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  • Madeleine Yu

    I would like to say money doesn't buy happiness but for the first time in my career, I'm facing a "tough economic time". Work isn't as abundant and I'm behind on all my bills. It's radically stressful.

    A year ago, I worked a job I wasn't crazy about but was much less stressed out. When I can't contribute financially, I feel vulnerable and weak. I would love money not to matter as much as the next person but it does and it definitely takes a toll on one's mental capacity when faced with financial difficulty.

  • Vast Shadow

    Money doesn't matter. To me anyway... But I'm not a materialistic person. I give a lot of stuff I have away... alot. So much it pisses my parents off. I've owned over 4 Gamecubes given them all to friends. I've owned 6 PS2s given them away. I've given my friends computers movies, tvs, games, money... Etc... I also do a lot of free stuff as well. Do chores for free, mowing, raking, cleaning baby sit... I don't do it to put anyone in a disposition ever, as they sometimes think. I just try to be dependable. Sorta like some sort of lame barter system... As they will sometimes do things or give me things out of the blue. All it really gives me is not owing anyone. I really suck at showing gratitude and doing stuff like that shows I appreciate them.

    Money system of the economy wouldn't just change over night. Every time money is a problem or the economy is struggling there is a massive war. That is why you see many or hear many articles about this War is like World War II... Because USA was in a economy depression during World War II. The depression was used by corporations to erge USA into war. No one even knows why Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, but they said USA was keeping Oil from them as though USA was not even engaged into the War at all... So who cut off oil to Japan?? No one knows.
    Corporations love money... Look at Microsoft... Look at Google. They are by far the most lucrative corporations on the web. They want and want, but never give. You may assume, Google gives... No they don't they make you assume they do. All of their stuff even chrome, was written by firefox team. Ubuntu team is writing their Chrome Operating system. Then after they had their software made -- Google just takes it and denotes everyone else. Google services are monitored and take you information and really if you use any of its stuff. Google Chrome is just a skinned version of Internet Explorer.
    Microsoft is worse... They force people to buy beta software. Windows 8, beta... The only stable new build of Windows was Vista, and XP but they pushed Vista off shelves because there was exploits that could cut off Microsoft tracking really easy. Half of everything Microsoft creates is not evenly original Microsoft concepts. Microsoft steals ideas and doesn't Oblige anyone they take it from... Sure a business has to make money, but stealing ideas and conceptions... That is just wrong. So when you buy something of Microsoft you buying someone elses conceptions and even the person who thought up certain things are BUYING their own ideas. Wont ever be able to use their ideas for themselves.
    People complain about Google tracking users. Microsoft has been doing it since Windows 2000 and Windows 98(final service pack)... That was the main stability issue with WIndows 2000, Too many background services collecting data usage. Windows XP did it too, but Vista had bugs that could easily cut off Microsoft back door had they set up their desktop in a specific... Most used way.

    Money doesn't matter to many people, but many corporations try to control the dollars worth and over price piles of crap... Just to make people assume they are getting their dollars worth. The only real way to get over a hump of money... Is too teach people things and help them be able to learn. If people can not learn, then all we have is bunch of brainless zombies.

    • M

      If money doesn't matter to you, then why have you owned ten game systems? I assume you just kept buying them after you gave them away?