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  • Vast Shadow

    Very true...

    Its sad and very annoying at the same time... All these new non-profit organizations poping up pushing non-profit. Not to help anyone but to, save money.
    In the midst of them making flakey non-profit organizations... They make other ones look bad, like Salvation Army, Red Cross, Ronald Mcdonald house. When I'm asked if I want to donate a dollar, I will say who is it for... Whats the organization's name... Just to see what sort of magnitude they govern for. Mostly children and then they will have their true incentive... Technology advancing in studying them.

    So not all of it is, as you say, "not important work" -- At least to that company. The St John organization I declined -- Possibly own by a software company... They aimed to help the children with cancer, BUT USING advance technologies.

    So in all companies are reducing to their lowest form, just to work tax free... You can't really blame the congress for pulling the plug, because some organizations -- Just have a kind message, but are trying to do illusive tax evasions tricks.

    I think Churches and non-profit organizations should have taxes govern by depending on how much space their taking up. An let public recreation like zoos and park subsidize taxes by how many people come to their place.
    Churches should be taxed because they invented the idea of `the tax in the first place.
    How can a place that is non-profit force you to pay anyway? Museums and Zoos costing so much, but turn around and say their non profit? Churches that do a school program that only teach about God in every subject, which that is a form of brainwashing.

    Maybe congress should just procreate into what non-profit actually means and penalize accordingly.
    No one wants to donate anymore, because of scams on the net have shown humanity... Just what can make money... What a dollar and a few nickles can do. People now understand that Bob's health donation and Fred's donation for mental retards could be tied to some evil syndicate that is plotting world domination. Own by some guy who travels in a Winnebago.
    All thanks to scams.

    So either way... Congress should find a better regulation for non-profits... An once people see things like the Ronald Mcdonald house... That is a physical thing, in which they can go too and see it. Unlike Fred's mental retard donation that just seems to be a empty void of nothing... People like physical things and once they see their money in action, they understand its a noble cause.

  • Sue.Grinius.Hill

    You are correct. I happen to be one of those people who our president has decided is 'rich'. We don't think of ourselves that way - we started out like any other starving students/newlyweds long ago with borrowed everything, and slowly worked our way over 26 years to being comfortable with two white collar incomes. This didn't come from some silver spoon. It came from 70 and 80 hour work weeks for years, and tradeoffs in life that we forewent for a future nestegg. We now support our extended family members (elders), ourselves, our adult children, and continue trying to sock away earnings to protect ourselves from the inevitable failure of social security someday, just when we need it. We give in our family, a significant portion or our free cash goes to charity. We enjoy giving. However, it has occurred to me that we will be hit with this tax increase and our free cash will be less. We will still give on a percentage basis because it's part of our life. But we won't enjoy giving to as many services, or as much as we have in the past. I've already de-prioritized some giving and just told a telemarketer the other day that due to uncertainty in our economy once the election results came in, I wouldn't be able to commit to help with her cause and pledge future amounts. I am now giving a one time smaller amount, and letting God multiply it as He will. I am concerned that the decrease in income we will feel as a result of higher taxes will result in less giving. We all do have to tighten our belts across the country and get ourselves out of deep deep debt for our future generation's sake, but it will not be without pain for all of us now.