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  • Charles Riley

    So where does the money come from for this "free" education of yours?
    You know, the money paid for staff salaries and the upkeep of facilities?
    Or are educators supposed to work for nothing? How, pray tell, are they supposed to feed and clothe themselves?

  • Eric Griffin

    The surest way to make sure there is no such thing as an education, is to make it "free." We all know there is no such thing. Somebody, somewhere, is paying for it.

  • Vast Shadow

    Wont happen, not with Obama in office. Once the recession starts, again... An he starts getting blamed and scrutinized, he will do what he did last time... Give college tuition bonuses and nullify tuition debt. I think that nullify tutition debt was a one time thing though... Just to get votes and have imbeciles create webpages against Romney.

    Romney actually wanted to fix the school systems. He didn't put any subjective reasoning into it, because it wasn't a popular topic... All the topics were set by Obama. Complexion of topics followed to use y'alls ignorance against y'all. None of you know what, Budget is... None of you know what taxes are... None of you even know what foreign policy is. Topics, set by Obama... Using your ignorance to get your vote -- An it worked.
    Romney had a great school plan for public school reform. Had a lot of program plans for colleges to use, that would evenly get colleges money -- That would bring down their tuition fees. He said it in various debates, but Obama would redirect the topic into something people were not sure of.
    Sure you didn't notice that... Its a psychology and that not many are aware of. Lawyers do it all the time. Its called false pretenses and direct incentive.

    Obama was fully aware that you people have ` selective reasoning, if someone says a word like "help" "give back" . Thats all you really get. Just like now as Obama starting to blame congress.... He wants to break the deficit get rid of debt cap but to help fix it OVER time.
    What did you get from that last sentence -- Help fix it over time. You didn't even realize that breaking the deficit by quadroopaling it... Means USA has to raise taxes to give that much back to the deficit. You do NOT realize that removing the debt cap will allow the president to spend as much money as he wants.
    Your ignorance, been played.

    It wont happen though... Would be nice, but... USA can not afford it.

    • Vast Shadow

      Few more things.
      That is what Romney meant by Obama's gift giving. He gave people tuition debt relief... Gave a whole crap load of money to non-profits.
      Wasn't reffering to gift baskets.... Duh.

      If you couldn't analyze the context of what I said before. New York is by far one of the biggest states in debt with Federal union. Texas is one of the states that isn't in debt with federal union.
      Normally the Federal Union wouldn't care to subsidize out of schools...
      BUT, USA CAN NOT AFFORD IT. Its not anyone's fault, but those who voted for Obama.

      I hope that was clear enough for ya.