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  • Michelle Bennett

    I kill ants with it :) 4 tbsp baking soda + 4 tbsp powdered sugar plus 3 tbsp of water, mix well, put it in an empty water bottle (cut it down to 2") and leave it out. Works REALLY well. you do have to repeat a few times until they're all gone.

  • catcampion

    I use baking soda for many things (including cleaning my hair and skin, and deodorant), but I asked my dentist about baking soda for teeth and she said it was far too abrasive for dental enamel. I already had weak enamel, and after a year of using baking soda & peppermint oil in lieu of toothpaste, my teeth were more sensitive, so I've stopped.

  • Joshua Pillow

    Tums, pepto bismol and other OTC stomach treatments are just as good as baking soda, and unlike baking soda they don't cause gas. That's right, the acid-base neutralization of Hydrochloric Acid (HCl) (stomach acid) and Sodium Bicarbonate (NaCO3) (baking soda) results in gas. They react and form table salt (NaCl) (sodium chloride) and carbonic acid, (H2CO3) which immediately breaks down into water (H2O) and Carbon Dioxide (CO2).

    • Peg Peg

      No, not at all. I have been using this method for weeks, it doesn't change the color at all. I am a brunette with some grey, and use henna. This isa wonderful cheap way to clean your scalp. I wet my hair and scalp, gently rub in baking soda with my fingertips, rinse a bit with water, add apple cider vinegar (diluted in water), run that in lightly, then rinse thoroughly.

  • Alessandra Rizzotti

    I used baking soda on my dog's hot spots too. It helps relieve their pain.

  • SilentThunderStorm

    Ummm... sorry to burst your bubble... but this is listed under "toxic chemicals and natural beauty"... this implies that you believe that 'toxic chemicals' are bad, and 'natural beauty' is good, right?

    Baking soda is a result of a chemical process. Not a 'natural' chemical process, like cyanide or strychnine or rattlesnake venom, but a real, honest-to-god chemical factory process.

    The earliest process to make baking soda involved boiling table salt in sulfuric acid.

    Even now that they have found a natural source of soda ash (the main ingredient), this still requires requires being mined from 1,400 feet below ground and then chemically processed from there.

    Read up on the entire process here:

  • Christel Ward

    I used to brush my teeth with baking soda, but be careful-no one will want to kiss you, it does not leave the best fresh smelling breath.