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  • Katie Marie

    So, I'm not a real woman because I'm a size 2? I understand that everyone has different bodies but how can I not be considered a "real" woman just because I lack curves? The door swings both ways.

  • Matilda Hedman

    Well it's sad, but of course everything they do is about money, they need to make money. That is what a store does. But it is good because they are listening. It must mean that what we say and do as consumers is pushing them in the right direction. If we don't want companies to make money, we should just not buy from them.

  • CynicalKiddo

    We can take as a step in the right direction. I can't help but assume that they know their demo and they knew they could fool them. This was about how they could appeal to more women, not about making women feel good. $$$

  • Matilda Hedman

    I don´t think this post is saying it's not right to be skinny, only that there need to be more than one type of body represented in the media, because most women are not that skinny. And River, I really hope you don't think that everyone who would like to see more curves "out there" are hating you for being skinny. It is not about hate, it's about loving everybody, no matter what size.

  • River Allen

    I have an issue with this post.
    "...that celebrates a real woman's body, curves and all."

    So because I am smaller, thinner, and curve-less.. does this make me imaginary? Can I help my body? Can I help my genetics? Why is body shaming okay, and even encouraged when it's shaming a woman with a smaller body shape. This comment hurts just as much as comments ridiculing women of shape. Skinny doesn't mean we're feelingless. Why the hate?

    • Yasha Wallin

      Thanks for bringing this up River, really interesting point. I think the issue is that diverse body types aren't always represented, so seeing a model who is "curvy" feels like a welcome change.

    • Saed Abu-Haltam

      Have you been in touch with the real world? the world where women are committing suicide because your curve-less is glorified through the media and average women are considered shameful and abnormal? your body type will still be glorified as long as we have anorexic women on runways and magazines, you won't be in shame anytime soon. For now though, work on helping the overwhelming majority of teens who are anorexic and suffering from depression, abuse and pressure due to their "curves" ...

  • Rebecca Michaels

    I have to applaud the steps this company too. I agree with CynicalKiddo in that this is still not reflecting the normal height and imperfections. But like Matilda says, can't change the world in a day. This is MUCH more acceptable and in the RIGHT DIRECTION than what we see in 'civilized' countries as mannqns. These create such deep impressions on all who witness them, that at least creating more natural perceived weight and curves is a wonderful change.

  • Matilda Hedman

    I think it is a great initiative. They can't change the world in a day, and they still have to sell clothes, but at least they are trying to do the right thing. Every little step towards making people feel better is a step in the right direction.

  • CynicalKiddo

    Didn't mean to click the "It's Good" button. I think this is bad per my comment below.

  • CynicalKiddo

    The average size 14 woman is not nearly as tall as the "plus size" model in the photograph. The AVERAGE size 14 woman does not have lean muscles, tight skin, flat stomachs and proportions like the MODEL photographed. THIS IS ALL A MARKETING ILLUSION. Closer to real would be using woman more like the woman used in the Dove commercials, sans Photoshop and air brushing.

    • Yasha Wallin

      I definitely see your point, but do you think this is a step in a better direction, as opposed to relying on "traditional" mannequins, whose sizes don't reflect reality? Or is there something else this department store could have done to relate more to the "average" woman?

  • Ben Goldhirsh

    it's amazing how everytime a company tries something in this vein, they get rewarded by society, and yet it doesn't seem that the logic ever fully permeates relevant industries. anyhow, thanks for sharing.

    - ben

    • Yasha Wallin

      Agreed, but maybe if more and more companies keep doing things like this it will become closer to the norm than the exception, and that would be a good thing.

  • Annie Wadhams

    This is so hopeful.
    As someone who has spent far too much time stressed out because of body image, and finally thankful for the body I have, I appreciate this more than I can express.