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  • Okiro

    Wow! I have never been so inspired and felt so connected with someones writing as I have reading in different parts of this article. I look forward to follow your work and do my best to learn and succeed with some inspiration from your expressions and example.

    • Jody Turner

      Thank you greatly for your support, thank you.

  • Ali Akram

    well well well really Inspire.i learn many things.You guys are Awesome..

  • Emma Zimmerman

    This really resonated with me -- thanks for sharing! As a recent college grad, I've come to realize business schools give students a very small window into the possibilities of modern entrepreneurship. Awesome innovation happens when people step outside those bounds and live life in their own order. The most successful, happy people I know have forged their own path. And, Wikipedia... who would have thought! Genius.

    • Jody Turner

      Thank you Emma! Schools are catching up to entrepreneurial thinking but not as fast as they could. Keeping your ear to the ground for new possibilities is always a good thing inside of company or out! This is our new world of change... No more 'set and forget'... Glad you like the Wikipedia call out... next blog hope I can get into #hashtag power!!!

  • Michelle Florendo

    Jody, thank you so much for sharing this. The line that particularly struck me was when you talk about going toward people you "feel intimidated by, challenged by, or sometimes feel jealous of." I know there is a ton I could learn from these people, but I think my biggest fear when it comes to approaching them is not knowing what I can offer in return for a conversation. I'd love to know whether you have any advice on how i can move past this.

    • Jody Turner

      Thank you for your kind words Michelle! My next blog I am working on for Alessandra and GOOD is about knowing and developing your strengths. It is in the works! Meanwhile, here is my long answer to your question, here goes. When you approach someone be curious. Ask questions to find out what it is that activates you about them or brings you to activity, admiration and excitement. Be generous and gracious with your time and attention without agenda to garner something from them other than seeing what is revealed to you about you and what it can add to your life in knowing this and them. This is where a form of gratitude comes in, recognizing the contributions they inspire in us and we inspire in them. Regarding what you contribute or inspire in others? Knowing what you are good at and what you have to offer again comes from the place of passion with purpose. How many times have you heard this but this is where the energy well and wisdom from within comes from. Here we are not talking about trying too hard or competing to prove yourself but about being authentic. Spend time knowing yourself and developing what is uniquely you. It is good to read and know a great deal but ask yourself, "What is missing in the world according to MY POV?" Spend time developing how to serve what is missing and needed from your unique POV, I guarantee you will find your north star in this process. Once you know your unique north star or feel your core mission/self, everything someone else says or does gives you grist for the mill, allowing you to be in "live ideation" with them on the spot, expanding your POV about life, where things are going, where to go. Make sure it is a YES, AND conversation versus a competition... I have learned that by allowing opposite ideas to coexist there is so much more information available. A part of this is getting rid of your buttons in relating to others (but not boundaries, care for your best ideas, nurture them and keep them safe). Getting rid of your buttons or the buttons that people push to activate, control or dismiss you are your insecurities masked as ego limitations that provide a way for people to knowingly or unknowingly manipulate you. That is if you are not conscious. Yes, it is not about them it is about you, but in the best way possible. I am in the process of "diminishing" my said buttons (not boundaries) and as I do so (oh so many buttons, so little time) I feel more creative energy or flow. And of course as I step out and up I am also experiencing more of my inner critique to work with... Ah the life of a creative. More on this with specific tools provided in the next blog. Thank you!

  • Jasmine Youssefzadeh

    this is such an amazing piece! Thanks for sharing your advice Jody - it was an inspiring read. Would love to connect with you!

    • Jody Turner

      Thank you Jasmine, I love your work and just started following you on Twitter. Follow me and we can connect... want to know more about what you are doing!

  • Code Start

    Wow Jody this is awesome! Thank you so much for sharing this. I love the confidence and the courage to step outside the box and get out of comfort zones. The advice given in here will definitely be used within our company. Thank you so much for sharing Jody. We would love to connect with you more and stay in contact!

    • Jody Turner

      Thank you much! I would love to connect. I will send you a message via Twitter, have ideas and thoughts. Love what you offer, so needed!

      • Code Start

        Awesome Jody, connecting with you now!

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    Thank you for sharing about serving others through collaboration & deeply listening to fulfill a need/address a challenge AND about having the courage to reach out to others who may intimidate/inspire us, but ultimately may be of help to us and us to them. When I took the risk & left full-time "regular" employment, sold my house and possessions to create/facilitate a volunteer literacy project, I relied a lot on listening, collaborating and constantly adapting my work to meet the needs of those I served as best as I was able. In my current work as a Cause-Focused Storyteller/Speaker and Trainer I am constantly collaborating on projects whether it is the Community Created Books Project to highlight the innovative potential that exists everywhere OR developing a multimedia presentation to address Body Image issues. I read through the comments as well and appreciate you sharing the story of contacting someone with whom you resonated even though it took 6 months to finally meet. I've become better at reaching out to those around me, but still need a bit more moxie to reach out to those I sometimes feel may be too far "above" me, thanks for the encouragement! HUG, Kristin

    • Jody Turner

      Wow! You are doing great work in the world! Thank you! I love how you weave your creative nature, your skill set and you empathy together to accomplish things of value. Personally as a very natural, grass root and organic speaker/contributor I knew I needed to have the balance of experience and alignment with global thinkers and doers in order to have my ideas heard across the board. For me I have been able to let go of any hesitance once I focused on my greater mission and passion purpose, the "Influencing for future betterment" focus. I knew I needed to have both the small and larger stage work to have impact, traction and evolution. Purpose really helped me get over my self-imposed limitations and reach out to influence a larger world. I love what you are doing! Great going!

      • Kristin Pedemonti

        Mutual admiration society. :) I would love to hear more about how you "psych" yourself up before you reach out to someone who may be in a upper position. Thanks for any additional insight you can share. Hug from me to you.

        • Jody Turner

          Personally I believe that what I am doing is needed so I step up. What you are doing is needed, what many are doing on this site is needed. I am not confident but I am brave because I feel the need and see the opportunity space that needs addressing. So it is less about me really. I think of the end user I am trying to serve and it kicks me in gear. I can see that you are one that sees the gap or the opportunity space that needs addressing and goes there. The 'start up mind' is really coveted in the business world today. For those in the GOOD community that are grass root creative thinkers, and I imagine there are quite a few, I believe this is our time to contribute.

          • Kristin Pedemonti

            Thank you for the encouragement; agreed! I am extremely passionate about my work and know that the collaborations I'm fortunate enough to be a part of have meaning and greater potential to serve more. I am saving your feedback and keeping it in my Motivation folder! :)

  • Michele Alise

    Corporate social responsibility at its best! I love how you describe using connection, compassion and mentoring to create opportunities for change and progress. Putting our own abilities and contributions to work to accentuate the positive and move things forward feels much more productive than lamenting about what others could or should do to solve problems like inequality or poverty. Self worth leads to empowerment and success more than anything else, let's allow for this in ourselves and those we touch.

    • Jody Turner

      Michele, thank you! This is exactly the approach I was taking through the stories of my experiences! Building new ways of doing things together through our evolving actions together... I started with a mandate or self mission: "Influencing for Future Betterment" which could encompass a broad scope but also could be a north star/compass for the choices I make. Always good to have a north star... Thank you for your comment.

  • Jj Mk

    i'm getting a bit tired of the male female sexism of the 60's. an entrepreneur can be a man or woman.

    • Jody Turner

      I really agree! Of course I had to write the article from my point of view for authenticity which at my age (I look younger than my years) is and was influenced by this difference strongly. I too am very tired of this call out, it can be both a man or woman in our modern age. Agreed.

  • Jeff Nelder

    This is a great article for female entrepreneurs- but the implications are more global than solely directed to the portion of the population that is female- or to the portion of the business population that are pure entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship has become an important approach for anyone- working for others or working for themselves. A great articulation of a series of truths.

    • Jody Turner

      It was my hope this would have a broader appeal and I admit I felt I was limiting myself by focusing on the woman's perspective and yet it was and is authentic to my experience. Thank you so much for expanding the conversation and inviting that in.

  • N Beck

    "Understanding the needs, wants and challenges of people we serve, in combination with the truth of the world today, helps us build a different type of road to success in business and provides opportunity spaces previously unseen." I REALLY resonated with this quote because I think it's important, as an entrepreneur, to create something for those people and their needs, wants, and challenges. The people we serve help guide is in creating opportunities and products that really matter, that really bring positive change to a space. Thanks so much for sharing this article!

    • Jody Turner

      I like how you frame your motivation, the empathy you describe provides such emotional force and fuel for the work that needs doing concerning personal and public value. Thank you for the great frame...

      • N Beck

        Definitely! I think that as one enters into the entrepreneurial world it can be easy to fall into the trap of being solely concerned with the bottom line, with making a profit. I think that when a business first concerns itself with addressing a need, and builds itself around honoring that need for and with others, then you create something that goes beyond pure profit and really gets at the heart of providing a quality product / experience / what have you. There seems to be a great community of entrepreneurs that operate in this way, which I really enjoy. Anyway, thanks for the reply back! A great ongoing discussion, for sure :).

        • Jody Turner

          It does my heart good to hear this, to know that more entrepreneurs are moving from the space that includes passionate contribution with livelihood.

          • N Beck

            Well, trying at least! We'll see if I succeed. Glad that the sentiment does your heart good; that in turn does MY own heart good! Haha :).

  • Alessandra Rizzotti

    I think this is my favorite piece of advice: "Don’t be afraid to move toward people who intimidate you in your profession, or in your life." Other than taking classes and networking at events or on LinkedIn where your mentors could possibly be, how else do you recommend making contact with people who may be at a higher level than yourself?

    • Jody Turner

      This was a vulnerable reveal so glad it makes sense to you. I found one of my lead inspirational mentors by seeing her in a conference brochure. After reading a bit about her I felt such a resonance that I called her at her place of work. This is a Fortune 500 leader... I told her I had ideas I wanted to share around her innovative approach and asked for a moment of her time. Like all good innovators she made time. Of course it took 6 months to get through her schedule with many delays. When I happened to be in her city she made time. It took her ten minutes to know she wanted to work with me. She asked what I charged and I was unprepared. She hired me for a project on the spot and later brought me up on stage for the first time to share ideas at a conference she was presenting at. Apple saw me there and I began a project with them soon after. The bravery, the fresh ideas shared and the passion – all important for her to sign on as my mentor and for me to sustain the exchange with awe and respect. Now I know to have my fee figured out in advance!