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  • Emily Pasnak-Lapchick

    I am an introvert but people I work with are often surprised when they learn that, as many of them assume I am an extrovert just because I am able to speak my mind and socialize well. I always tell them that being an introvert does not always mean one is shy. Definitely agree that we live in an "extroverted" society - I often find myself stretching my personality just to fit into the way things are working.

    Like this says, at the end of the day, I love to be by myself :)

    Thanks for sharing this!

  • maheshwor

    what about the MBTI & Jung Personality test ?? Are they reliable ??

  • Katharine Azar

    I love this. I am an extrovert but I have watched so many of my introvert loved ones struggle with not being one in a society that favors them. I managed a scholarship that often favors it; I watch hiring process that favor extroverts and it has made me aware of this discrimination of sorts. So many introverts get passed up despite being brilliant, hard working, creative but "timid." This is to the detriment of both the introverts and those who pass them up for opportunities. Thanks for this... I'm sharing.. it's good

    • Vast Shadow

      SUbliminally the female writes only about her ideal mates.

  • Vast Shadow

    I was goin say... Susan gots a deep, static voice. Up until I found that... Susan wrote a book.

    I should write a book... Called: "Labels and Reading Labels" .

    In my book there would be Labels... People that want to be called something and than there would be reading labels those who read people.
    BAM a million dollars --- Just in a book to catagorize people as being different from everyone else.

    These idiotic type assessments are things that FUEL RACISM and HATE. People are taught these retarded "introvert" and "extrovert" ideologies that give provocative reason to be different and prejudice to everyone else. That is just one.... You still got popular kids, geeky kids, gang kids, poor kids, weird kids. STEREOTYPE LABELS.

    I considered myself a nomad... I had friends in every group. However preppy kids were hard to tolerate as they would take the time to opinion on everyone... AN i hated that, but I do have very modest friends -- That do not be snobby to be cool, but because they are insane-perfectionists.
    Your bible states, "To apply judgement sets you up to be judged"(Not in that exact phrasing and I have said bible is gibberish but some of the parts remain unedited) .

    Humans are simple things... They are individual and enjoy companionship.

    Sure those both conceptions have a manner of depth... But either way few things are certain: All of us die, breathe,and crap. I hate people that take time to make these elaborate ploys to separate people into groups. I don't like being categorized, I don't think any black person, asian, mexican likes being categorized too...

    Why is it so hard to fortify individuality... You can make money off a lil book that talks about how people should be themselves.

    Hitler used categories. I don't think those categories lasted very long.

  • Hillary Newman

    Really interesting short video! I'm still not sure which way I lean, but it's reassuring to hear that everyone is mix of introvert and extrovert.

    I think it's interesting that society favors extroverts more. How do we change this?

    • Vast Shadow

      Oh your a lunatic then... Because if you are both invert and exovert you are a "lunatic that belongs in a asylum" .

      • Harls

        No he said if a person were JUST one of those, then they would belong in an asylum...

    • Pete(r) Karinen

      I think it starts with teachers and parents. As opposed to thinking something is "wrong" with a quiet child, they need to examine, then hopefully embrace the quietness.

      • Vast Shadow

        You can tell when a kid was allowed to pretend things and their parents embraced that, too.

        The individual holds no real remorse of portraying things. Gladly to call themselves a teacher, hacker, counselor, IT professional, and even though the person is just pretending, the person doesn't care.
        What do you call someone who is a compulsive liar?
        Oh wait... I just answered my own question.

        • jc_mtz

          You're really smart. I think you're trying to get that answer.

          • Vast Shadow

            In a over achiever, perfectionist, but sorta lazy kind of way.