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  • sadiebaker9

    I think that your comment about undergrads of a college "drifting between" sexual orientations is unnecessary and disrespectful. I expect more from GOOD than thinly veiled homophobia.

  • eileen.osmond.5

    You did notice the man said the French get more than twice as many days off work as the USians? And the last time I had the radio on they had a 35-hour work week. Wouldn't that make you think the USians could afford another day off? Or are we actually willing to accept greater weight for employers' wishes than for those of their employees?
    Annick McMaverick

  • quietspirit

    I'd say combine President's Day and Voting Day! Perfect combo!

  • Pamylle

    Get rid of Columbus Day - out of respect for our Native American brothers & sisters. It's insensitive & Euro-centric: This land was already occupied. Who wants to celebrate genocide ? Not me !

    Replacing this with an Election Day would be AWESOME !

    • saul judd

      agree 150 % because history hast to be re-rewritten!!! ungentelly!!!

  • joanhamblin1

    Sorry, I can't agree with any of your recommendations. Presidents' Day should change back to Washington's Birthday. It's sad how few youngsters (and adults) know the history of the founding of our country. George Washington was a hero even before the Revolutionary War. Without his service during that war the USA could not have been born. Without his service and leadership during the long hot summer in Philadelphia in 1787, our founders would not have been able to agree on our U.S. Constitution, a divinely inspired document. Without his ability to resist adulation, we might have had kings rather than elected presidents, and this country would have gone the way of so many monarchies before it. Let's change Presidents' Day back to Washington's Birthday!

  • Michael Bernier

    Best Article I've read in awhile, totally agree, good job!! Columbus day, if we keep it, should just be changed to Rape, Murder and Plunder Day!

  • graceadams830

    These days, only banks, schools, and public offices close on most holidays. Retail stores usually close for Christmas and Easter and observe the other "holidays" with extra super effort to PUSH PRODUCT.

  • Joanne Hughes Emanuele

    Scraping holidays? It made me sad to read your article, something I've never said about anything I've seen in GOOD. I feel its wiser to focus on the actual day in question, in this case, Election Day. A national holiday is a great idea.

  • Alice Butterick

    We could shift all the other voting dates to the same November date, and certainly have it be an annual holiday. Civic Responsibility Day! Better yet 2x's per year one in the Spring and one in the Fall. On those dates people either vote and/or do some other civic activity... Idealists rule!

  • Alice Butterick

    Do you think with the whole day off people would actually use the time to inform themselves about the candidates & issues on their ballots? That would be truly awesome!

  • georellen

    Hey peeps, last time I checked voting happens more often than once every four years. Let's remember, the presidential election is no more important than the others.

    • racorbin

      I absolutely agree with you, here. It's unfortunate that more people don't know about how immediately their lives are influenced by voting or not voting on a regular basis.

  • Nicole O.

    I agree on most of the holidays that could be swapped except for new years eve, although I agree with your point on why it should be nixed, let people have some fun to ring in the new year. Everything else can very well be exchanged for us all to be more likely to vote. Us Americans need to vote a lot more than we're doing. If you 'hate' politics then there's no harm in trying to change the people involved in them.

  • Hirra Adeogun

    I'm from London and I actually thought how weird that Americans only get 17 days on average. Surely another one wouldn't ruin the economy.

  • DiceDawg

    I would Vote to use Labor Day for Election day and move Election day to Monday ..., unless you want businesses to give up 2 days...

  • Liz R.

    I can't give up Labor Day or New Year's Day for all the reasons scoffed at. Guilty as charged! But President's Day or Columbus Day....they're just excuses to have tent sales, blowout sales and red, white & blue sales.

    • Kerry Howard

      I tend to agree with Liz I would think Columbus Day is a likely candidate if we need a trade-off . Columbus did not discover America and the students still have school where they do not on Labor Day or New Year's Day. Someone mentioned would it be only every 4 years well many areas of the country have other elections on that day. I would like to see students off too so they can see the process. In Milwaukee we have a celebration and a parade on labor day that celebrates workers on Labor Day.

  • EstherB

    MLK Day is actually supposed to be a day for volunteering. It's supposed to be a day-on, not a day-off. Though few people observe it as such. See for more info. Presidents Day seems to be the most appropriate.

  • Vast Shadow

    Great idea... The state education department, is trying to get more kids interested in voting. Finding a way to create a message to encourage people to be a voter is something that is always struggled with and they usually just put it off every 4 years.

    So would the holiday come every four years?

    I don't think any other holiday should be exempted for it, but getting government politic parties interested in the idea would be hard.

    I'm registered to vote but... I do not vote. I evenly know a lot about politics, but I really hate politics. We all witnessed the part of politics I do not like... Libya got attacked. Over a movie? Over Youtube? Nope, it was a terrorist attack! An all we get is hot air -- Then they go ok, it was a terrorist attack. Then Ms Clinton takes the blame, which I know it was only done out of respect for Biden(who really is responsible for it) and Obama(The person who put Biden in charge of it).

    We only see a fraction of what goes on in politics... During the recent Olympics Europe place anti-air missile and gattlings on APARTMENT buildings. Why? ... No one knows. Perhaps, it was a event of some-sort, a type of pole-vaulting that I missed.

    I actually like Martin Luther King day... Not the baptist or person who created the ethic/cultur Lutheran, but the black dude that just stood up and said, "Why y'all haten so much?". Probably not the exact words, but it was a respectful message.

    But good luck with that... Many Government departments are often trying to encourage people to vote. Making a holiday of it, once ever four years... Would be a fun reminder.

  • Alessandra Rizzotti

    I understand that holidays like Thanksgiving are times to get together with family. But as for holidays like President's Day, we've lost the sentiment or meaning behind them. Yes, kids should learn about George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Columbus, and Martin Luther King Jr. in schools so that we have a sense of history, but having a day off because of these historical figures is not necessary. Time off for holidays like that should be time to actually do something productive for society, like vote or volunteer for an organization.

    • Diana Ahrens

      i love the idea of holidays being times to get together...either as families or groups of friends, or otherwise as a country. the chance to do something together that we can't accomplish individually.