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  • Azar Aftimos

    Everyone blames the other.

  • Steve Cohen

    A cop tried to ticket me for jay walking.
    I got out of it by claiming that I had learned
    the alphabet only up to the letter 'i'.

    The preceding was a joke grenade,
    which may go off at any time,
    though it could be a dud.
    Until you know how it will affect you,
    do not drive,
    operate heavy machinery,
    or attend funerals.
    You have been warned.

  • Diana Ahrens

    i wish casey were wearing a helmet. but this video is hilarious. do you know if he has had any success fighting nypd since?

    • Yasha Wallin

      I don't. Maybe we can get him to weigh in!

  • April Greene

    I've never gotten a ticket for not riding in a bike lane, but have received a total of five in the past four years for different dubious reasons. I fought them all in court and won every time! So if you think you've been unfairly singled out, take the time to defend yourself—sometimes the system does work! (p.s. Go Casey—love this video.)

    • Yasha Wallin

      great to know, and good for you. Have the tickets all been bike related?

      • April Greene

        Yes—"failure to yield to pedestrians," "biking on the sidewalk," and "disobeying steady red light." All were (as evidenced in court) truly debatable instances.

        • Yasha Wallin

          Impressive that you fought these and they were all cleared. Another good example that if you think you shouldn't have been issued a ticket, fight it.

          • April Greene

            Thanks! And yes, absolutely.

            • Will Myers

              Congratulations! That's awesome that you fought and won. Were your cases thrown out because the cop failed to show? What line of argument did you take? Whatever strategy you deployed, it seems to have been effective!

              • April Greene

                Thanks! It's been a combination of luck and skill. Once the cop didn't show; once a whole room full of us with the same type of ticket were dismissed before going to trial; once I brought in photographs of the place I was stopped and explained what happened to the judge, who sided with me... Best advice I can give is to go in prepared as thoroughly as possible to defend yourself (assuming you think your actions were defensible!), and hope for the best!

  • Adele Peters

    This is one of my biggest pet peeves about biking in NYC—I've never seen drivers fined or ticketed for parking in bike lanes (not to say it never happens, I've just never witnessed it- and see people parked in bike lanes every day). It's crazy that bikers can get fined for riding in traffic.

    • Yasha Wallin

      Agreed. I don't think I've ever seen a car or truck get a ticket for that reason in my 10 years in NYC! And notice how in the video the police car is even in the bike lane?

      • April Greene

        That's my favorite part :)