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  • Lala1oak

    When I watched your video on the Nat Geo article and you said "the routine is the enemy of time" I thought wow, this guy took the words out of my mouth! I think it is incredible what you are doing and so inspiring!
    People like you are who should be speaking to kids in college because all I remember from my education is to get a job and pay bills. And once college ended I felt my life was no longer fun. It wasn't until I traveled over seas for the first time and realized, "wow there is so much more to this life". No one ever looks back and says "darn I wish I hadn't spent that money on that vacation" traveling and pictures are things that are priceless because it's lifetime memory noone can take from you.
    I am in my early 30s and feel so much pressure to be married with kids and working but that just doesn't seem as satisfying. I just feel you really put things so perfectly into perspective and now next time someone gives me a hard time I will copy and past your articles and
    Video to them and leave it at that! :) safe travels and
    Continue making your lifetime
    Of memories!!!

  • John Pabon

    I especially love two parts in this:

    The first is a new insight into how we view the integration of communication with modern technology. I love your comparison to the ancients loosing it over written language. GREAT analogy.

    The second is not reading the comments. What a simple, but insightful, (do I say 'comment' here?). Certainly words to live by!

    Keep it up and enjoy the ride.

  • Murder Mike

    Mad dope homie. Have loved following you along on the insta and hope to meet you in person if you ever make it back to Oregon. Keep the travel tidbits coming. And for chrissakes, put on some headphones for a stint, will ya??? ;) -craytx

  • Gregory VandenBosch

    Thanks for the insightful and really well written update Jedidiah. In case you do read the comments, know that you have excited me into my own discoveries.

    And, I'm sure you know this, but here's what I've learned about proving skeptics/haters wrong: They don't care. They won't learn. They will stay exactly the way they are today. So, keep doing the work that's worth doing. It's not about the skeptics/haters. It's about the people who care, support and enable. Keep delighting the true believers. Seguro viaja amigo.

  • mcgirtje

    Thank you, thank you Jedidiah (?). Especially for this short snippet: "It might get you in trouble, and it might hurt you. But you’ll feel alive and you’ll feel honest. And maybe most importantly: do the uncomfortable thing."

    Right now, I feel the most honest I have ever been. With myself, my family, and God. I am declaring that my life will look different--whether it's because I won't own a car but instead commute anywhere on my road bike; or I won't just have a pet dog but chickens too; or I won't hand a person on the street a few bucks or something to eat, but instead invite them into my home for a mea; or I won't just live in a two story house with my husband and 2.3 kids but instead in community (however that may come to look).

    I am finally looking at the future in the face and can say that I am not afraid, for I am living for something. While my outlook for living in hope with community may seem radical to many, especially my family, I hope that it transcends the blockade set by societal norms; it is not some whimsical ideal but a demonstration of what reality could look like.

    It is not what we refuse to do in our daily life but what we are doing, individually and together. While your contribution to GOOD is to inspire, it is also affirming.

    Keep riding. We're not giving up on you.

  • K.C. Compton

    truck-sound, I mean. Damned little keyboards ... :=}

  • K.C. Compton

    I love what you're doing. Yeay you! And I agree that millennials are connecting, just through different means. I do worry that they miss a lot of what's going on right in their space at the present moment, but tell me how Dad sitting on his Barcalounger with a Bud in his hand is grokking the richness of relationships all around him. I also love your statement "Challenges are fuel to the proud" and plan to steal it. One caveat: As a veteran of a few bike treks back in the day, let me urge you to listen to music -- not too loud -- with one earbud and keep the other ear cocked for truckj-sound. Fortune favors the well-prepared.

  • Kristy Boardway Ewing

    I know you won't be reading any of these comments, least of all mine. But if you're tempted to glance at any of them be sure to read Auntiegrav's comments. She's wise and just the kind of cheerleader every adventurous young person should have on their side. If she isn't your aunt already then perhaps you ought to adopt her.

    You inspire me.

  • ashirbadami

    What an incredible perspective, endeavor and attitude. Thanks, Jedidiah. I needed to hear it. Read the comments, just live your own life.

  • dimmlere

    you go dude. rock it.

  • EvieCoast

    wonderful insights, thank you for sharing your adventures. and thoughts!

  • ilenecutler

    With a name like Jedidiah you were destined for insight and creativity and a good sense of what matters. Don't know why I think that but I do! Thank you for sharing your inspirational journey. Being open to the world and kismet and connections to new people, places and cultures- you are clearly living. Soak it in. It is a gift as are you. Hope you got your donut!

  • Javiera Avendaño

    Been following your amazing trip on Instagram, it is very inspiring
    Greetings from Chile

  • cwaiand

    This was a beautiful and thoughtful article, and it really made me think about how we view and comprehend new forms of communicative technology. Poetry in the moment. I hope your journey is filled with only a few flat tires, lots of great adventures and many more memories. All the best from Calgary, AB. Christine

  • Carolina Valenzuela

    «Challenges are always fuel to the proud», your words open up my eyes. Thanks!

    PD. It´s nice to know you choose Mexico for your journey (I’m a proud mexican)..

  • Dane Johnson

    Hey Jed! It's been a real pleasure following you and Philip on this adventure. Your insight about insta and posting photos now creating opportunity for us to "encounter poetry" is such a lovely thought. The descriptions you've been including with your photos are highlights to my day. All the best as you two travel on!

    All the best from Chicago,

  • Sherry Naron


    "I am so tired of people mocking the integration of communication and technology with our lives. I can imagine the ancients, accustomed to thousands of years of oral story telling, losing their shit over the kids inventing written language. “All these young people are obsessed with writing, always writing, never looking around to see or hear the world. What will they become?!”"


  • Sovanna Pouv

    Thank you for sharing this post and your journey!

  • Glyn Griffiths

    Great to hear about your journey. My wife and I rolled up in Buenos Aires several years back without much of a plan and ended up travelling the length of the Andes twice-over in a Mazda pick-up and conceiving our daughter en route over 16 months or so. Agree totally re your comments about discomfort. We camped much of the way. From my comfy office seat that now seems astonishing but its amazing how fast whatever we do becomes the new normal. Relish every second of it. We quite enjoyed reading 'The Old Patagonian Express' by Paul Theroux on the way down...mostly because he was such a reluctant traveller and spent much of the journey cursing himself for starting the journey and being too obsessive to stop! Very funny.

  • Alessandra Rizzotti

    This journey of yours is so awesome. How many rests do you take throughout the day?