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  • Omaat .org

    Beautifully written. My uncle had polio, so this hits home.

  • William Lasley

    We have the technology to educate every child on the planet. If we just educated every girl, the need for family planning programs would soon disappear. In fact after educating our species every government on the planet would be desperately trying to increase birth rates.

  • meredith.c.ryan

    it still seems to me that Mr. Gates has finally decided that his wife is his better half and that she should be the one who tells him where to put his brains and his money. feel free to pooh-pooh me on this, but i remember the days before Mrs. Gates came along and how he was a total wank who wouldn't be worthy of a moment of my time. now, thanks to her, he's decided to be a positive force in the world and use his wealth for positive things, rather than the alternative.

    • Elisabeth Hesse

      1) Nobody makes money from the polio vaccine. Definitely not the "billions of dollars" you speak of.
      2) Vaccine-associated polio paralysis (VAPP) is caused only by the oral polio vaccine (OPV). The reason why OPV is used in developing countries instead of the inactivated vaccine (IPV) that we use in the U.S. is that OPV doesn't require cold chain storage and transportation, thus allowing it to be given to children in the most remote parts of the world.
      3) VAPP is actually a very rare occurrence, if you look at the number of cases compared to the number of vaccines given each year. In addition, it is much more likely to be milder and self-limited than wildtype polio, and it is significantly less likely to cause disease when spread in the fecal to oral route, as wildtype polio does. Finally, I'm not positive, but I don't think there are any deaths attributable to VAPP, whereas there are many from wildtype polio.

      I hope we can eradicate this disease from the Earth by the goal of 2018. In order to do that, though, we need to ensure that everybody gets vaccinated, so we can stop transmission. Once it's gone for good, we'll no longer need to use any vaccines, but we're not there yet.

      • Jeremy Kobler

        Simply getting the bacteria/virus that vaccines are supposed to prevent to mutate is not eradicating them. Vaccines DO NOT work, there has never been any proof that they do work ever just an unproven theory. Yes your next response will be look at the numbers, well guess what the numbers were already falling drastically before there was ever a vaccine for the illness!! That is in all cases including Polio, the media spin machine and the amazing marketing of the drug companies has done a fantastic job of convincing the world that we all need these vaccines to survive, when in fact the vaccines themselves are as and usually more harmful than the very disease they are SUPPOSED to prevent. To add to your claim, the most common way that people get polio today is from the vaccine itself, especially the oral polio vaccine which isn't even used in the United States any longer because it causes POLIO!

          • Jeremy Kobler

            It says nothing really, one it is from the WHO, which is in bed with the pharmaceutical companies as well, so there are plenty of things that this chart does not show, if you bothered to read the article I posted it showed that there are actually much larger incidence of paralysis from the vaccine given than cases of wild-type polio, another thing is it is very hard to differentiate from symptoms alone, they have no real way of proving the vaccine is preventing any disease transmission. Given that it is a fecal oral transmission it is actually more effective to teach people how to be more sanitary rather than have them ingest an oral polio vaccine which often causes polio that it is supposed to be preventing. You know similar to when people stopped getting the black plague when they stopped living in filth and increased hygiene habits. The graph actually shows a strong downward trend before the vaccine was introduced, also ice cream sales and rape also increase in the summer time, does that mean summer time causes both of those? No causality isn't clearly established in the chart. So yes I am a doctor I do know how to read the chart, thank you for trying to be insulting towards my intelligence simply because my educated opinion differs from yours, I do not know your background or education concerning vaccines? However I have researched and studied this topic heavily, it's not just an opinion based on nothing or the mass media barrage of garbage spread across the planet to make people think we cannot live if we don't get vaccinated...

    • Robert Singleton

      Yes, this is why debate is such a good thing. We learn a lot. Both sides present their information, which puts us all in a better position to decide who is right, and why people say what they say and believe what they believe.