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  • Kathleen Lota

    This was so helpful to hear. I've had been going through a giant battle with a property that I purchased (my first) for 6.5 yrs. Work was done illegally prior to buying and long story short, there's nothing I can do about it. Its complicated - a condo assoc with only 3 owners who have faced a $100k fix required by the state. It has consumed me for 6.5 yrs and I know that others can see this. I know I can't hide it. I wished I could change it but it has been more than challenging. Your story will help. Thank you.

  • Sarah Salpeter

    Audrey - I love how you are sharing your transformation & revelations with the world. One thing that I have learned through my study of spirituality is this simple truth - the only way to experience light is to experience the dark. Keep sharing!

    • Audrey Bellis

      You are so right! Without one, we cannot fully appreciate the balance of the other. Thank you so much for your kind words.

  • marcosbaires

    Thanks a lot for sharing this.
    I think the meditation makes a big difference and its great that you practice it several times a day.
    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

    • Audrey Bellis

      Thank you Marcos, I share a little co-op with a few other people and the running joke is that I'm always in my little meditation corner sitting on my big floor poof... but I've caught other people wandering in and checking it out too. It's a practice that's always evolving and changed my life.

  • Erik Tilkemeier

    Nothing as rewarding as living life in the present, on your own terms! Congratulations on finding your way!

  • Thavary Krouch

    Thank you for sharing, Audrey. It's an encouraging reminder that we all have personal development work to do and that we're not alone on this journey called "life".

    • Audrey Bellis

      Thank you for reading & commenting Thavary! Sending you love & light on your journey as well!

  • James Strock

    Excellent and thought-provoking. Thanks for sharing your experience. Your focus on adopting a service orientation rings very true. Transformational and constantly evolving....

    • Audrey Bellis

      Thank you James, are you familiar with Simon Sinek? He did a great interview with Jonathan Field (also amazing) for The Good Life Project and it was incredible. The topic was "Serving those who serve others" and my biggest take away from it was how when we are in environments that are right: we serve others & when we are in environments that are wrong for us: we serve ourselves. Powerful. Incredible speaker and author.

      • James Strock

        thanks for tip! will look at this. i've written a book on this theme, called Serve to Lead. it makes the argument that effective 21st century leadership, management and communication is all about service. not optional. required way of changing customary thinking... thanks for YOUR service, audrey.

        • Audrey Bellis

          So cool! I'm going to order it, looking forward to reading it!

  • calamityaim

    had my own personal crisis in 2013 and identifying tremendously with you right now. pursuing a different career path in design & finding my charisma and personality again through outreach & education is an unmatchable feeling.

    • Audrey Bellis

      That's awesome! Congrats on your new journey!

  • Tanya

    I am on a similar journey of self-discovery and transformation and found this article to be such a great reminder of things I have been reading and reflecting upon lately. I struggle with simply forgiving myself for mistakes and moving on - I am challenging myself to be gentle and to release the judgment of myself and others. It is a daily practice to simply accept where I am at. I have been doing a lot of writing down my intentions for my life and reading them daily. This has been a fun project because every day I seem to add or edit them to be more inspiring to me. I am hoping that I can bring people into my life who are also seeking to be in tuned with their higher selves for support. Doing it alone and not having anyone to share your intentions, dreams, and goals with can make them seem like a fantasy.

  • John Hardman

    Truly awesome advice! What I take away from your discussion is that becoming a happy, fulfilled person is a communal effort, not a solitary, narcissistic endeavor. We cannot see ourselves, but others must reflect us back before we can get a sense of who we really are and how we impact others. Choosing inspiring groups, helping others, finding like-minded community all help use break free of our limited mental habits and allow our spirits to flow into the community. You give us good advice for all ages and genders. Thank you!

  • What If...?

    What great advice! I especially love how it's not a "one size fits all" approach. Using design, allows for people to tailor things to their own circumstances. Very well put.

  • elisedv

    What wisdom you have for a young person -- if I might be so judgemental ;-) Namaste and thank you.

  • Alessandra Rizzotti

    I love the idea of releasing what doesn't serve you. I think that's incredibly valuable to come to peace with. Any ideas on what can help you get in the mindset for something like that?

    • Audrey Bellis

      I think the best way to figure out is to learn to tune in to yourself. When you find that you dread going to work every day and stare at the clock ready to bolt at the end of the day... that's a sign you need to change something. It's either releasing the attitude that you aren't meant to be there or the environment. Relationships are another example- we all know the people that we allow to drag us down with negative energy and lack mentalities, why don't we release them? Those relationships don't serve us yet the obligation to be polite because we've known them for some time or worse, we're related... it's the same principal- we have to recognize that the environment we've allowed isn't one that brings out our best version. That's when we need to release and say: "I chose not to enable this anymore." I often find that once I can get real with myself and say "no, this doesn't bring out my best me", I don't feel guilty for letting it go.

  • Semhal Tekeste

    Thank you very much for sharing this! You make several valid points that I co-sign with, 100%. I was recently introduced to LaPorte's "Design Map Planner", and really loved your description of the importance of experiencing your most authentic self. Again, thanks for sharing...plenty of things I could pull out and quote.

    You go, girl! :)

    • Audrey Bellis

      Thank you Semhal! I'm so in love with Desire Map Planner! Have you ever participated in a Firestarter session/group? Sending you light on your miraculous journey as well, xoxo.