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  • Vast Shadow

    LOL Occupy is a bunch of idiots...

    BuT AT LEAST they finally been motivated to COMPLAIN AT THE RIGHT PEOPLE, instead of beinG TOOLS of some bogus wallstreet scam. Congress & The President is who they should protested at from the get-go.
    This was Romney's 27-point plan ... Yes there is 59 of them... Romney was a accountant genius when it came to figures and rations -- Kinda rusty people person talked in figures and was often hard for the non-intellectual to follow. Sorta like a robot when came to the System of the Government, but cooler(And yes not a robot).

    This is Number 53 of the 27-point plan... This would have cut funding to politics that are not part of defence or military... Just mainly the pencil pushers.

    53. Immediately cut non-security discretionary spending by 5 percent

    Romney proposes enacting the Republicans' "Cut, Cap, and Balance" plan, which would cut non-defense discretionary spending by 5 percent...

    Read more:

    BusinessInsider didn't favor Romney, because they are a private sanction of Forbes `magazine... They scrutinized a few of his plans... Because they are donkey's, and just do not get it.

    Romney would have also made an amendment that would enforce the president not to ever raise taxes, unless in War... Giving more accountability of blame to the President if they ever screwed up in the future.

    To bad Romney didn't make President.
    But go over all of the 59 plans... You will see Obama using them in the future.

    Isn't that Ironic. You can see Obama's 27-point Plan here. There is only 27 of them.

    • MetricCook

      Ironically, Roms got neither population vote or collegiate vote, you lose, let's move on...

      • Vast Shadow

        What are you on about, lady... I always win. I didn't even vote and its not about better of ethic, race, moral decisions, or cognitive recollection of being wrong -- I ALWAYS WIN.
        Its you know, psycho-logical... Doctors say that, you can defeat yourself if you do not have faith in yourself... So, I always win.

        Besides I only appoint all those insights about the plans of both President candidates -- Just to laugh later about people using and having favor to Obama being intelligent, as he uses Romney's ideas to fix the economy.

        Romney won in our state... He won in many other states, but people do not select who would be president. Hell, half of you people don't even understand how it all works, but say you understand it.
        Each town has a winner. The most wins in a town decides if the State appoints that president. There is a lot of room for error.
        For some reason, Obama won... He is good at speaking and knows the legal system... So possibly he won for our foreign policy engaging. Romney was not very clear and incentive in explaining things. People called him flip-floppy because they didn't understand the things he said.

        Obama is not a bad guy, but when it comes to accounting the budget... I hope he does not touch it.

        USA can not afford a recession. Outlook is very bleak and its so close to an economy collapse that if that happens... It could easily become a every-state for itself. SO I DO TRY TO SAY, and encourage these rich people... If you got a brilliant idea for economy reform.. You should try to apply it, the senate panel is very open for ideas and so is the Obama adminstration. Complaining is useless, you gotta have some ideas to be heard.

        But you hear about rich over night... Well if economy crashes.. People and states could become poor overnight in that same instance. You think people want their dollar to become worth $0? If it crashes... You better enjoy working for free.

    • BenHargrove

      Your point being? The 27 point plan is very different from anything in Romney's plan, other than lowering the corporate tax rate. Except Obama's specifies that it's to be lowered for domestic manufacturing, whereas Romney wanted to reduce it across the board AND allow businesses with operations overseas off the hook for taxes here while they pay taxes there instead. Regardless, none of that has anything to do with campaign finance reform, which is a serious issue for every citizen in this country who wants their voice to not get drowned out by corporate influence. These are all important efforts that we all should get behind.

      • Vast Shadow

        Romney should been president was the obvious point.

        Ok. Lets be trivial for a moment as most people, understand better with it.
        Taxes are what?
        The funding everyone applies to EVERYTHIng to make our government system work.

        The domestic/public taxes decrease would help, how?
        It would lower state tax, housing tax, and income tax deductions. Actually Obama is impacting on the income tax deductions -- So the public will get less back from income tax.

        Why should we only force Businesses and rich to pay more taxes?
        Obama wants to do this to decrease the deficit(Government tax income/revenue requirements).
        The problem with taxing Businesses : You see a price hike, employees get paid less.
        So in the rebound of taxing businesses more -- Food costs go up, product prices go up.
        Taxing rich people have that same principle -- Do you think a poor person owns this site?
        NOPE. They actually have a lil volunteer program on just so they don't have to payout to few volunteer staff members. But they would hire you here with pay IF you are profitable. Such Nobility here. gets money from advertisements and they LOVE GOOD donations. ~Irrelevant

        But rich people own businesses... So taxing a rich person more -- Their business will be more expensive and evenly be required to give people health insurance(Even small Businesses will have to get Obamacare)
        Costing a LOT more money for businesses and the person who uses that Business.

        Even Walmart had a significant price hike. WALMART... Cheapest place.

        Either way... Price hiking is all we are seeing from Obama's policies in motion... Congress and Obama will begin delegating a better balance in a few weeks. If they can not balance crap... We will see USA off the fiscal cliff -- Which will put USA into a deeper recession.
        They have failed to mention though... Its not about finding an agreement. They are struggling to find a balance in the spendings. But Romney's ideas would have put balance into it.

        I know you don't understand how Romney's plan would fix it... But then you don't really even understand taxes... Right ?

        Is just easier to say that -- You don't get it.. Explaining it would take far too long... And I'm not paid to teach. Maybe you should -- Find those words that confuses you like, deficit, fiscal, delegations... Go to and try to define it the best to your ability.

        Thank you for your patronage!

        • Vast Shadow

          Before you spout on about with your buddies of me not caring or thinking I'm any better...

          I don't know how to balance a budget... I could give a fancy idea for an invention, with conceptional rationalization of actual probability, and analyze a scenario well... Thats about it.
          What good is an idea, that none of you, nor the government may be able to afford after january?

          I don't even understand taxes. When you think about taxes -- What do you get. Bunch of deductions of money that pay for stuff.
          To me... Money doesn't make any sense. We are in debt but how are we? We export the best tech... We tax EVERYTHING from a pieces of candy to paper you whipe your ass on... YET there is still a broken deficit?

          I don't understand money either. Something's worth -- when you characterize something with a number that just places the iconic value of a number figure. Makes no sense. Sure I get all the figures and seeing that businesses tax more may make shit more expensive, but I can't find any decadent inside the conception of money... BUT WE ALL NEED MONEY TO LIVE to announce our `worth.
          All I know about the Federal Union budget is... Taxing business=higher prices. Obamacare = possible loop holes in healthplan financial system ... That and since Obama is forcing companies to pay for Obamacare, will make companies have to re-evaluate their revenue.

          Romney understood the math of budget figures and accounting the deficit inside the lateral of the Government system. SOME PEOPLE HAVE that ability. Hell, Romney was the lead accountant. Romney knows how to make revenue come and profit. He built his own wallet by himself... Just by being good at money figures.

          To me money is just a empty worth that has no real base but other than the `accountability of having worth. Ask yourself, what is the logic of money... Then you could possibly see how I view money as.