiac, Ptolemy's remix of the Babylonian's original from seven centuries earlier. If you were to ask the guys who invented the nomenclature you speak of, they'd assure you the signs were defined by the zodiacal constellations dividing the ecliptic, though I'm guessing you knew that already.

      Regardless of which flavor you choose, all schools of Astrology rely on the same psychological mechanics. Illuminating what exactly those were was the point of the article, which you clearly missed.

      • judi.messina

        I'm sure the planets and the sun had much more influence on human life back when we all lived closer to nature; modern life has us so insulated from nature (air conditioning, insulation, tons of cement, electrical fields) that astrology has no bearing on our lives. However, I've always wondered why the newspapers insist upon publishing sham astrological forecasts for each day -- you could never generalize people into 12 distinct personality categories; that just doesn't make any sense. I guess people really want to feel they belong to a group.

      • gx.meow

        and science relies on the same type of psychological mechanics too. It's called the scientific method. Just because it has a name that has science in it, doesn't mean it's not psychological.

  • Fera Schoen

    'Bow-tied man crush Bill Nye.' --> Awesome. Love those bow-tied man crush guys, like Nye and the Doctor.

  • Liz Dwyer

    I remember folks freaking out last year over this your-zodiac-sign-isn't-what-you-think-it-is thing. And then I read that because most Western astrologers follows the tropical zodiac, nothing has changed. "The astrology used in the Western world, the seasonally based astrology has not changed, was never oriented to the constellations, and stands as … has been stated for two millenniums." (from --Either way, I'm with Mercury as far as how seriously to take any of it.