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  • Jack Giambanco

    Snoop Lion... everything you hear him talk about..or say comes from his heart #respect #real

  • Nisha Vida

    I see a lot of folks in the comments trying to make it seem like the massive amount of guns circulating in the public domain has nothing to do with gun violence. Now that's just silly. For example, most informed folks would not argue that the massive amount of corn syrup, MSG, fried food, processed food, etc. circulating around America has nothing to do with obesity and rising incidences of disease in our country. This is because the two are linked. The US is the #1 producer and distributor of weapons and munitions. Our military is by far the largest in the world. In our society, guns are normalized, using violence is condoned (hello! we spend 60% of our federal budget on the military), and shooting is as easy as pulling a trigger. It is NO SHOCK to me that there is so much gun violence. All of this nevermind the fact that we would rather medicate people than provide proper mental health services, and all of our media glorifies violence. The 2nd amendment, like most things, can be interpreted in many different ways. The right to bear arms at the time of the Constitution's writing could have easily meant pitchforks, swords, or even a fist pump into the air in defiance of repression and authoritarianism. Most importantly, the right to bear arms could be as simple as a pen or a computer, where you talk about the truth and spread knowledge. If you think that you need violence to 'protect' you from the world around you, you haven't yet opened your eyes to the magnificence of the Universe, the awe of science, the fragility of Earth's ecosystems, the interconnectedness of all species on Earth, and the possibility of humans to be stewards of life on Earth and bearers of knowledge for all generations that come.

  • djow

    There was other government regime that took away the guns of its citizens...Hitler, Stalin, and Castro. I wonder why they would do that????

  • djow

    Once the American people start trading rights for safety we will have neither.

  • chuckgcs

    It's time to grow up.
    The politicians have their agenda - even those, such as Obama, that claim to be racial minorities. The violence stems from issues other than firearms. That's why the London police are being overpowered by gangs with guns. It's the gangs, drugs, and the violent media (alternate reality video games) vids that are infecting our society that are the real problem. But those issues are so overwhelming vs addressing the simple-minded "quick-fix" of stumping for more ineffective gun laws that are just ink stains on paper and laughed at by criminals. Let's hold hands and sing Kumbaya, that will eliminate the problem. When I was in high school, we brought our "guns" to school. OMG! We didn't shoot each other. We participated in the shooting sports competition; and if some "nut-job" would have started a mass-killing it would have been quickly ended. We had respect for human life. Not a lust for violent video games - protected and endorsed by the ACLU. Yeah, I'm old, and was really at Woodstock, and there was plenty of violence there.

  • JohnnyKong

    Unfortunately Snoop, it's quite impossible to reason with a mentally-ill sociopath bent on destruction and self-destruction, which is the profile

    • JohnnyKong

      of these mass shooters, which is unlike the common 'gang banger'

  • tesmith47

    this is nice , but there is no real analysis of the problem.
    everyone seems to put all gun violence in one bag and that is why nothing gets solved.
    the motivations of diffrent types of shootings have to be addressed. I.E. if is shot you because you owe me $50,000 dollars or $50 in a drug deal gone wrong the solution for that kind of shooting (decriminalize drug usage) wont work for the the person who shoots their spouse / relative /boy friend girl friend for family reasons.
    and the nut case that decides to shoot up the local college wont respond to les profitable drugs. and the impovershied person who takes to street robbery needs a decent paying job witha a future.. . MOST of the motivations for shooting can be addressed by society if we stop ignoring them..

    • Emily

      I agree completely!

  • Carlos Moreno

    I'd like to see this featured in our local minority newspaper, which seems to be stuck in reporting nothing but violence. Who would I need to speak with about reprint rights?

    • Diana Ahrens

      you can send a note to community at goodinc dot com!

  • Emily

    Guns don't hurt people, people hurt people.

    • karl-otto von oertzen

      People use guns because it is a fast and very empowering means for taking a life. Yes the problem is deep in our minds capable of great violence , this problem needs to be solved, it will take a long time but nevertheless the first step to innerpeace is to take away the means of destruction from peoples hands. The next step is to give them care and education which will give peace to their minds and nourish them with a desire to construct and help communities instead of harming them. Then at the end we need "honest" politics...

    • margeliu

      but without guns most people would not be able to KILL people...

      • Emily

        "There is no justification for the public servant police to be more heavily armed than the law-abiding public they serve... unless ... the government's intention is to be more powerful than the people."

  • Jochen Holtrup

    Guten Tag and Hey Snoop Lion.
    May you have a look on our startup and you also want to make a charitone for your cause.
    Hope it s OK, to bother you and this site in this comment - it is ment from the heart only to do good...
    Tschüss and maybe we get in contact...

  • Stephen Richards

    The link to buy the bracelets is broken. :(

    • Zachary Slobig

      Thanks for the heads up, Stephen. Link should be good now.