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  • Alystar Mckenneh

    What a well written and real article. I know exactly what you're talking about! I grew up in a nightmare and work disaster zones because I'm level headed and calm in a disaster. But I have a hard time when the adrenaline is not cranked up. No one really understands the strength of character and the beating your emotional self takes to work in these places. But you know not just anyone can do it. So you go. It's been a long time since I've read something without the gloss and bull crap created to ease the tender feelings of the pretenders in the world. Thank you.

  • MichaelMancha

    Dear Journalist,

    WTF! This is one of the most facsinating, emotionally brave, psychology disturbed, borderline out-of-control snapshots of human trauma I've ever read! Savagely written would be an understatement in trying to describe this.

    If this is genuinely real experience being described in this piece, there only one thing to say:
    Get the hell out of that particular place in journalism! You don't have to live mere breaths away from destruction and madness to either be alive or make an impact on/in the world. For those of us who didn't choose being in danger but were born there, I've gotta say it sounds like some deep Catholic/guilt ridden bs run amok in the thinking.

    But I hope you realize that with the courage you have (to write that piece whether it's real or not) you could do a thousand other things of equal significance and not be killed. Are you kidding, just fighting for journalism's soul to survive the corporate market machines' plan to murder it and leave Western culture voiceless is a life-time and worthy cause!

    Just a suggestion- Get some help, fightgirl... And get better while you're young enough to reinvent. Happy New Year.


  • doghacks

    Iv gotta say, it's surprisingly common for people to go this way, I'm very involved in much bdsm play and I have met many girls whos interest in violent sex spurs from previous abuse.

    I myself also come from an abusive upbringing, I feel myself that violent sex has allowed me to challenge many emotionaly charged feeling about my past. Although I found it on the opposite end of the violence

    Fortunately I have a girl who has much trust in me to still respect and care for her wellbeing even though I very much humiliat and dominant her during sex. She much like you has emotional trauma from a previous event and found it difficult to be touched by someone, also like you she found being forced upon was easier to handle

    Thanks for the story. It really is something of a taboo subject which many people are not comfortable admitting and many think it's nuts

  • TammyJo Eckhart

    While I applaud you, your therapist, and your friend being willing to do this, it was a dangerous strategy for you all. What protections did Isaac have in place if you had freaked out and called the police afterwards? Did he get therapy or have someone he could talk to afterwards? That's a dark place he had to go and I can't imagine it not affecting him deeply. Did you go to therapy afterwards?

    • doghacks

      As much as I can see your consern. In all retrospect the police would have little to do.. What was happening was consented (meaning there is nothing they could do unless she denyed it)

      Although I questions if safety words were used I very much think that the point of them being there may of killed the intent of the whole thing for some (although I still think it would of been a good idea)

      Isaacs mental stability is most likely intact. If he was to of been extremely challenged by what he was doing he probably would of not allowed himself to go as full on as he did or would of hesitated by the time he was throwing punches

      Just my opinion