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  • Kevin FitzMaurice

    Even if GM food was proved to be the best thing ever invented, the point is that we have a right to know what we are being sold and feed. The fact that people want to hide that they are selling us GM food says it all.

  • Bryce Johnson

    While I agree that we don't know nearly enough about some of the effects of some modifications, I also think that it's ridiculous to add a sticker of a Skull to a bottle of ketchup because it doesn't bare the letters GMO.
    It's possible some nutritional value is lost in some situations but modifying other crops such as golden rice allow people to absorb an incredible amount more nutrients while they are unable to produce much else given their environments. And remember that if the world weren't so overpopulated and congested in major areas and wasteful farming practices such as overfeeding cattle for slaughter, the need for overproducing fields wouldn't exist; so it seems for right now that this may be a necessary evil.
    People fear what they do not understand, so what we really need now is more understanding. Since we have little-to-no alternatives, we should not be so quick to denounce it (but also not so quick to embrace it without question)

    • Adele Peters

      I hear what you're saying. I believe in the Precautionary Principle, though—the idea that if something has a suspected environmental or health risk, we should avoid it until it's been proven safe. In this case, unfortunately, there's already scientific evidence of harm. We also know that the choice to use GM crops now could have long-term, irreversible consequences. What Label It Yourself is doing is extreme and not a long-term solution, but I do think it could be an effective way of raising awareness and furthering the conversation...

  • Vast Shadow

    Yea... Many very rich silicone valley tycoons gave back too Cali by... Creating Altered farms. California was opposing federal regulations against Genetic altered plants.

    But Cali also supports Abortions... And dead fetuses used to create stem cells.

    Majority of Cali farms are Altered farms. An genetic altering is not something that just... Goes away after a period of time. It gets into the soil, the air...

    Hmmm, Maybe thats why Colorado been going loopy for the past half decade. Colorado gets all the updraft pressure fall from Cali.

    Either way... Glad to see Cali has finally stopped putting its head into ignorance.

    Genetics is a science that is not understood, but humanity is stupid enough to not study counter reactions and life cycles, before mass producing.
    5 years ago... All of Cali's food was genetically altered. Wonder what made them change their minds of using it?