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  • Vast Shadow

    I do not believe in gay people. There is not even a word, in the english language that defines the conceptualization of the new founded "gay" .

    Prior to the 80s
    Gay -- Meant happy
    Queer -- Meant weird
    The latin orientation of homo-sexual is not even resemblance of today's "gay" .
    Homo- human
    Sexual - sex orienation
    Homosexual only means, human sex preference.
    Lesbian is by far the only word that made its emerge in the same type the 'hype of gayness came out. Even before the 90s, california was not widely known for its gay-friendly. It was considered more of the SURFER state... That the beach boys use to sing of.

    In my opinion, homosexuality... Is just a mind state of the person who wears it -- To that person they still see lust in the opposite sex but they just deny it. Its like the "Sex fad" , people make the choice to be that way... Just like they make the choice to wear something hippy for hippy day. Sure, its stupid but that person thinks its cool... Thus it is only a mental-fad.

    People seek compassion...
    Most people adore compassion and seek acceptance, more or less. People who label themselves gay usually have some emotional-dependency of being accepted and only really want... Someone to care about them. Media denies that fact and tells people to just question their sexuality, when they "do not feel accepted or in place" . You've seen media exposures of being gay, thinking if you are gay, and trying to accept it... So much that everyone from elementry school, now knows... That the word gay, does not mean happy... Its to like the same gender of yourself. Its disgusting.
    Gayness is also a fetish... Lust drives people to do stupid things. Homosexuality... Is just a stupid thing that media allows so much exposure that -- That they try to seperate it into its own mind state... ITS JUST A FETISH, a disgusting one at that.

    So as i mention the psychological aspects of it and the medias advertisement of it... You off to assume I'm a homophobe. I don't care what you do... If you put lil stunts in front of kids... I would step up and tell you to piss off and thats with female voyeur or male voyeur. I don't care about what you like to have sex with(same sex, animals, furniture)... Keep it to yourself. Things as such, shouldn't be publicly demonstrated... No sexual exploitation or preference should be visible to any kid of any age. If you think thats wrong--that you should be able to show your sexual nature to the world--you need to examine yourself.

    You feel all refreshed when you admit what you do? I feel great when i openly admit, it was me farting -- No more guilt. Just such a load barring relief. All humans like to do most any type of forbidden activity -- Maybe it just feels like they are mysterious or something... Either way I don't believe in gay people... You just haven't found that right person -- That gets you. I've had sex with lesbians... They just wanted to be understood. Its nature's natural selection -- I got that thing female want and really... There is no taken turns and really its what the human body does for reproduction -- girl and guy.

    I always enjoy topics like these... Its hilarious anyone that spouts about being gay wont get deleted, but when someone shares their opinion they get ridiculed... PLEASE DON'T REPRESS ME -- Even before you start to ridicule!

    Gay people, do not exist... Its just some psychological thing.

    • kriseldawesome

      ...ignorance at it's finest?

      for the record, I love telling people when I fart.

      • Vast Shadow

        Well, I never!
        My view isn't ignorance its what my OPINION be. Ignorance... My post was brilliant.

        Everyone should question everything that is placed in front of them and never be discourage of what they believe. Too many people just go along with what ever they see... I agree to lots of things, but I do not agree to sexual preferences being made public and being paraded over.
        Sexual tendencies is just too profound and exploits the mind. It creates the illusion that its ok, to do what ever you want in the general public.

        People should at least be expressive, but at least be moral about it. Self-control and discipline are probably the only thing that separates humanity from animals.

        • kriseldawesome

          1. Claiming your post to be "brilliant" is your "opinion".
          2. Your opinion is ignorant.

          Your ignorance stems from your so-called "opinions" being stated as fact.
          You throw the morality judgement on the subject, even though you stated it was a preference. You say that homosexuality is stupid. You say it's a fad. You say it's a choice. Like deciding to wear clothes? Seriously? You also say it's disgusting. A disgusting fetish. How is it disgusting, exactly? Are gay people coming to your house and having gay sex on your front porch? And who exactly is going in front of little kids and pulling "stunts"? You have got to be kidding me. You say that sexual preference is a preference that is not meant for the world to know?

          What you aren't understanding is that gay people are gay people. And sometimes it's even hard for them to accept it because they don't feel accepted by the larger community. You saying that there is something morally wrong about someone's "preference" as you call it, are subjecting people's preference to your moral scale, which quite possibly might not exist in some peoples' belief system. But do tell me--HOW CAN SOMEONE'S "PREFERENCE" BE WRONG?

          This isn't about gay being right or wrong. This is about celebrating people who have found the courage to be open with people about who they choose to love. For gay people it's different. They aren't widely accepted. To come out and be proud of that, well that's somebody's own prerogative. Not to say there is anything wrong with those who choose to keep it quiet. But coming out doesn't necessarily mean marching first line in the parades down main street with rainbow dresses and glitter. It's as simple as someone coming out to anyone who means a lot to them.

          If it's a "preference" as you so often say it is, then be quiet and let people say that they're proud of their preference. Why do you care anyway?

          And what does it even mean to expressive morally? Like I said, not everyone subscribes to your beliefs, so...good luck trying to discern what that is.

          • Vast Shadow

            Thats just great -- I wont answer most your lil demeaning, expressive rant...
            But you should learn about psychology. If gay, the fetish... Was never for anyone to hear, see, or observe in any other way. It probably would not exist...
            {I'm sure you be like" WHAT!?!?!"}
            Back when you were a child, how did you learn -- You didn't know what death was, you didn't know what love was... You didn't know what GAY was -- Your mind was just NEW(so to say) and you even learned compassion. As your mind came together with reality, you learned what the fetish gay was. Now, if the fetish gay, NEVER was solicited in front of your eyes... GUESSS WHAT, you wouldn't ever known what gay was.

            You can blame it on the porn & crack industries. Sorry your mind is voyeur`ed to our present reality, to think same-sex is ok.
            My parents were hippies, sadly... They are proud that gay people do their parades. California has lost a lot of public... Even New York has been thinking about clipping any Gay prideness out of the eyes of kids and people.
            California though... heh... Is becoming gayer and people are not leaving, because of the crime rate. As idiot celebrities like to say, "people don't like cali cause of crime" . Perhaps back in the 70s, but now... No, people don't want their kids apart of that gay-culture club. The fetish that allow wedlock.

            I have the courage to open up and say, GAY IS a fetish... An you try to step on my toes -- So actually you are condoning to the same thing you hate, ridiculing me. People open up and explain wrong doings all the time... Its not new to feel relief from saying confessions. LOL its human nature to communicate and practical to feel relief on saying secrets -- For some anyway. PLEASE, lady... Learn some psychology.

            I care, because I GOT THE COURAGE... To say WHAT I BELIEVE IN, when I SEE IT. I've told lesbians, gay dudes... I don't believe in gay people....
            I've heard your story before, lady... You aint telling me nothing I've haven't heard from someone else.

            But I have asked gay-fetish people about the same question, and they openly say... "YES I DENY my impulses towards females." I've had intercourse with a few lesbians in my time, they only want someone that understands them -- I'm a male. I have not ever been or ever will be interested in the same-sex.
            I've had conversation with gay people before. Majority time, the individual is so repressed on some mishaps in life that they seek compassion in other ways.

            My posts have a FEW opinions in them, most of it are facts... If I really have to go through my entire posts and explain what part is a fact from opinion -- I think I would be wasting my time trying to have a conversation here.

            Don't hate what I BELIEVE IN or my preferences? AIght!?

  • Jeff Nelder

    The articulation of "coming out over and over again" is simple and profound. These acts of courage, honesty and authenticity are not acknowledged as often as they deserve to be.