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  • Anita W

    What a beautiful way to create an adventure! Count me inspired.I would love to connect with you as well. I am part of a non-profit that does humanitarian design work in Los Angeles.

    • Lukas

      Hey Anita, thanks! This was one of my first articles about my journey. It's been 2 years on the road now and there's lots to explore on my website these days:

  • Mike wants to help

    You Rock. Following your dream and living your life on your terms is the way to go.
    Great luck and happy travels.

  • Judy Tan

    That's pretty awesome what you're doing! If you're ever in Portland, OR, we can always need an update to our website! :)

    • Lukas

      Thanks Judy, hope to make it to the US in 2015, I'll keep you posted. All the best :)

  • Feel Curve

    I spent 2 years of my life in Australia, Melbourne,
    My heart is still there, so thank you, Great Post Mate!


    • Lukas

      Yep, it's great fun :) Thanks!

    • Winston Struye

      And props for the love on Melbourne! I lived there for a long time myself and share your admiration for that city =)

      • Lukas

        Yep, great place, coming from living in Berlin i really enjoyed the smaller scale of things and communities being more attached. Thanks dude!

  • Arifah Rahaman-Aronson

    Exciting and inspiring! I've wanted to do something similar and will have to wait until my boys, now 14, are off. I think there's so much giving and receiving with just being out there, taking my skills direct. Thank you and well written.

    • Lukas

      Thanks Arifah! :)

  • JanetteRene

    Awesome! Your story reminded me of another designer Adrian Hoppel doing something similar, using the principals of the Gift Economy by Charles Eisenstein(dotnet), Thank you for the inspiration!

    • Lukas

      Great, didn't know about Adrian. Sounds like a great way of doing it too, I totally agree that we should have some faith in people, I've been suprised in many positive ways in my journey so far, without expecting much in return.

  • Shira White

    Nice post Lukas! Since you are looking for more good things around the world, you might like to check out BeautifulNow ( about the most beautiful things happening in the world right now. We'd love to see you there!

    • Lukas

      I'll check it out, thanks!

  • marcosbaires

    Good inspiration for all of us trying not to sit 9 hours a day for someone else dreams.

    • Lukas

      Indeed. Thanks Marcos!

  • Upper90SoccerSD

    tgaignard is right to an extent. Balance idealism with capitalism (which it sounds like you are) until you find an opportunity/place/space/partner that you can see settling down with and making a life around. Great story.

    • Lukas

      Thanks man. See my answer to tgaignard below. :)

  • Guillo El

    Excellent inspiration, thanks for sharing!

    • Lukas

      Thanks dude!

  • tgaignard

    How are you going to save for retirement? I'm not dissing your idea. It sounds ideal, but my roommate is a 58 year old artist and musician who has traveled all over the world and has some fantastic stories--including walking on fire, living in a hut in Africa for over a year, and living in Hawaii. He has made many friends along the way, living much the way you are describing. He has no money and no retirement. His Social Security will not be that high, either, because he rarely held a conventional job. He has no permanent home. Just make sure you keep putting some money aside for your old age and never touch it! Good luck with your work. Make it viable!

    • Lukas

      Hey. Fair point... and to be honest, I don't know yet. I worked as a regular employee for a number of years, but obviously i won't have enough left for retirement from that. While I travel I'm keeping my eyes and ears open, when the right business idea or solution pops up I'm willing to give it a shot. A lot of countries solve their problems better then others, it's about spotting those differences on a small scale. The future is bright anyhow :) Thanks for throwing that in!

      • tgaignard

        Well, I have observed one thing many times. I positive attitude and an open mind make a magical combination. Throw in hard work and you've got a winning combination every time. GOOD LUCK!

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    Great work Lucas! Thank you for sharing all the good people you met in exchanging your skills for other ways of being taken care of. Bartering and sharing our skill sets with whomever needs them is a wonderful way to live. I'm happy to see so many doing this. Matthew Manos at and others here on Good.Is. Lots of inspiration.
    In 2005, I sold my home & most of my possessions to be a fulltime Cause-Focused Storyteller & create/facilitate a volunteer literacy project in Belize. I rented a tiny room in Belize City as my base & set up School/library presentations, teacher/librarian trainings & co-created a writing workshop. 120 schools in 50+ villages later I learned a lot. I continued w 30 day followup visits for 7 years. While in Belize locals housed me and fed me in exchange for me presenting at their schools or training teachers in their communities. I then continued that model elsewhere in the US, Poland, Guatemala along with paid work. I performed at a Storytelling Festival in Kenya in June in trade for housing/food and then took another volunteer project; raising enough money to stay for 3 more weeks and collect real life stories of perseverance and potential. The stories became a book. Went to Ghana and currently creating another book in Haiti. I try to never turn down a gig because of lack of funds (the client or my own) As a Cause Focused Storyteller I feel it's important to share Stories with whomever requests them. As long as they see the value of Story. (apologies for such a long response) LOVE what you do, keep inspiring others and living life learning and Sharing! HUGS to you.

    • Lukas

      Kristin, so good!! Just checking your website, hugs back and keep it up! I'm hoping to help a lot of companies and great people on the way...

      • Kristin Pedemonti

        Thanks for the Hugs. And thank you again for all you are helping along the way. It's such a wonderful Win-win situation. Often we receive far more than we give and in such unexpected ways! :)

  • Rama Luksiarto

    Hi Lucas. I am so glad that I came across your post. I am a graphic designer myself and is going through the same experience. I want to grow my full potential outside of my comfort zone through traveling and helping great cause. I will actually travel to Melbourne for three months in April. Your story is very inspiring. Would really appreciate if you could give some tips about connecting/approaching people/companies. Cheers, R.

    • Lukas

      Hey Rama, please send me an email via my website and I'll be glad to answer your questions. Thanks!

    • Lukas

      Cool, looks like a great business model. I'll be in touch!

    • Lukas

      Thanks Jonny!