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  • Sarah Salpeter

    Hi Kevin - thank you for being so bold to call us on this! I had a big lesson this week during my biz travels and it is so in line with your piece - you are so right on! I consider myself a spiritual person, which means that I see everything around me as connected, but for some reason I choose to look down at my phone when it's a beautiful opportunity to meet a new soul, to make a difference in someones life (or vice versa).
    I made a judgement call on a person in line in front of me for about 20 min. and was too busy to connect with her (& just texted, read emails), and then after we left the line I ended up seeing her again an hour later - she walked over to me to say "hi" and we began to talk. I needed to meet her and see how she is someone special and had a lot to share. In fact she had a message for me. I was so thankful that I had a 2nd chance to connect with her - what a lesson. Excited to hear about your event yesterday.

  • Gabriele Linde

    Hi there, thank you for the idea! I'm absolutely with you and I will help to spread the love in Germany, Cologne with at least two locations where I will set up the installation ♥

  • voidjumping

    I love this idea. I think as a society we see ourselves more of inhabitants, as opposed to participants in shaping it. We leave the community building to the city and those with money. There seems to be movements like this one that are tearing down that barrier, and making people aware that they can shape the community around them. I look forward to seeing this, and future interventions in action.

  • Kevin Van Lierop

    This is AWSOME! You're right, we've lost the ability to talk to one-another in meaningful ways. I've been toying with repurposing a phone booth to serve as a medium for in-direct conversations between people, which is sort of ironic given the purpose that a telephone has served throughout history.

    Related to the upcoming 'love where you live' initiative, I ran this campaign a couple of years ago that shares similarities: and I'm looking towards something in the coming months that's focused on sharing messages of optimism about the cities we live in. Some thoughts about this are found here:

    • Hunter Franks

      Thanks Kevin! The Love Where You Live initiative is very cool. We need more optimism!

  • Alice-Kate Raisch

    So awesome! I would love to be more involved with the League and creating positive bridges between people, as Erik mentions, a lost art! MEDABO (Make Every Day A Better One) would be another good partner for your goals. Would love to connect!

    • Hunter Franks

      Thanks Erik! Love the Familiar Stranger Project. It is exactly what the world needs more of!

  • Jeff Nelder

    Nothing builds community like co-creation and shared purpose. We must be present to appreciate it, but this type of creative intervention jars us into the present.

  • Susan Raisch

    This is truly awesome. I love it. What do you think of this idea? As founder of Tangled Ball, I know that everyone can do something to untangle complicated problems one string at a time. And most people want to contribute (I call that a One Can Count moment.) What if people -- all people -- were asked to write down their cause and what their contribution to the solution would be on large pieces of something looking like string and in the end it was rolled up in a Tangled Ball and could be exhibited in a public space. Of course, my mind is spinning on all the wonderful ways in which this could inspire conversation and community. Let me know what you think. (You're totally involved in a humongous One Can Count Moment and I am in great admiration!) Let me know how I can help. -- Susan Raisch

    • Hunter Franks

      Thanks Susan! I love that idea! What city are you in? We are looking for volunteer League Leaders around the world who would get people together and carry out an intervention once a month.

  • stephmcd

    While I applaud this idea, Please Please Please, do not put adhesive stickers on buildings, vacant or not, even if other people already have put stickers or posters on them. Adhesive is really hard to get off buildings without damaging the surface to which it's stuck. People with good intentions, coming later, often use harsh methods like sandblasting or pressure washing to remove the remnants of adhesive and paper -- doing even more damage to the building materials underneath. The same thing goes for metal signs, lamp posts, etc. Just say no to stickers. A small piece of tape will do much less damage. Thanks.

    • Hunter Franks

      Thanks for your insight Steph. The template can definitely just be printed on paper and taped up.

    • Hunter Franks

      Jennifer love all of your projects! I'll shoot you an email

  • Alessandra Rizzotti

    Downloading this sticker now so I can start spreading love around the office! Thanks Hunter!