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  • Vast Shadow

    That such a bad photo... Such horrificness-nesses .

    I guess you could say they are, bad at hunting.

    Even Native Americans get out of the dirt and made something of theirselves. Look at Las Vegas. That is wrong... I know and I'm sure a few are scorning and some may be picturing that South Park Episode that had the lil Ethiopian in it. I wonder why that one guy is not eating... Majority of them look pretty well fed.

    Strange enough most youth in africa that actually don't line up for photos usually live in larger public areas and steal from tourist and then pawn the stuff... The police over there don't really care about, rape, pedophilia, torturing(As it appears that kid has been), and other inhumane acts.
    You could not name one time you seen any pedophilia going on in any country -- That is actually news "worthy" to another country. Until in 2004 a USA person witnesses a mishaps in *France* that a 16 year old call girl, escort service was found having all sorts of sexual relations with professional international soccer players! Guess who discovered it and made it news -- The Soccer player's endorsements of a USA corporation. Up until that moment that female wasn't even aware she was doing anything wrong or the players were... THATS IN FRANCE. You still, today never hear crap about other countries in types of sex scandals -- BECAUSE THEY DON'T CARE.

    That kid in the picture could have been tortured... Could have been some lil urban thief that didn't do as he was told and they starved him.

    You all seen what happen to that Konee guy investigator? One of the top board people of that project Konee -- The idiot was found doing the lil face-eater thing and wacking off in public. ON DRUGS.
    They didn't want news coverage inside their whole team... My first assumption is that the lil investigator who had just gotten back from Africa got drugged. Maybe someone thought the dude discovered that Konee didn't exist and well... They drugged him to make him look stupid. But thats my guess... They were later told to stop going over there.

    I'm sure you feel righteous caring about foreign countries. Your freedoms here allude you to thinking every country is just like the USA. No every country hates USA, because if it was up to them other countries... They would have slavery(human trafficing), pedophilia, and other inhumane acts legal.
    USA stands in the way of illegal mishaps, but if it is out of our country -- We can not go into there and stop them without reason. You see Iraq wants USA out... Some of their public wants USA to stay. USA can not police the world. There is actually foreign policies that keep USA from stepping on criminal activity in other countries. Some federal foreign policy acts even oppose CIA & FBI from poking around in other countries. Unless we have found evidence that there is a national threat there.

    You people are funny... Your Government tells you these things all the time and yet you say USA just doesn't care. Of course they are all sugar coated base reasons of why we can't go there... But you got the net google... Google why you shouldn't go over there.
    But if you wonder why so many contries hate the USA... Because they wish they could still own people.

    I thought hunting was impossible in africa because they poached everything already. You also can't take pictures of Wild life outside reservations, because that wild life -- Isn't documented of being there.

    I hope all that enlightens your mind.