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  • Ynnis Glytyr is not that America needs new traditions...the fact is that blacks need new traditions. Riding on your slavery, racial inequality, and entitlement mind will put blacks more and more on the back burner and will contribute more and more to blacks being separated from the rest of the human race. You blacks are the main reason why it is that way !!!

  • Ynnis Glytyr

    You need to get off your "Obama is black" antics...The man is NOT black, he is of mixed racial background, meaning WHITE and black. Maybe it pacifies your mind if you tell yourself over and over that Obama is black, but it surely doesn't reflect reality. I am of mixed race - white, black, and American Indian - please DO NOT call me black, because with this you would insult my intelligence. And I don't mean it in the way that I think I'm more intelligent than blacks, no, it means that I know better than to claim that I was black. The reason why blacks do not get a foot in the door is, because blacks are the only ones that still cry racism and therefore are the main contributors to this "problem". If blacks would start looking at themselves as humans, it would knock off their insecurities. I am a human, and not a black, white, or Indian. Black, white, Indian are CULTURAL traits, and nothing more. Needless to say that most blacks have absolutely NO IDEA how real blacks, the ones from Africa, live to this day. Blacks don't even know which way to point when asked where Africa is. Get off your "Obama is black" trip, and get off your "I'm black and therefore inferior" trip. You put yourself in a hole, that you actually don't want to be in.

  • Michael Bergman

    Hmmm, not much of a discussion here. Seems like everyone else is tired of being guilted to death too.

  • Michael Bergman

    You're going to have ignorant, angry, insecure people on both sides. Don't suffer fools. However, I believe that continuing to shed light on an ignorant minority only perpetuates the racism problem. I believe racism is even seeing color. I would love to stop thinking about color, but the problem is black people won't stop bringing it up. Virtually every color other than white has been discriminated against by white people but black people complain like no other. The way to change someone is not to lay out reasons why they're wrong and hope they see your point. You shock them with completely inappropriate behavior like love, peace and hard work in the face of hate, violence and inequality. Not by blaming them for everything. It's a strategy that worked pretty well for Jesus, Ghandi and MLK Jr. Sure they ended up being killed, but we all die. Did anyone ever make a difference by whining about inequality and then expecting help?

    I completely understand the historical reasons for distrust of outsiders like white people, but at some point Black America must get out of the "us" and "them" mentality because it only leads to more division, more distrust, more anger and more inequality. I have a lot of respect for black leaders like Bill Cosby and Charles Barkley (despite some of his obvious flaws) who encourage unity and responsible behavior vs. a culture of excuses and entitlement.

    When it comes to Obama and the election, the truth is we should be mature enough to vote on issues, not color. Unfortunately that hasn't happened yet, and whether you want to admit it or not voting on the guy who looks most like you is racist. Romney lost largely because he didn't specifically appeal to hispanic voters. That's sad to me. You shouldn't have to placate an entire race. They shouldn't be voting predictably as a whole. I would hope that one day we'll there will be enough conservative and liberal, democratic and republican hispanics that a candidate can't single them out based on race. I would hope that one day hispanics don't see tough laws on illegal immigration as racism (although I admit some of the laws may go a tad bit far), but as an attempt to preserve resources paid for by LEGAL, tax-paying Americans and that breaking the law weakens the country they fled to.

    I don't care what color the President is as long as he does a good job. But I do have a problem with people thinking that because he's half black he's going to show them preferential treatment and solve all of the supposedly race-specific problems that black people deal with. I had a kid cut me in line at Six Flags who said he didn't have to listen to me because Obama was in the Whitehouse. Give me a fucking break. His parents stood there right with him and condoned it. Then he said he was about to go to war with me. The sad thing is, this kind of attitude isn't rare. I don't know a single black person that voted for Romney, AND I LIVE IN ATLANTA! I never even saw a black person with a Romney sticker on their car. Is that not racism? Racism isn't simply mistreating people based on the color of their skin, I believe it's making distinctions and categorizing people based on color whether you're mean or not. No one is more guilty of that in my mind than black people themselves.

    We will never be a united country until we stop pointing fingers at each other regardless of blame.

    • Ynnis Glytyr

      Michael....I have a few black friends in Atlanta that voted for Obama in 2008, but did not in the recent election. The reason why they did not put a Romney sticker on their cars is the fact, that they where afraid their cars would be demolished and they themselves would be beaten to a pulp, if the blacks in their neighborhood would see it. That's how bad blacks are toward each other. They don't even allow themselves to cast their opinions or speak the truth. Blacks just don't realize that they are their own worst enemy.

    • Gail Zahran

      Well said Michael Bergman........

    • Gail Zahran

      Well said Michael Bergman........

  • Ramond Nikeoutletshop

  • Vast Shadow

    Niggerate is kinda catchy term... Is it a Gatorade alternative?

    I think the movie will be like "True Grit" in RICH california-vision. I'll watch it just to see how much detail they put in the south. I'm sure they will make Robert E. Lee the rebel Confederate General, a terrorist and torturer. An toss aside true facts of how the Union invaded Georgia killing women and children, burning homes, and conquering that part of the south while the Confederate soldiers were all attacking Virginia, at the main dispute line. True though, Union had small victories of attacking unfortified towns as the WAR was going on in other states.
    You can google it but some facts are skewed and leave out the portions of them slaughtering towns that had no men there -- As the men were fighting in the north.

    California vision of the Civil War will forget Union(Yankees/North) didn't recruit black soldiers... All the Blacks were fighting along side the Confederates and Confederates allowed Indians to fight. The Union didn't use black recruits, nor indians and recruited out of Canada because having indians and black soldiers it made conflicts in the Union's eyes.

    Confederate never was fighting against slavery... The Union and the Government wanted to take their property(Take thier home and LAND away) -- They wanted to impact state wide land tax and property tax. Unionizing the USA. The south Rebelled against that and that is what many do know. There was more plantations and slave homes in the North. An slavery wasn't even ratified... decades later.
    You can look at the constitutional rights and look at the many ratified constitutional rights. You will see when slavery was removed.

    If the place the civil war part of that lil movie around slavery it will be hilarious and completely inaccurate, as like most the 60s propaganda that still floats around today about the Civil war.
    An if you look at the USA map. I do not believe Kentucky, Tennessee, nor Gettysburg, PA. is even in the South. But the North Union got their way though and everyone now doesn't own their land they live on or even their home -- The State owns it and the state can take it away.

    The Confederates even used the world's first Submarines, that strike and attacked recruiting boats and trade boats from England.

    You can find some actual facts on the net... You may find more at a local Library, but if you live in the New York and few other states... You will find patches of history missing, but if you look in Southern states you will find more records of actual events and Conspiracies around the Civil War... One conspiracy was, that England had regain control of the USA and was puppeting Lincoln, which was assumed as the Union wanted to disarm the South after the war stopped at a Stalemate.