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Living Large in Small Houses: The Tiny Home Revolution

Jamie Nash

With tighter budgets, a desire to live close to family, environmental consciousness and the wish for a shorter commute to work, Generation Y is increasingly tending toward tiny houses. Whether you want to live in your parents' backyard, or simply live without a mortgage in a space you can call your own, these folks have proven you can live large in a small house.

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  • Kim Carrington

    While I don't think a house this small would be comfortable for me, I think this is the most wonderful, selfless, undertaking ever! This is one great lady and anyone who doesn't agree doesn't have to offer a negative opinion just because you don't see the value in it. It's what she wants to do to help others, not harm anyone. She's a great world citizen.

  • Mike Cornelison

    Just as surely as Al Gore drives around in his SUV and jet sets from one global warming conference to another, this is exactly the perfect living quarters the ruling elite in their mansions envision for the rest of the commoners.

  • Maria Redin

    my husband, my little one and i live in a lovely 625sft cottage 3 blocks from the beach. such a tiny space makes us closer as a family. we love it... plus its super easy to clean!

  • Kenneth McGrath

    The challenge is to find urban spaces for these tiny homes. I love the idea of minimalism and being mortgage-free and would LOVE to be able to do this where I live but I don't know where I'd be able to place such a home (in/near the city). Does anyone address this question? If so, I'd love to hear ideas.

  • Vast Shadow

    Seems pretty lame. I doubt that lady actually lives in that thing, but she travels a lot and is never there so, yea... Its easy to say you live somewhere you are never at. Who would live in a oversized prota potty? I bet you couldn't get a homeless person to live in that.

    Poop in somethin than wow... Whole house smells like ass until you empty out the bucket or what ever she poops in.

    I live in a large house and when it was just me living here. It was a very large empty house. I'm not a materialistic person... I do not buy things, constantly. I am terrible at decorating. My house appeared as a vacant house, when it was just me. Of course my room has tools, computers, and wires going everywhere... But everywhere else, empty and very clean.

    A few years back I had an idea for house designs... Its a pretty universal idea -- Compared to house size. Large or small. But a house that could be built by snapping/fastening things together. You could build your own house in a day... But its unrealistic... Just like these little house ideas that, for some reason you all think would be fun ? NOPE *shakes head*

    No one wants to live in a little house. No one wants to build their house themselves. A person wants to do little as possible within their home... Thats why people call other people to fix things. A plumber would call another plumber if their house had a facet problem.

    You know what would be cooler than a tiny house?

    A house you could just, turn a water hose on in the inside and clean that shit out. Have some Microfiber carpet that is self cleaning with a water steam system so the carpet steams itself. Furniture built in so you could push everything out of the way to have a empty room. retractable walls that could make rooms smaller or larger. Curved windows made out of the new Aluminum alloy. Thats right they have windows that are a Metal transparent metal. Doesn't shatter, Very well insulated... The only problem with them is that they are conductive, electricity can travel through them.

    Lot better ideas then a Inky-dinky lil house. An you know what would be cool. It would all be green-certifiable, easy to clean, almost indestructible, and with the retractable walls. It could be made to fancy any moron out there.

    You want to fascinate on house designs. Find a economical AC system idea.

    • Devon King

      I'm sorry Vast Shadow, but I think you have home ownership all wrong. People work to buy and own a home that they can put their mark on. I have never met a person who has said outright, "I want nothing to do with my home"; people are always finding new projects/ ways to improve their homes. Why do you think home improvement stores like Home Depot and Lowe's are so popular? And I don't think it's right to completely bash people who are building tiny homes; they are only doing their part to create smaller footprints on the environment. I think it's best to give them support, not pound them into the ground.

  • Suzannah Kolbeck

    Just posted here for a 12-year-old building a tiny house for a school project.

    Viva la revolucion!

  • Hillary Newman

    I can relate. I live in a tiny, teensy apartment by the beach. I love how small it is because it's easy to maintain and forces me to think critically about shopping since I don't have much storage space.