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Is The Affordable Care Act A Reason To Vote For Obama?

Alessandra Rizzotti

You may not agree with Obama's deficit-reduction plan, but the Affordable Care Act IS something you can count on if Obama is reelected this year. Consider reading more about Obamacare and what it has already done for us since it was approved in 2010. Romney plans to repeal the act if elected, so consider that when you cast your vote on November 6th.

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  • Stuart

    I think Obama had good intentions when trying to purpose something like this. At least I would hope he did. That being said, I think the plan is complete crap. Yeah pre-existing conditions are going to be covered ten billion years from now, but no level of care or cost is guaranteed. So we'll take you now, but charge you a arm and a leg and the only thing we will cover are well checks...sounds great, thanks!

    This type of health care plan should have been enacted year and years ago when we were still forming as a country and a govt. I'm talking in the 20s or 30s. It seems to me from the research I have done that this type of health care works best when the country, govt, and business industry is not to far along established and complicated, for it to work. New Zealand as an example.

    I do not think that this is a good plan for us. I think the better plan is to take what we have and make the reforms necessary at those levels. How he would do that? I'm not sure, that is why I'm not a politician. But Obama could have used this health care reform as a way of reaching across the isle and making it better for everyone. Instead he divided us even more.

    I would rather stay where we are at right now, or have the "voucher" system with a choice, than have the subpar healthcare that is going to eventually come under Obamacare.

  • Vast Shadow

    You do know that Medicare & Medicaid are already government health plans right?

    Obamacare actually cost a few million dollars OUT of the other health plans to create Obamacare.

    Obamacare will add tax to the "SOCIAL SECURITY" tax everyone already pays for... So Obamacare will raise EVERYONE'S taxes.

    Obamacare will actually make cause medicare & medicaid supported facilities to possibly close -- This would make veterans, disabled people, elderly people go without coverage and be declined.

    What is good about Obamacare?

    Obama could have refined the already in place government health plans, but he creates a new one... That costed a few million to get started. That will possibly make medicare and medicaid fail later on?
    Thats a good idea?

    • Alessandra Rizzotti

      Yes I do know that Medicare and Medicaid are already government health plans and yes I know that in order to create Obamacare, cuts were made from Medicare. I don't necessarily think that raising taxes is a bad thing, especially the way Obama is proposing. And, I don't think Medicaid and Medicare will necessarily fail under Obama. They may be reconfigured, but why would that be a bad thing? Who knows what will work at this point? I'd rather vote for the Green Party or have Richard D. Wolff advise President Obama re: economics. Do you think Romney would be better than those options?