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  • Alexander Rose

    Only alllow women to search? This was a good article and I actually was starting to like the author until I saw that. "In order to make women comfortable you have to put the control in their hands" no thank you, HOW ABOUT BE FUCKING WOMEN. Window Closed.

    And to the imurjellybean guy Tinder sucks.. Basically I don't know if people don't realize this but Hot or Not and Blendr are exactly the same thing, only Blendr expands on it to include private photos and the ability to search people near you and message them without having to match first.

    I live in Baltimore and you could swipe on Tinder for 60 seconds and get nothing but the most genetic abberations of human beings ranging from obese to those you would think would have a hard time getting out of bed in the morning.

    Go to Hot or Not and swipe for 60 seconds and you see mostly really attractive women. Now I don't know how it is for women on Tinder but I've seen some pictures and some women say it's worse for women than it is men.

    That said, Blendr gives you more locals. With hot or not, there is the most minimal attention placed on finding people close to you, since the premise is more about rating than it is about meeting, though you can.

    And for those who think Hot or Not bit off of Tinder think again, Hot or Not was the first app of this type to allow you can rate people hot or not - and then not long after, to "match with them" and be able to chat with those who you matched with. This was back in the late 90s early 2000s, when Face the Jury was around, which also allowed you to rate people but you didn't have to match with them, it was more like Myspace and Facebook.

  • imurjellybean

    Haven't you guys heard about something called Tinder?

  • zoes

    I think when I have the time, id like to build something like this, except the last part. Just play it smart, and meet people in crowded places. There is always risk with this stuff.

    • Alexander Rose

      Without risk there's no reward. Meeting people in crowded places or with friends isn't sexy or conducive to any kind of attraction, it's more conducive to extremely awkward first dates. Many people are nervous and shy and self-concsicous of meeting new people, minus meeting their friends.

      Then you have experts (read: dipshits) who say that they prevent violence against women by scaring the bejesus out of them with horror stories of women getting attacked and raped so they are too scared out of their gizzards to meet anyone, and then go on 5,000 awkward first dates instead.

      If I come across a woman that wants to meet with her friends I say no. Now I could say hey me and my friends are gonna be at XYZ kareoke bar but I don't.

      Because that would be like knowing someone was infected with a zombie mutagenic virus and knowingly still want to date them anyway. It's trouble waiting to happen. Thank you so-called experts and the media.

      • Alexander Rose

        Meanwhile most violence towards women comes from spouses and boyfriends (LOL).. just like most gun violence comes from CRIMINALS. Definition of criminal. those who break the law. But yeah gun control LAWS will help.

        It's all the same thing- country being run by morons with PhD's in being a dipshit.

    • Alexander Rose

      Don't get too excited. It's the same thing as other dating apps. Just you'll have more women posting nude photos as private photos that you have to ask permission to see.

      It's pretty cool and I like what the author said about women being taught at a young age not to confuse intimacy and sex..

      Sex education is really killing things. It's annoying that women are basically taught the values of a patriarchal society under the guise of feminism.

      When I was growing up you could find all kinds of horny curious girls on IRC and other social networks of the time who wanted to get frisky :)

  • TSK

    As a bloke, I find the women selecting the men a profound idea. Men sending photos of their own cocks ? That just seems a bit seedy, and I think that's what causes to put most girls off. Although I did download this app purely because I can't get enough of sex, and women. Women of different shapes and sizes and passions and goals, just women in general, and ultimately sex. But that means they should still be treated with respect

    • Alexander Rose

      That's why you don't send pictures of your cock. LOL

      but any site that does not allow men to choose will send all the real men running in the opposite direction, and all you will be left with are feminized pansies that are going to frustrate the hell out of women looking for a good lay.

  • Water511

    This article is kind of ridiculous.

    As a gay men who uses Grindr: it's NOT just about casual sex, and I really don't appreciate the ugly stereotypes you're perpetuating about gay people. On Grindr, you'll find many men like myself who are looking for dates and long-term relationships, and explicitly NOT casual sex. I just had a date with a guy I met on Grindr the other night. Guess what? We talked, drank, ate, and hugged at the end of the night. No sex (yet). It was great!

    Grindr is indeed overtly sexual, but that is not its only purpose, and not all gay men are as okay with casual sex as the media makes us seem to be.

    Secondly: having an app where only women can search is absolutely ridiculous. I can't imagine many men signing up for that. Imagine the opposite: an app where only men can search and women can make themselves simply "available". Doesn't sound very rewarding to me. And "endorsements"? That would send the message that all men are potential threats unless someone can vouch for them. Guess what? That applies to all people, and I'm sure men would appreciate the same thing for women on such an app. You have no idea how much I hear "She's pretty, but man she was insane, and not in a good way" from my straight male friends. The point is: the playing field has to be even...always.

    But then again, maybe the playing field will NEVER be completely even when it comes to opposite sex relationships. Thank God I'm a man who loves men.

  • AngusBeef86

    The problem i see with the woman-centric idea is this: a lot of women may still prefer a guy starting everything off. I've used a couple dating sites and they've resulted in, at the very least, a physical relationship. However, over the months of using these dating apps (primarily 2 that are made by a single developer), I've only been engaged first 2 times. Every other time anything has developed I've been the one to engage first.

    Now I might attributed this phenomenon to the fact that I'm not extremely hot in terms of attractiveness; I'm not fugly by any means but I wont be winning any beauty contests anytime soon either. A "set back" such as this is usually overcome by having a personality that allows a woman to feel like I'm not trying to rip her proverbial panties off. In my experience, a woman who receives positive interest in something other than their body, they tend to be more accepting of those of us guys that are less than 10s.

    If you take away the ability for guys to initiate a conversation or some sort of meaningful interaction, you potentially remove the only way a guy like me has at meeting up, hooking up or even talking to a girl online.

  • hmmmiwonder

    "Data from online dating websites actually shows the opposite: Men are picky, and women are far more forgiving and flexible when it comes to seeking a partner."

    Do you have a link?

  • Rossdee

    The only problem with that level of female-centricity is the last part. It's a good idea but in practice, how many guys are actually going to be comfortable saying to a female friend "hey, can you vouch for me on this so I can get laid?" You might be comfortable doing it, but would your friends be comfortable asking is what I'm trying to get at. And I say this from the perspective of still telling my friend that I have an okcupid profile embarrassing.

    Plus it wouldn't protect from those who're creeps enough to just fake a female profile that'd vouch for them

    • Dan Rich

      I got a very nice reference from an ex back in my teens. Firstly, it;s horribly insecure to need a good review to prop you up. Not a great vote of confidence in someone's own taste and judgement. I'm pretty comfortable with my friends, and there's a few who are women. Not only would asking be no problem, but I'd be very surprised if they'd have any trouble lying outrageously to anonymous strangers they'll never meet. I've 2 sisters and a mother with flattering, but warped opinions of me, if required. It's something of a cliché, but I've very little confidence in someone else's idea of an ideal match (and those happy couples will keep trying). Protection from creeps is very tricky, and the only sure way is to avoid people completely. Otherwise, I'm afraid it's down to experience. I've found that other people's opinions and gender discrimination are more harm than help if you want to know about someone.

  • Sam Randolph

    I completely agree. Compared to other dating sites out there today (OkCupid, anyone?), Blendr seems a little too ponderous. It would be awesome if there could truly be something that lives up to Grindr's success. As a guy, I know I'd probably use it. Are there any other ladies who'd like to see a site like that?

    • TSK

      As a bloke, I find the women selecting the men a profound idea. Men sending photos of their own cocks ? That just seems a bit seedy, and I think that's what causes to put most girls off. Although I did download this app purely because I can't get enough of sex, and women. Women of different shapes and sizes and passions and goals, just women in general, and ultimately sex. But that means they should still be treated with respect