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  • sheriberry

    My job is unloading trucks, so my shifts are 4am or 5am most days. When you HAVE to wake up early, it isn't hard. I give myself ten minutes to snooze and then when my alarm rings again I leap to my feet. I take my showers at night, have my clothes laid out, have a plan for breakfast ready, and make sure I don't have to get gas, etc. On my off days, I'm always awake by 6:30 or 7 am. It comes naturally because my body is in the habit of getting up early. I go to bed around 9 and fall asleep by 11 whether or not I work the next day, so I'm sure I get a lot of sleep deprivation, but I don't really notice it. I keep a book by my bed- something with short articles- to read to help me sleep. Coffee doesn't affect my ability to sleep. I used to have it all day long, last cup of caffeinated coffee right before bed. Now I don't have it at all. It has not affected me either way. Don't eat late at night. Make dinner your last food and only drink water thereafter. These are my tips!

  • Nutri Peru

    I switched from coffee to coca tea and I am a lot more alert. Coca Tea (Mate de Coca) is known as the national drink of the Andean Countries, and is consumed by millions of South Americans as a healthful alternative to coffee. Mate de Coca consumption has many benefits: Energize The Body, Stimulate Mental Alertness, Aid Weight Loss, Gentle Diuretic, Relieve Stress, Calm Allergies, Help the Immune System.

  • Trina Lambert

    i have never been a morning person and don't think i ever will be. my creative juices get to flowin' for me in the late evening/nighttime hours and sometimes don't let up until the wee hours of the morning. this is my favorite time to design. i like the peacefulness of the late night hours ... just as some may like the sereneness of the morning time. however, i also have a bout of insomnia ... so whatever i may wish, my sleep schedule is never predictable. woe is me.

  • Hirra Adeogun

    I routinely go to bed at 3am and routinely wake up at 1pm (not because I'm lazy but because I'm one of the unfortunate people who work 2pm-10pm). Now I've got myself a regular 9am-5pm job (starting next week) and I'm finding changing my sleeping patterns to be the HARDEST thing. It's 230am right now in London... and I'm still awake!

  • Maggie Wauklyn

    I am just a freak of nature that genuinely enjoys getting up at the crack of dawn. In fact if I'm getting enough sleep I naturally wake up before the alarm (which, when I need it, is a clock radio quietly set to NPR -- human voices to get tangled up in the dreams before actually waking me up, not too jarring, yet always gets me up every time.)

    Every morning I boil water for coffee, feed the cat, do some dishes as I wait for the water to boil. Once coffee is made it's stand at the easel and do loose meaningless crayon drawings until I feel warmed up enough to get some real work done. I try not to do anything too internet-y until at least mid-morning, but it's not always as simple as that (sometimes you have a high-maintenance client, sometimes you forgot to put your phone face down on the desk and it's blinking that tantalizing "new email or message" light.)

    I honestly try NOT to have a late night, because compared to my pals who work 1pm-10pm type jobs I am completely out of their league. There's no contest; I'm yawning and ready to throw in the towel at eight or nine, whereas they aren't even eating dinner until eleven. It happens though, and when it does I wake up anyway at the usual time and I try and get a nap if I can.

  • A. K.

    Lately I have been waking up to my Jawbone UP.

    This isn't a paid ad but if anyone wants to throw money my way get a hold of me at



  • hemriddavid

    Wake up in the morning is good for health. It helps to improve our health quality. So we wake up in the early morning.Thanks for sharing this post. For more information please visit our site

  • nlcastellanos

    I recently read The Power of Habit ( because I wanted to make a change to my routine, especially in the morning. I won't get too into this fantastic book because there are reviews out there, but there are a few simple components to habit formation: a cue (in this case, an alarm ringing, or recognizing it's a certain time); a routine (I found that it was much easier to not hit snooze if I knew EXACTLY what I would do when I woke - pray and meditate for 20 minutes, work out for 30 minutes, shower, etc.); a reward (this can be anything); and finally, the belief that what I'm doing is beneficial in a very specific way. These four components are straightforward, but sticking to them probably won't be easy right away. It's ok, but that's where the belief is crucial. Anyway, now I don't snooze!

  • GlasnevinCemetry

    For a good start to the morning: before bed (a)scrub your feet (b) attend a yoga class; in the morning or in the evening take a long walk. In the morning (a) I set a number of classical Indian ragas as my alarms (b) a good sized mug of green tea brewed before bed to help start the day's caffeine regime.

  • tdediego

    A while ago my sister taught me a very effective trick: washing your face with cold water as soon as you get up. I never want to do it, but it is an instant wake up on early mornings. Or every morning for that matter.

  • TurnStyle News

    Some of us wake up and check Facebook first thing -- and though we realize how unhealthy this habit can be for mind and not-yet-daylight-adjusted body, it's a difficult habit to break. But once the FB scan is done with -- a glass of warm water with a squeeze of lemon!

  • DjuanMeans

    I wake up each morning to an alarm clock... and start my day with a prayer and a moment of meditation. Works every time. I teach a 6 a.m. boot camp several times each week -- so I have to start my day ready for battle!

  • Sangu

    dogs! I wake up to pitbull kisses. With kisses comes great responsibility.

  • Vien Amor

    Runs in the crisp cool air right as the sun is rising always gets it for me. Its been awhile since then but sweet nostalgia always gets me. Reading reddit usually and having a nice toast here and there with a cup of old joe also does the trick.

  • archsmith

    I wish I were a morning person. My wake up strategy shifts with the seasons to combat my inability to wake up early. During the summer I go for a run in the morning. Since I look forward to my runs, that generally gets me out of bed (well, at least easier than if I were just getting up and working), and getting outside when the sun is just coming up is great. Now that it's turning to autumn, I push that run into the afternoon since it's too dark to be out running around in the morning. I will now devote a half-hour or so every morning to working on a personal project that I am excited to work on. This usually is enough to trick me into getting up.

  • Bridget H

    The thing that pushed me out of bed every morning is not wanting to be on the crowded train, and wanting to catch the train where I know I can get a seat. It's not the most exciting thing and I wouldn't really call it a "reward" - but it gets me out of bed, out the door and to the gym. This doesn't work everyday, but it works most of the time. I feel as though without that motivating me, I would drag my feet a lot more.

  • Douglas Sellers

    I find that how excited I am about work (or whatever project I am working on) greatly influences my morning routine. If I am excited to get to work on something, I am up with the Sun. If not, my iphone alarm has to do the work after hitting snooze several times.

  • Diego Hemken

    Most buddhist monastic traditions include very early wake-ups and community meetings. As a lay-visitor, I enjoyed pushing my limits in that way. To be on-time and minimally sleepy for the 5:30am chanting and meditation, I would wake up at around 4:30. In such a disciplined lifestyle/environment, it's easy to get up after hearing the alarm go off. Back in society, I snooze more and skip meditating. But I almost always drink some water and go for a walk. Chores help. Sitting meditation when I'm motivated enough. Staying off the computer helps keep me from wasting time!

    • Dave Burdick

      I think that's the first time I've seen the recommendation of chores -- I really like it, but I think I'd wake my wife, who has no desire to wake up around 5:30! Maybe bills...

  • Anna Silverman

    I find it's easy to get out of bed when I have something to look forward to. Could be a cup of tea, or something planned later in the day. As long as I focus on that anticipated reward, it's easy to get up and out.

  • Hillary Newman

    I am such a believer in waking up with the sun and going to sleep early. I wake up to an alarm (but not a beep beep, more of a harp sound) at 6am and head straight to the gym. Getting my blood flowing helps wake me up and prepares me for the day ahead. I try to get in bed by 10-11, which is tough but makes getting up easier.

    • Nicholas Hughes

      I try to get to bed early enough that I will wake naturally at or before sunrise. If I don't manage that but am still planning to push my schedule, I'll set an alarm for 7 hours of sleep. I almost always use the iphone timba sound because I find it is less piercing.

      Once I'm up I don't have a problem getting out of bed and doing stuff. I think I am a natural morning person, and probably insane.

      • Dave Burdick

        Sunrise is typically my limit -- I like getting up with the sun, and at the moment I'd like to push that even earlier. A few attempts at going to sleep earlier than usual have just led to fitful sleep. I might need a hard reboot! I appreciate that you kept "natural morning person" and "probably insane" just separate enough not to imply a direct correlation.

    • Doris Yee

      I'm with Hillary. I wake up to an alarm and I go straight to the gym. Of course not everyone can do that...but I only just started this routine about a half-year ago. I've managed - with struggle but patience - to jumpstart a day without caffeine. I rely on my "Morning" playlist while switching between light- and intense- workout routines. Playlist includes Little Dragon, Daft Punk, and some A-trak remixes. Having a morning gym buddy is also an additional incentive to transition and transform your mornings.