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How To Identify and Cultivate Passion

Morgan Grace

This piece makes me reflect on our sometimes cliche use of the the word, "passion." Do you live your passion out every day? If so, how do you maintain authenticity?
In Positivcity, I've had members say they often experience guilt when they acknowledge "living the dream" while others aren't in the best shape. However, when you're're happier. Happy people have a greater tendency to give back, so guilt threatens the very core of your mission. Thoughts?

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  • seabreezn

    Commen sense dictates you must care for yourself , physically , IQ & EQ etc..never to the exclusion of others ...When you share the "gifts" you've been blessed with or cultivate , they are uniquelly yours . With faith in your heart you intuitivelly know you don't " own " your gifts . Your not here to the exclusion of others ...I'm not trying to preach , but share the thought process . Like " guilt " ...after years of working in "end stage care " & hearing peoples guilt ridden excuses for not calling or visiting a dying friend / relative etc ..I've learned that " guilt" is self-serving & an intuitive message at the same time . Aka when people expressed the above , they brought the subject back on-to themselves yet , from years of listening I believe "guilt" is also a message to yourself that -whatever you feel guilty about is a lesson for you that you've done something wrong . Which gives a person the opportunity to learn from the "guilt" an hopefully not repeat the same mistake again , not dwell in the selfishness of guilt . It's fruitless defiles true passion in life ...

    • Morgan Grace

      I really like your take on guilt being an intuitive message. So, you think it takes on a moral conviction in some cases, and allows the individual to course correct? I totally agree that it robs the individual of genuine passion, and I hope to correct that paradigm with clients I'll have in the future. Brene Brown's research on shame and guilt are extremely eye-opening, and I highly recommend it to you if you're so inclined to take a peak. Thanks so much for sharing your insights!

      • seabreezn

        Hi Morgan ! Just got your reply or I should say just got on the web after a free weekend of " no tech "= ahhh...
        I'll have to check out Brene Brown's research , thanks for the tip .
        Back to " guilt "....boiled down to basics for me I think it's a gift of " conscience radar " ...A built in antennae of sorts to let you know you took the wrong path or a side street on your path and the pang of guilt is your oppurtunity to reflect , learn and move on with the gained knowledge . Whether nature or nuture it's a built in " warning system ". Unfortunatly , some people nuture the guilt which causes undue drama an negativity . That can put a "stop gap " in the flow of many passions and then excuses will inevitably arise to why a person isn't doing what they'll tell you they know "would" be good for them ...or simply " doing good " which is another gift you give to yourself and others by being in the moment . I know that's a whole other subject , but in part of being free to feel your passions& open up your intuition ...What do you think ? Cheers to a fine day ! S.

  • Alessandra Rizzotti

    Is it guilt for pursuing passions that fulfill the self, or is it guilt for pursuing a cause, just because you feel guilty? I think people who give back can only do it well if they are paying attention to their own personal needs as well- mentally and physically. If that means that person needs to fulfill artistic needs, then that's fine. It's how they turn those artistic passions into something that can fulfill others that makes that person exceptional.

    • Morgan Grace

      Alessandra-awesome question. Many of my members feel guilty pursuing happiness and passions because many goals they share fully involve the self. I'm trying to shift the paradigm. Society has placed a stigma on "entitlement" and I feel that when viewed under the lens of people being happy and pursuing their goals and passions, one must come to understand that self care is paramount to doing any good in the community and beyond.

        • Morgan Grace

          Meditation and running are my go-to strategies. Learning how to graciously say "no". Yoga. Investing in meaningful relationships. Trying something new (trapeze lessons are on my list-haha). Tuning into positive media as opposed to negative depictions of our world. Creating vision boards to inspire you to reach your highest potential.